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Tribute messages for Frolic

Tribute messages for Frolic


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The world feels so flat without Frolic working to round it out.

Joe Dombroski

The Touch of a Gentle Hand

As Frolic put his hand upon my shoulder and told me to take the drivers seat in his four in hand carriage for a yearbook photo commemorating Americas Bicentennial Celebration in 1976, little did I know as a young 11 year old boy that that his gentle hand upon my shoulder and his encouragement for me to take the lead would be the first of many gentle touches that would help guide and change my life for the better.

My most vivid memories are of his beautiful brown eyes as he gleaned my way and his single out stretched index finger moving back and forth beckoning me to come closer. His laughter and smile always following some terribly inappropriate, but damn funny joke, will be the cut that we never want to heal. Knowing full well as he pulled me closer to his inner circle “whispering distance” that my ears were about to burn. 

We could sit and tell you about what an amazing man he was and everything he accomplished for hours on end, but he would despise that self-indulgence. Just say the words "The Beautiful Brandywine Valley" and Frolic is the first person who comes to mind...

It was 1985 when Frolic sat me down for lunch in the garden and said you and Mac should pull together a group of friends and start a "Young Friends" group and get involved in the conservancy “and seed the fields” for future generations. Little did we know, that that gentle push would lead us not only to the fulfillment of our first effort towards raising money and giving back to the community. But in true Frolic style all good works come with great parties! And boy did we blow it out! Though technically not a young friend, Frolic so young at heart, never missed an event. The Young Friends All Hallows Eve party is where Frolic shined in his array of fantastic costumes. One of my favorites costume, was when he dressed himself, as himself, and painted his eyes in the back of his bald-head with shirt, trousers, coat and hat on backwards and walked around backwards with his crutches. A sight to behold! While we were the worker bees it was his vision that moved our youth and set us forth, and in many, many cases had our backs when the train went off the rails. In time, his vision became ours, changing how we thought and how we spoke about the beautiful relationship between the arts and the environment. 

While always in awe of his artistic talents and those of the great Wyeth family just over the hill, I personally found it daunting to say I liked to dabble and paint. It was a day in the in River museum’s galleries, Frolic quietly explaining to me that NC Wyeth's illustrations start and end with movement of the hands. As we strolled around looking at painting after painting, I remember telling him that I enjoyed watercolors, but have had no training. He stopped me, held my arm, and looked me straight on, and said “that does not matter, Mummy (Deo) had very little training and loved to paint as well, you must follow your heart”. With those gentle words, I bought my first Windsor and Newton watercolor pallet and have been puddling ever since.

From an 11-year-old boy to a 50-year-old man my “Unk” has guided me ever so gently. It was his finally gentle words that will keep me smiling for eternity. As we gathered around his bed in those last hours, I rubbed his head and he awoke eyes slowly and gently opening like an old turtle. Laurie holding his hand said, “Frolic look who is here, Fred and Sam”….Fred giving the thumbs up and me telling him how we loved him so very much. And then it came to me that here I was in Frolics house with no cocktail in hand, I said, "Frolic this is terrible and we should be having a Martini together and celebrating! ” With a twinkle in his eye and a soft gentle voice he said to me “you’re a bad boy,” then he smiled and chuckled. From one bad boy to another, I love you forever and ever and it there is more... 

The Touch of a Gentle Hand

Samuel Hobbs

My wife and I met Frolic the past winter at Longwood Gardens. He was just so kind and expressive. All of us who love nature are so very appreciative for his work in preserving the Brandywine Valley and for his very wide artistic reach. We are a country in need of many more people like him. Thank you Frolic!!!

Anthony Baccaro

A lovely, generous supportive man, with a wicked sense of humor. As a beginning whip (pony, Amish cart, homemade apron, etc.), I arrived at a show, minus traces. The elegant man walking by heard my wail of dismay and returned immediately with a set of beautiful horse traces - "just cut them down - have to encourage new carriage people." Of course I could not accept the offer and a friend ran home to find another set, but the offer convinced me of the supportive world of carriage drivers. And, who can forget Frolic's trip to the hardware store to purchase piping, a pair of toilet floats and gold paint - the infamous "brass balls" award at Saratoga. He will be so missed.

Sandy Mannix

What a special person....and everytime you look at the prestigous beautiful Brandywine Valley this gracious man will live in memory Thank you Mr. George Frolic Weymouth. Thank you.

Susan Locke Ferry

Frolic's was a amazing life, abundantly lived. He loved this beautiful world & gave so much back to it and all of those who were fortunate enough to share his company. There are thousands of great stories that will be told in coming weeks & months and all will be told with laughter & the joy of life that he personified. He made everyone he cared about feel like they were in on a private joke. It is well known that he was legendary in many ways but most importantly in my mind was his generous spirit and how he inspired others to LIVE.. Rest in peace Frolic, the world is a different place without you but so much better for your having been in it. Heaven is now a lot more fun:). On behalf of my husband Guy and myself, we offer our deepest condolences.

Beverly Torsilieri

Bees Wax

Open Space
There is a place
Within each beating heart
Where green will grow
And rivers flow
Where living life's an art.

Open Space
This very place
Great horses, too, will run
Some danger here
But have no fear
The coachman's having fun

Open Space
Each day will fare
Sun, clouds, rain, hail, snow, sleet
And welcome dawn
And carry on
Through time, in time will meet...

...An Open Space
of stars and grace
Big Bend beyond eyes' sight
An ancient home
For love to roam
In peace – by candles' light.

Liz Korba

Frolic was one of the kindest, most generous, caring people I have ever encountered. He had a unique ability to make you feel you were the most important person in the world - whether you were the Queen or a stable hand - it did not matter. He was a joy to be with and he always had a twinkle in his eye. He truly was one of a kind. He will be missed but never, ever forgotten. His legacy will live on.

Mark DeWitt Lanyon

We have lost an icon, a most fun-loving and generous spirit. His memory will continue to spur greatness and our wonderful memories of Frolic will become legendary, living forever.

John Snook

Fun and "FROLIC"! His nickname best describes the playful Mr. George Weymouth. Full of life and the life of a party:). Youthful, spirited, talented and generous. A signed copy of "August" hangs in my home reminding me of my birthday month and his wonderful artistic talent. A framed photograph taken during "Carriaging Weekend" brings back the thrill of being a guest at "Big Bend" and experiencing the beauty of the sport. Last but, not least...his costume as a waiter along with colorful serving skills at a small charity dinner gathering...brought hearty tears of laughter to all until, one could not catch a breath. Frolic often took one's breath away with his generosity and will be remembered by all those whose lives he touched.

Livia Klaus

Thank you, Frolic, for recognizing and promoting the importance of sharing art with children. Your efforts insure a future appreciative audience for the Brandywine River Museum of Art!

Mary Cronin

I cannot take credit for this quote, but a friend said of Frolic:

"Frolic was the bubble in everyone's champagne!"

Mary Landa

He always had a twinkle in his eyes to match his smile. He was everything a human being should be and quite a bit more. The world will certainly miss him.

Diane Yovanovich

Frolic had the sensitivity and spirituality of John Muir and the energy and enthusiasm of President Theodore Roosevelt and the Brandywine Valley and all who live in it, drive through it, recreate in it, or visit it are the beneficiaries of his vision and hard work to preserve it.

Jeff Seemans

Frolic's favorite poem;

Discipline, by Brooke Astor

I am old and I have had
more than my share of good and bad:
I’ve had love and sorrow, seen sudden death,
been left alone, of love bereft.
I thought I’d never love again
and felt my life was grief and pain.
Twixt life and death the edge was thin,
then I discovered discipline:
I learned to take the good and bad
and smile whenever I felt sad.
I learned to care a great deal more
for the world about me than before,
began to forget both “me” and “I”
and joined in life as it rolled by.
This may not mean sheer ecstasy
but it’s better far than “I” and “me.”

The poem was published in 1997 when Brooke was 95 years old; she died 8 years later. The poem is, I know, sentimental and that’s, perhaps, why I like it — as I am quite sentimental. But most of all, I need the advice.

Rita Razze

Frolic changed our lives. We met him while he was coaching in Newport one summer around the mid 70s. He showed us around his property and his barn. We were fascinated by his carriages, so many of them. It all seemed magical. He knew we lived in the country and already had a horse life in the foxhunting world. "You all are just perfect for this. Get yourself some driving horses and join us." It took us years to build a team of 4 horses, but Doug Nichol taught my husband how to drive one. After a brief time driving singles, Charley starting driving tandem, then we managed a unicorn and finally we had a 4 in hand team. Hurray! One time we broke a pole as we crossed the Brandywine. We had to unhitch the leaders and continue on with an improvised unicorn led by a horse that was barely broken to drive. We survived! And Frolic thought is was the greatest adventure! 
At one point, he wore a driving apron with a big red heart positioned "appropriately". He was a hoot!!! We loved coming up to drive with him. He often came to Virginia to drive with his many friends here. 
He painted a wonderful portrait of my husband that we all cherish. His love of conservation, his horses and driving, huge talent as a painter, his wonderful enthusiasm for everything he did were inspiring to so many people. I wonder just how many have had their lives touched by this unique man. He will be missed, but never forgotten. What a wonderful legacy.

Bonnie Matheson

My deepest sympathies to Frolic's family, friends, and co-workers at the Brandywine River Museum and the Brandywine Conservancy.

I met Frolic in the early '90s when I was a landscape architect consultant to the Conservancy working on the West Branch Brandywine Preservation project. During that time, I was invited to parties at The Bend. What I remember most about those times, was his warmth of inclusion through humor. Frolic treated his employees as family, in a way which made being a small part of something much greater than yourself so special. Rest in Peace Frolic.

John Eric Schneider

Frolic saw beyond the horizons that limit the vision of most of us. The Brandywine Conservancy and Museum were ahead of their time, and Frolic's combined contributions to the arts and the environment are probably unequaled in the history of our country. Yet, he was so funny, with such a wicked sense of humor, that he deflected attention from his accomplishments as he wrapped you up in the warmth and hilarity of his company. He danced among us and kept us on our toes, with a twinkle in his eye that belied the seriousness of his purpose. He was a prince among men, a mentor to many, an inspiration to everyone who knew him. We were lucky to have some time in his orbit. God bless you Frolic Weymouth!

John Gates

I never met Frolic in person. At the beginning of April, I left a copy of my book "Chadds Ford Then and Now" for him at his office at the request of Hal Haskell who thought Frolic would enjoy it. On April 11th, I received a very kind note from Frolic. It read "Thank you so much for your book - I've enjoyed it. Best Frolic" I was impressed that he took the time to send a personal note and had hoped to meet him one day. May he be at peace.

Phyllis Recca

Frolic I hope you are drinking a martini and telling a dirty joke with the Great Spirit as you watch us celebrate the incredible legacy of your life. The world is a better place thanks to all you accomplished here and we are the lucky recipients.

Vickie Manning

Frolic was ingenious in his ability to gather people from all walks of life together to get behind land conservation and the expression of art in all of its forms. His lack of judgement and prejudice gave us all the freedom to be the greatest we could be and to have fun creating.
I will always love Frolic for attending my art show and making me feel so special, and for his generous sharing of himself and his home.

Kathleen Rengert

“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.” 
― Thornton Wilder

Thank you, dear Frolic, for all that you have given us. Our gratitude is immeasurable.

Edie Dondero

The image of Frolic will be ever present in the reflections I see in the Brandywine River, in the glass of the museum, and overlooking the beautiful and sacred landscapes that his Brandywine Conservancy has protected through the years. From the moment I met Frolic I respected him. I did not respect him right away because he was my employer – I respected Frolic because I could tell he was a wonderfully spirited man. That strong and gracious spirit immediately plucked at the strings of my soul and I knew I was where I was meant to be. I am lucky to work with an amazing group of people for an amazing organization and Frolic being at the center of this universe made it feel like home.
Frolic touched so many people in so many ways and I was lucky to know him for the 11 years that I did.

I look forward to being a part of Frolic’s legacy here along the Brandywine well into the future.

Erick Marklund

Frolic, Left us a beautiful museum, for everyone to come visit. I heard him say, I wish everyday could be free admission. Thank you Frolic, it's been a pleasure working with you !! Tom DiAmicis

Those of us in Coaching in the UK who had the privilege of knowing and driving with Frolic were also so sad to learn that he is no longer with us. 
I first met Frolic in 1966 when he drove me in a Unicorn to Jack Seabrooke's 10th Wedding Anniversary white tie party. In my scrapbook which includes Jack, Chauncey Stillman, Frolic and myself all in evening dress.
Over the years I was to enjoy his wonderful hospitality and sense of humour fortified by his mint juleeps but he was much more than just a great Coachman, Her Majesty's favourite portrait of her husband Prince Philip, painted by Frolic hangs in a prominent place in Windsor castle. The Brandywine Museum is a wonderful legacy of his philanthropy.
He was a truly remarkable man and I feel very privileged to have known him.

Sir Paul Nicholson

To laugh often and much; 
to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; 
to earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends.
To appreciate beauty; 
to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; 
to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you for sharing your wildly successful life with us, Frolic.

Suzanne Regnier

I never met Frolic Weymouth but I knew him. I knew him from his art, especially the landscapes. I knew him through his conservation work, his love of nature, and of the Brandywine Valley. I knew him through the farms and fields that are forever preserved through his work. I knew him through the many stories told about him with laughter and wit and love. Those who were his friends were indeed privileged to have him in their lives. I never met him, but I knew him well.

Carolyn Gorham

I was once the beneficiary of Frolic's boundless enthusiasm, generosity of spirit, and infectious humor. Few people ever leave others with the kind of memories and impressions that Frolic had the personality to do. What a life!

Jonathan Rickard

The world and Brandywine Valley has suffer a great loss. He did many wonderful things. His memory will continue to influence generations. Thoughts and Prayers go out to his family.

Linda Firlein

The art world is saddened to loose a strong force within its hallowed halls. This region is saddened to have lost such a friend and artist. I know first hand how this area artist have benefitted by the work Frolic accomplished within this museum and it has brought
The focus on realist painting back to so many young artist. There was a time when realism seem to be diminishin in this country and by the grace of this museum and what it stands for it has become one of the leading landmarks of realist painting in this country and in fact many other countries. I thank you as one artist who's entire life and career has benefitted and widened from what you have accomplished. To often in life we never get around to giving thanks within a persons lifetime....I find myself sadly guilty of this in this case....but I proudly say from the depths of my heart thank you now and may you always rest in peace in Brandywine.

Thom Priemon

Frolic was the consummate host, I always enjoyed the Spring Flings and Post Oktoberfest dinner parties he would have, his art,and of course his watching him at Devon and Winterthur with his coaches and horses. A great contributor to land preservation, art and the equestrian world.He will be greatly missed, an era is over.

Karen Stewart-Allred Carswell Moulder

The measure of a man is not found
In the things he own
Or what he saved for retirement
Or even his accomplishments…

The true measure of a man is found
In his faith and his heart.
It’s found in the friends who stand by him
The strength he displayed under pressure
The sensitivity he unashamedly expresses
And his willingness to reveal vulnerability
Even at the risk of being hurt.

And it’s found in the truth of his words,
The genuineness of his life
His unselfish actions
And the values he lives by.

Determine the measure of a man
Not by admiring his trophies
Nor by comparing him to other men
Either weaker or stronger.

Determine the measure of a man
By how much you trust him
And believe in him
And by how much his life enhances yours. - by Craig Brannon

Thank you Frolic for enhancing all of our lives.

Kathy Freney Smith

A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves. Through us, they live on because they will stay alive and loved in our hearts & minds forever. I am honored and blessed to have briefly known Frolic these past 8 years. He was always so fun, kind and welcoming…a true blessing to all. Please accept my deepest condolences.

Elizabeth F. Lewis

Thank you Uncle Frolic, no not my Uncle but I was raised to call adults Mr & Mrs! Lucky enough to be raised surrounded by Weymouths who's parents became "Aunt & Uncle"... You are an icon people who don't know you are moved and touched by all the great things you created! Blessed to have inherited a portion of your vision and sit here looking across this vast conserved land! What I would to to see you again at The Big Bend or The Museum or one of my favorite places on the dance floor at a wedding or coming out party where you would toss your crutches and we would dance!! I hope you are smiling down and shaking things up in Heaven! I'm certain Granny Valentine and Aunt Jill have saved you a dance.
Xoxo Mini

Mini Fanning Young

Thank you for all you have done to make our planet a better place... 
You are incredible at everything you do... EVERYTHING !!!
We will continue to celebrate your life, your beauty and your legacy forever !!!

George Hobbs

Thank you Frolic for giving us a beautiful town to raise our family, we are grateful for your lifelong dedication to ensure we will always be surrounded by all this beauty. Our heartfelt sympathy to your loved ones.

The Reisen Family
Joani, Steve, Adam and Jared

You meant so much to my family, especially my Dad, Cary. He had so many stories about you and your family. He is very sad right now as are so many people, including myself. We all know you're in a better place but we'll always miss you.

Melanie Lambert

Frolic was a kind and generous and welcoming man, who made my dream come true. I was invited to drive with the Point-to-Point through Louise Kuerner. I think Frolic said, "Of course! The more the merrier!" Thus I was on the list and also included in his party afterward. I felt like a celebrity and he gave me my 15 minutes of fame. 
He had that rare quality of touching us all with his larger than life personality. I am one small person who is honored to have known him.

Janet Wolf

Frolic made many people's wishes come true. In the 1990s, he graciously welcomed my Morgan horse, antique Doctor's buggy and myself into the Winterthur Carriage Drive. The festivities, the drive, the picnic that followed later was all so dreamy. I felt nervous around such a famous icon but his warm welcoming nature and his levity, soon made me feel more than welcomed and relaxed. He opened his farm as a host place to many charities and fund raisers. I attended a raiser for the Hemophillia Foundation with a hand quilted red and white quilt that was made by the Friendship Quilters of S. Chester County. It was amazing at the high bidding and final price that was raised. There was a big dance in his barn and we all danced till our feet were blistered. Frolic was a magnetic person to a broad population of people. Heaven just gained one Earth angel. My deep condolences to the lucky people that got to share much more of him in their lives than this one person from the outer circle of his influence. Thanks for the memories.

Kathleen Conway

I first knew Frolic as a docent many years ago and now I am so glad to have a daughter who is a Young Friend. I like to think Frolic would agree with the sentiments written by Elizabeth Frye (1930). 
Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle Autumn rain . 

When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush.
Of quiet birds in circling flight
I am the soft starlight at night. 
Do not stand at my grave and cry, 
I am not there; I did not die.

Susan Trezise

It's always sad to lose a fellow Artist RIP my friend and Thank you for sharing your talents and visions in educating the World to see that Artist eye....

Nancy Taccard

I did not know Frolic but I have and always will enjoy his legacy.

Al DeStefano

A wonderful guy. He was Always fun and leaves a humongous legacy of good works. In addition to his significant body of art work, he has graced us with the great body of work that was his life. His friendships and his contribution to making the Brandywine Valley a better place to live are epic. We are Honored to have known him.

George and Karen Gowen

I met Frolic, years ago, i believe we were at the Kennett Square Inn, you pinned me with my river rat. You will be dearly missed. Thank you for all you have done in the community.

Sallie Rush

We will always remember that lovely carriage ride through the woods. It was splendid!

Annette Seidenglanz

Frolic was a beloved, unique and wonderful person who we were privileged to know. All of his accomplishments as an artist, conservationist, museum organizer and sportsman were done with a flair of excitement and fun. He created open spaces, art and entertainment for Brandywine Valley residents and many worldwide friends, all of which will be remembered and enjoyed for many generations to come.

Lee and David Wakefield

A marker serves as the cornerstone of the Brandywine River Museum of Art's 1971 building. It dedicates the renovated mill to George A. Weymouth and it quotes Howard Pyle, one of the artists Frolic most admired. It reads, "He was a man who knew his own mind and what he wanted." Frolic seemed always to know exactly what he wanted and, more than that, how to get what he wanted -- which was what our world needed. Frolic wanted preservation of the land and art he loved. He wanted boundless beauty and humor in the world. Just as he gave a great part of his life to art -- making it and preserving it -- he gave art to his life, to his unique, generous personality. It is often said, "There is no one like Frolic." Indeed, in the midst of his many vital commitments and amazing accomplishments, his greatest achievement was himself -- the man we love. Over more than four decades, my life was shaped greatly by closeness to Frolic. Nothing could be grander, no association more rewarding. Because the highest tribute we can pay now is not grief but gratitude, I will thank him over and over for the years to come.

Jim Duff

Frolic was a one of a kind character and the source of some great memories. The weekend carriage meets with dogs running around and a cooler of martinis strapped to the back, plowing 4 in hands or more through the creek were a sight to be seen. And i met him more personally during a private service at the estate and he was as funny and personable as relayed by so many on this page. We will toast you with our next martinis, likely later today...

Jan Deruiter

Per Author, Ted Bell...
"I loved Frolic. At a lunch at his house he offered me some wine and I told him I'd just gone on the wagon. He said, "Me, too!" Isn't it great. The next night at the Carpenter's cocktail party I was with him at the bar as he made a martini. I said, "Frolic, you told me you were on the wagon!" He said, "Well, yes, I am. But this is a COCKTAIL party, Ted!!"

Dorothy Cobb Kissell

There are a few of us who frequently walk down Creek Rd. on our lunch break. If Frolic happened to drive by, he would lay on is horn in gleeful greeting - A small hint of how he shared joy in the smallest of things.

Sylvia Savery

Frolic was a mentor to the Christian Sanderson Museum right across Route 1 from the BRM. Several of our board members met with him during 2009-10 to help us begin development of key elements of our long range plan. In my opinion, he helped our all volunteer group understand that the Sanderson Museum was entering a new era with a need for a new mission and set of goals. Our small group is running with these guidelines every day. It's not easy. Thank you Frolic for giving us the push.

Charles Ulmann, Curator of the Christian Sanderson Museum

A larger than life, colorful personality. Thank you for bringing beauty, in all its forms, to our world. 

Brad Panik

We all were blessed to know Frolic. Knowing him enlarged our lives so much. He lived with a zest for life that few could could match.

He was my mentor in many ways, introducing me to coaching in 1982, expanding our friendships, horizons and allowing us to experience so many wonderful fun times.

31 years ago, Frolic handed me the riens to drive his coach & four down Windsor Castle's Long Walk.

He walked Queenie down the aisle at our marriage and as in so many times, he made that simple task, so precious, so memorable.

All of our live have been so much richer for having spent time with Frolic.

We have known, a true legend.

Queenie & Douglas Kemmerer

To the family and friends of Mr. Weymouth, 
our sincere condolescences for your great loss. 
We are thankful for the excellence in the conservancy of land, its beauty, the arts, the founding of classic works like the Brandywine River Museum. Mr. Frolic made our community lovely by his leading. 
We personally have a special place in our heart for Mr. Weymouth as he generously allowed us to marry in his lovely, bucolic chapel at Big Bend. 
Years before, in a chance encounter, he had shared with my husband his thanks to God for all his blessings.
A beautiful person to be remembered, indeed. 
Peace, love, and comfort to his loved ones, 
Sylvia Barreiro--Thomas

Bob and Sylvia Thomas

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our cousin, Frolic. He was an icon to the family and a staunch supporter of nature and the arts. We are especially thankful for his light-hearted demeanor and indomitable spirit. 
Our love and prayers to the Weymouth family, especially Mac.

Heather Melick & Wm. Laurence duPont Melick

Frolic was indeed the proverbial life of the party- even when that party was for 6 year olds.
As a classmate and friend of Mac's, I first met Frolic when I was very young - about 5. And it's those earliest memories (as a 5 and 6 year old) that my first impressions of him were created - impressions and memories that remain vivid all these years later. 
I'll never forget how he created a carnival-themed birthday party for Mac and he did outrageously fun things with us - putting himself in the thick of it. For example, made whipped cream pies and lined them up for us kids to throw at his face that he stuck through some silly carnival cutout. And he sat on a "Dunk-the-Punk" contraption for us to try and hit a target that would send him plunging into an icy-cold pool, below. He egged us all on - taunting us like he was one of us- just another 6 year old, albeit with thinning hair... ;)
That was Frolic: creating one-of-a-kind experiences and filling life with surprises. 
And throughout all these years, that same spirit has always led the way in everything his life touched.
Frolic, thank you for inspiring us all to live life to the fullest, and for protecting so much of the natural beauty around us.
Love eternal,
- dj

DJ Pierce

From Grand Galas in the 1980s to coaching weekends in the Berkshires 30 years later; from fundraising lessons to lunch at Big Bend, Frolic we will miss your mischievous smile and warm heart. Goodbye old friend.

To those who grieve most for Frolic, our thoughts are with you. You more than anyone knows that his was a life fully lived. He loved you all.

Dave & Kathy Fleming

So sorry to learn of Frolic's passing. I will remember his kindness and generosity of spirit. I will always remember my first visit to his farm. I had met him several times, once at Karl and Anna Kuerners ring Farm. He will be missed. Prayers and my sympathy to Ann, Mac, and Carlton.

Grace Raak

Simply put, Frolic was the most interesting, engaging and selfless person I've ever known. I know there will never be another Frolic, not even close. I take comfort that I was fortunate to call him a friend, and his generosity and kindness will remain in my heart forever. Thank you for everything - you will forever be "perfect" to me. A true gentleman.

John Gibbs

To the Weymouth family. We send our deepest sympthies on the loss of a great man. Mr. Weymouth put Chadds Ford on the map. We will miss him greatly.

Sam & Alice Severance

I had the pleasure of meeting Frolic Weymouth several times, but one stands out. My very good friend George Doan and I were invited to Mr. Weymouth's home for a small dinner party, and I will never forget that night for the rest of my life. I felt as though I had stepped back in time as I left the car-I was also sure I should have arrived by carriage or at least by horseback. The house itself was flickering throughout with the light hundreds of candles-I think there was an electric bulb only in the kitchen area. George knew Frolic well, but I was a newcomer. It made no difference at all. Each person was welcomed and warmed in the most beautiful setting possible by our most wonderful host. Everything was perfection-the food, each guest, flower, the table, and every flame. I remember thinking I wanted to stay there sitting by the fire in the most comfortable chair, talking to Mr Weymouth about art and the countryside forever. When it was time to leave, we stepped along autumn leaves with a huge golden harvest moon in the sky and old cornstalks by the road. Unforgetable. The lasting memory that was given to me on me that evening by Mr. Weymouth is just a tiny sliver of an example of the enormous impact his presense, spirit and influence has made throughout the region through his art, vision and thoughtful, steadfast generousity.

Barbara Sylk

What a beautiful, sweet and generous man! Always picture him with his horses & carriage...

Faith Rosenblatt

Many years ago I had the opportunity to cook for Mr Weymouth at the Chadds Ford inn and even at Big Bend. Mr Weymouth was always very kind and genuine. Two of his paintings "August" and "The Way Back" are two of my favorite paintings. The world has lost a great one.

Daniel Marcantuno

Frolic was a gift who gave us all so much, his legacy will go on but we will miss his laughter and his vision. May his spirit cover us all!

Kathe Gates McCoy

I met Frolic at the museum. We ended up sitting and chatting. Simply a very nice man.

Murray Kramer

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
--Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Thank you, Frolic, for your incredible plan.

Brian Cawley

My Dear Friend,
You were so much to me!! A Friend, an Inspiration, and a Mentor. I will miss the talks we had and all the fun you inspired with the Young Friends. God Bless You, Frolic, for all that you did for me and countless others who never even had the pleasure of knowing you. Our valley wouldn't be the same without your vision and energy. You will be missed by your entire Brandywine Family. We love you!!!!

Brett Jones

I grew up at the Barn Shops, so it was commonplace to see Frolic and others with horse drawn carriages going down the road. This was way back in time before any development, traffic light and spanning the old Hanks Place which was only open in the dead of night with the new Hanks Place. As a child, I was blissfully unaware of his work with conservation and the Brandywine River Museum while my friends and I played along the river trail, jumped from big tree roots hanging out over the river, waving to museum goers watching from windows as we drifted past, scrambling out at the railroad trestle, only to run back up the river trail soaking wet so we could jump in again. If Frolic happened to see us, he'd laugh and wave at us. Never telling us we had to stop. Then there were the different parcels of conservancy land around Chadds Ford where we would go to play and look at wildlife and critters. One such field even serving as a backdrop at my wedding ceremony. I was always amused by his sense of humor the few times I had the privilege to be in his company at a social event. It all seems a lifetime ago and those childhood memories are golden nuggets that have enriched my life. Without the work of Mr. Weymouth, they may have never been. Through his efforts I became aware of how important conservation work is. As a result, I have become passionate and active about conservation of pollinator habitat. So yes, I will be forever grateful to him and reserve a special place in my heart.

Laurie Collins

The epitome of graciousness. He possessed an uncanny ability to put one at ease and make them feel welcomed.

Leslie William Kipp

Such a character! He was as generous as he was funny. He allowed use of the trails on Big Bend as long as "you put it back as you found it". My Mom always enjoyed his visits to the fruit stand, He also hosted the best after parties in his Party Barn especially after the Halloween Costume Party at the Brandywine River Museum. Godspeed Frolic you were one of a kind.

Arlene Syles Brice

I truly am disappointed hearing about Frolics death. I am truly appreciative of all the work that he accomplish through his years that will be forever remembered. His true inspiration for conservation with live forever in my life and in this area and with so many people he touched. I am looking forward to seeing the conservation continue his work and accomplish many more new ventures as our endeavor will never end. My he rest in peace. And His legacy always be present!

Michael Caroselli

My life's journey was totally because of Frolic,
Met and worked for him with the driving horses and babysitter, at the age of 19, to 25 . Mac was 5 or 6 in 1974. I came as a young girl who used to ride horses just like 5 thousand other kids my age ,and quickly realized that there were very few people who drove a team of horses so I soon changed me discipline. Driving horses have taken me to increadiable places and have introduced me to all types of wonderful people, young and old with one thing in common the love of the horse. 
Frolic was one of a kind, he always introduced me as his daughter and he was always loved him like my father. So very sad ,but that is not what he would want. Celebration and great stories of his naughtiness and pranks.. He would want us to turn off our computers leave your cell phones at home and go out and notice something that moves you. Weather it be a sun set or the wind blowing the tress in a special way, the ripple of the water flowing down the river and of course his brandywine blue bell. 
We need to become a better person because of him, always welcoming, generous, appreciative, kind and a great sence of humor.
They say time heals all wounds, this is going to hurt for a very long time.
Love to Mac 

Kelly valdes

Friend of many many years.
A truly remarkable man---a man for all seasons
Always very gracious to me and my family.
A tremendous loss to our community.
He Christmas cards were outrageously funny! 

William H Lamb

A man of great style and vision for preserving some of the most beautiful land on the East Coast. A noted whip who led the way as an example of beautiful turn out and sportsmanship. A talented artist and someone who injected fun and humor into all occasions.

Merri Ferrell

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Staff of the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA, we extend our deep condolences on the loss of your dynamic and passionate founder. I had the pleasure of talking with Frolic on visits to Hank's Place, usually with Karl Kuerner; he was always magnanimous and supportive of all things cultural and preservation. Our sympathy to all.

Lisa Tremper Hanover, James A. Michener Art Museum

The Yale Class of 1958 was graced and invigorated by Frolic. My last memory of him was his guiding classmates through the Yale Art Gallery and proudly pointing out the skylights he designed for the Brandywine Museum, copied in the new wing of the Gallery and sending benign light down on art, and on us. That's what Frolic did, he shined light down on us, we lucky few to know him.

John A. Fiske

I offer my condolences to all whose lives Mr. Weymouth touched. I was pleased to meet him during the opening of "Exalted Nature" and to hear his impression of Charles Burchfield's artwork. I complimented him on his lapel pin and was happy to get one myself later. I always think of him when I wear it. He clearly was a dynamic force for the Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art.

Nancy Weekly, Burchfield Penney Art Center

I met Frolic about 15 years ago. He came into the office I was working in and was there for an hour or two. My husband and I love the Brandywine and spent many hours (still do) canoeing in all seasons. We discussed this and I was telling him about a winter canoe trip where we saw his chapel in the woods. We had been canoeing there for many years by that time and I had never even know it was there when all the trees were in bloom. At the time I didn't know who built it , but I do remember coming around the bend on a winter day and it looked beautiful. I was telling him about it and he started beaming from ear to ear and told me the story of why he built it. He was so happy that we enjoyed it so much. He very graciously told me to stop in anytime and visit the grounds of Big Bend. I never took him up on that offer but every time we canoe past the chapel I think of that afternoon and the wonderful conversation we had. Frolic will be missed. He had a love for life that was infectious.

Mariann Ward

He had the extraordinary ability to make everyone feel the you were his friend.

Will Malone

Frolic was such a great friend to my parents, David and Jane Westmorland. His many visits were filled with laughter and I have many fond memories. Especially carriage driving with Frolic and Jack Seabrook. Frolic painted the most stunning portrait of my father when he was The Queen's Master of the Horse and I am lucky enough to have one of his full size sketches. An amazing artist and friend to so many whose joie de vivre will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, dear Frolic.

Camilla Hipwood

"Here's another damn fool who wants to drive a four in hand! Let's see if we can help him."
He never failed to share his love and his life.
"To the road, Frolic."

Charles Matheson

We would often see Frolic with his lovely turnout at driving events - he always took the time to say hello and complement our Welsh pony. He was a true gentleman and will be missed by all.

Dr & Mrs Colin Stewart

In all of my life and through my many travels, I have never met a more divine and entirely enchanting person than Frolic Weymouth. Its astounding how much he did for so many different industries including the arts, conservation, Driving, polo, and not to forget his own incredible art/paintings.Mostly, Frolic was an exemplary human being, to other people on a face to face basis. His realness and generosity is really unequaled. I wont forget his laughter and mischief, he was a cheeky prankster! Above all of the major contributions Frolic accomplished, I will best remember him for how he greeted and treated, and entertained each person he encountered to an extremely effervescent welcome, with GENUINE personal attention. He made everyone feel special regardless of what capacity he was associated with them in. He was a superstar human being, which transcended his many talents and vision... I love and cherish Frolic!!! Man did he LIVE and LOVE life. My condolences to his whole family..God Bless Frolic Weymouth. In an article for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Art Carey asked Frolic, “Are you a bon vivant?”

His reply: “Do you mean I’m a good liver? Yes, I love good living. Why have a bad time? It’s such a beautiful world, and every day is my oyster. No one has had more fun out of life than I have.”

Melissa Burke

I will always remember the first time that I met Frolic. He gave me a tour of his gardens and of course, I got a chuckle out of both his fertility carving out back and the sculpture of a dog walking a man at the front of his house. He had a story to tell about each piece of art that he purchased or created. I absolutely loved visiting his home and being in his presence. He was funny, kind, generous and treated everyone with respect. He was certainly one of a kind. No matter how he felt in recent months, he always pushed himself forward and tried hard to rebuild his strength. 

I regret that when I saw him last week that I didn't take a little walk down by his beloved Brandywine to see the Spring flowers growing along its banks as he suggested that day. I was sure that I would visit him again this week and do it then. 

Frolic, I will take that walk and everytime that I see flowers growing along the Brandywine I will think of you. Tonight I lift a shot of my favorite rum from the bottle that you gave to me last Christmas...I do that with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face as I think of you. 

John Rundell

His was a life well spent; we are all better for his efforts.

Patricia Rexford

I remember well when I first came to Chester County in 2003, having been recruited to leave Philadelphia to move to Chester Springs to work with two area arts centers in need of help. I was told by a friend to call Frolic Weymouth about visiting the Brandywine Museum to discuss ways that our programs might work together. Frolic was warm and welcoming. He shared wonderful stories about his growing up years, his time at Yale, and the work he was doing to save the environment. I was able to call him a couple of times for feedback and ideas. His door was always open. Once I was settled in and we were making progress with the art centers, I looked back with fondness at Frolic's warm welcoming spirit and his glorious sense of humor. He loved sharing how he got his nickname. He was a bright, gracious gentleman. This is a sad time for the Brandywine Conservancy and Museum. His death represents a painful loss for so many of us who knew him. I was inspired by Frolic's enormous accomplishments and his determination. My condolences and best wishes to his staff and beloved family during this time of great loss.

Dorothy Manou

A memorable and lighthearted soul. I knew Frolic casually during my time living in the Brandywine Valley- Chadds Ford many years ago in the 1970's.  I named a puppy Frolic after him. Fun loving, creative, he was an admirable person.  He has left a lovely legacy of warm friends, creative works, and special memories.

Kathleen Tannian Sheehan

"You get to decide the legacy that you leave" Frolic's life is the perfect example of a life well lived - an inspiring Conservationist - He will be missed by many but his legacy will always remain along the banks of the Brandywine River.

Kate Brown


Anthony and Pam

I'm so sorry to hear about Frolic's death - I have been a member for years and have seen him at different events. I also loved seeing him at the Winterthur Point-to Point driving his carriage! I always admired him, what a legacy he leaves for us to follow.

Karen G

When someone you have known for so many years passes you take time to reflect on all of the wonderful times and memories. You also take time to register in your mind the accomplishments of that person and how they "painted" their Life. When I sit down and try this with Frolic you just cannot get your hands around all of the many many contributions and accomplishments he had in his lifetime. It is overwhelming to figure out how he did it. 
His passion for Open Space and clear, drinkable, protected water was undimmed. As some of us could sit down and work thru crossword puzzles or card games, Frolic would engage an idea for a painting and bring it to life. That was his "deck of cards" and masterful at that. 
As we all look thru the many photos and examples of how he led his life I wish everyone could come away with the realization that you can see something "beautiful" everyday and you can make a difference. Say Hi, be nice to one another, and try to practice the faith of "we" and not always "me" and with time you cultivate an environment void of urged hostilities. He was THE Ambassador of The Brandywine Valley but he took it one step further - he spread that all across the globe where ever he went ..... and we can learn volumes of lessons from that. 
My sincere & heartfelt condolences to his family and also his extended family which includes all of his staff. He cared deeply and fondly for all of you . Now imagine if you will ...... the immense studio that Andy and Frolic are setting up!

Dave Busby

As a garden volunteer for 17 years, I encountered Frolic many times, just to say "hello", as I tended my garden area on the east side of the museum. About 10 years ago I boldly sought his help, thinking he just might remember my face, or at least the ragged jeans with knee patches I always wore every Tuesday. On a Honduras mission trip with my church I encountered a teacher who was also a struggling artist. His work, done in black and white in a Pointilist style, was striking. Most were of children from his town and captured their despair and their hopes. In an effort to show his work to a U.S. audience, and earn him some much-needed money for him and the school where he taught, I sought out Frolic. He saw me, patched jeans and all, in his office where he viewed samples of my friend's work with praise and appreciation. When I told him what I hoped to do, he immediately picked up the phone and made appointments for me to see three area art dealers. Sadly, nothing ever came of this effort, but I will always remember that day in his office, especially his warmth and his kind assistance. I will miss seeing him pass by as I tend to my garden area across from the Weymouth Building.

Burt Rothenberger

Gosh. Admired deeply his keen, curious, sensitive, playful, & purposeful conscience.

Wickes Brewster

A Little Frolic Story. Not long after I first came to work for Frolic in the Development Office at the Brandywine Conservancy, I accidently spilled something (I can’t remember what) all over the floor of the work room. I grabbed a broom and a dustpan (the kind that is attached to the end of a long handle and swivels up and down) and proceeded to sweep up the mess. Frolic walked into the room just in time to see me dump everything I’d just swept up back on to the floor because I couldn’t figure out how to empty the swivel dustpan thing. He and I stared at one another for about a beat…and then burst into laughter. Why I remember this insignificant little instance, I’m not sure, except to say it was so typical of Frolic to relish this absurd human moment and not give a damn about the mess, or my ineptitude. It’s no wonder those who worked for him loved him. God bless you Frolic.

Ann Murphy

My husband Daniel, worked very closely with Frolic on the Conservation Easement when the Buck and Doe Trust was formed. Frolic was one of a kind. A visionary, philanthropist, artist and environmentalist before it was popular. A true Rennaisance man.

Kathleen Snyder

Frolic- as someone that's had "August" hanging in their home for 36yrs, a birthday gift bought from the museum for my August birthday after seeing the original there, to then have the honor to cook for you several times, and to have you thank me personally each time, I will cherish forever! I was hoping for more opportunities. I have had the honor of cooking for dignitaries, celebrities, Presidents, Gov's, even Kings and Queens, but none of them tickled me like cooking for you. You are larger than life itself. Thank you, and Godspeed! Chef Barbara

Chef Barbara A Maletsky

There will be a huge hole in the beautiful landscape of the Brandywine Valley without Frolic. But for him, the old King Ranch property would not have been put under easement. That very complicated transaction opened the door to thousands of acres being preserved by the Conservancy. He was the ultimate visionary. I am personally so grateful to him and it was also the ultimate privilege to call him a friend.

Emory A. Hamilton

How amazing Frolic was... What he did accomplish was!
We will always have beauty to see because of him.
He will always give us his devotion because of what he has left to the world! 
Frolic could do everything to make me happy
Make me laugh, cry, astonish and dance! 
Clearing the dance floor at the B&T!! Dancing on tables! 
And Laughing all the way! Memories, to keep your winter's Warm!

Sunny Fleitas

Having been to Big Bend several times, I am certain it is one of the few virgin preservations in the US.
What he did to accomplish this, the Museum, is nothing short of extraordinary. He certainly was an extraordinary man.
I am proud of the legacy he left us. I am proud to have known him and experienced a little bit of Heaven on his magnificent property.
I have seen where he will be laid to rest. I cannot imagine a more beautiful place. God rest his beautifiul soul.
Deeply sorrowful,
Dr. Nancy Simons
Chadds Ford

Dr. Nancy Simons

I taught a seminar for Winterthur/UD in 1997 on the painting techniques of Pyle, NCW, AW, and Jamie Wyeth, and Frolic generously invited my graduate students and me to visit his studio and watch him paint with tempera. [He came to the door with much light blue tempera paint all around his mouth-- apparently he had been pointing his brushes.] One of the students next interned in London, visited Buckingham Palace, and saw Frolic's portrait of Prince Philip and told her companions, "I recently visited that artist's studio and watched him paint!" I interviewed him for articles about Andrew and Jamie; he told me about Nureyev dancing around his property when Jamie was painting the dancer. I teased that we could say [instead of "George Washington slept here"] that "Nureyev leapt here." He graciously invited the entire cast and crew of the musical LARGER THAN LIFE: INSIDE THE MIND OF N.C. WYETH which we performed several nights as "a Brandywine cabaret," for an elegant dinner in his fabulous home (1998). The actor who played "Bill Bones" just posted on my Facebook page his sadness at the news. We will all miss him.

Joyce Hill Stoner

Nobody loved a party more than Frolic and he shared that with everyone. Who didn't treasure his Christmas cards that arrived in July? His many talents, having a great sense of humor as one, included being generous and sharing with friends, friends of friends and anyone in his presence. Sitting at his table was like coming home. He loved his farm and driving his horses. I remember him returning from England and in quarantine a tick was found on one horse. He was told he had to destroy them all or clip off all of their hair. All of it. His team was quite unique looking that summer! Never did he deny a request to loan a horse to someone for their team in order that they were able to participate in an event. He wanted everyone to be having as much fun as he was. I hope we all tell Frolic stories for years to come, he would love that.

John and Sue Greenall

We have been close friends and partners of three generations of Weymouths. Frolic introduced me and my family to the Brandywine River area and a part of the country unfamiliar to me. Whether it was the Museum, The Big Bend or his coach and four, they are memories that will never be forgotten. I am so glad we got to know Frolic. He was one of a kind and there will never be another like him. RIP, my friend.

David J Zimmer

I was first introduced to Frolic years ago when Andy wanted him to meet my parents and I was tagging along that day. He graciously gave us the grand tour, chapel and all. My parents were more common folk in comparison but Frolic opened his home and heart to them so graciously. I'll never forget going to Dover with him to meet Phyllis Diller at a comedy show and going back to her private room. We had so many laughs. He was always playing jokes on us. Frolic gave respect to all kinds of people and he did it so graciously. I can hear him now..."i'll have a martini, with three olives darrhling." :) A very generous man who gave of himself to Chadds Ford, Chester County and beyond.
My mom had written him a thankyou note two weeks ago for just being the kind person he was to them and our family. Her hope is, he was well enough then to have read it. 
To all who loved him, our deepest sympathy. 
The Sipala Family & (marty & sue)

Susan Drumheller

Thank you George Weymouth for immeasurably enriching my life. Just visited The Brandywine River Museum last week and many times over the years. Ah! the beauty you have left behind.

Rita Oakes

Frolic and I first met in 1964 on the building committee for the John Chad House and I got to know him while our company built the Museum. He was a wonderful friend and a tireless worker on behalf of all of us in saving our landscapes. Thank you Frolic

Dave Murtagh

Frolic was defiantly one of a kind, Intelligent, artistic, a preservationist, and unusual in his kindness, humer, sensitivity , a affectionate soul who will be missed terribly by his family, friends and associates. He will defiantly be a great addition in heaven!

Muffin duPont

I am saddened by loss of this great man. Frolic will be remembered for his vision, passion and leadership. He and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

David Vallin

My nephew, Tim, worked for Frolic driving his horses and helping to manage his stables. We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Tim and were invited to lunch at Frolic's home the day after Thanksgiving. We visited the Brandywine first before heading over to Big Bend for lunch. He was a lovely, warm host. I was honored to be seated to his left; Tim's mom, my sister-in-law, was seated to his right while he "held court" during the meal at the head of the table. Enchanting. He was ... enchanting.

Gerianne Downs

Feeling the power of a single word, exceptional, as it applies to a single person, Frolic. Definition of exceptional: "unusual, uncommon, atypical, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, rare, unprecedented, unexpected, surprising; unusually good; outstanding, extraordinary, remarkable, special, excellent, phenomenal, prodigious; unequaled, unparalleled, unique, unsurpassed, peerless, matchless, nonpareil, first-rate, first-class; informalA1, top-notch."

He was exceptional. 
Thank you Frolic.

Kendal Reynolds

Although I had the privilege of working for Brandywine Conservancy for a few years, and attended Frolic's famous Christmas party one year, I did not know him well. The few times I met him I was struck by his quiet, humble and principled determination. I knew him better by his deeds, and obviously the creation of the Conservancy was one of the greatest. But in 2001 the Philadelphia Suburban Water Company obtained approvals from the PA DEP and Delaware River Basin Commission to build a water withdrawal plant at Cornog Quarry on the Upper East Branch of the Brandywine. The withdrawal itself would have caused degraded water quality, but more importantly, the plant's service as a hub for new water lines would have stimulated suburban sprawl across Chester County, which had been so uniquely successful in preserving open space, largely due to the influence of Brandywine Conservancy. Jim Duff presented the opportunity to the Board of Directors to defeat the project through a political, legal and grass roots campaign, and after two years of hard work by a coalition of the Conservancy and its allies, Philly Suburban admitted defeat, withdrew its permits and donated a conservation easement over the quarry site. The battle was sometimes divisive and risky, but Frolic never batted an eye, never backed down and financed this battle, which cost well over $1 MM. Chester County would be an entirely different place if Frolic had not stood firm by his commitment to conservation. This is only one tiny instance and one tiny facet of the legacy that he is leaving. I cannot imagine the loss felt by his family and close friends, and can only offer my sympathies.

Judy Jordan

The Brandywine River Museum of Art has been one of my *very favorite* places since I was a girl. As a lifelong member of the museum and conservancy, I have major respect for this man! Thank you for your dedication to preserving our Brandywine River Watershed, and remarkably local yet world-famous art from Andrew Wyeth, his extended family, and beyond!

Denise Dulin

Rest in eternal peace, Frolic. We admired your generosity, brilliance, sense of fun and passion for all things Brandywine. You've left an amazing legacy of the Brandywine River Museum and the stewardship of continuing the conservation of the Brandywine. Thank you for all that you've done. A truly unique and special man - you will be sadly missed.

Marie Fritz