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2021 Radnor Hunt Races “Party Pod” Packages

2021 Radnor Hunt Races “Party Pod” Packages

Photography Credit: Jim Graham

Tickets are sold out.

Please note: In keeping with state regulations and public health guidelines, this year’s event will have a limited attendance capacity and will be focused on the fundamentals of race day: world-class equine athleticism enjoyed by intimate gatherings of friends and family. In addition to attendance capacity changes, other guidelines that will be required include social distancing, face mask-wearing and staying within your "party pod” during the event. We also have made the difficult decision to eliminate special activities where groups gather and will be enforcing maximum party sizes. We appreciate your patience and understanding as the health and well-being of all who participate in the Races is very important to us.


The box seats are the most traditional seat at the races. Many boxholders have been coming to the races for generations. The Boxes are located in the center of all the action with the best view of the Paddock and the Winner’s Circle. Boxholders have a spectacular view of the run to the finish and all the excitement of the horses as they parade before each race. 

Traditional Box: (Bring a picnic basket and cooler for lunch) 

Package includes:

  • 4 Patron ribbons
  • 2 preferred parking passes
  • One 36” round table and cloth
  • 4 chairs

Superbox: (Top row boxes for larger groups) 

Package includes:

  • 10 Patron ribbons
  • 3 preferred parking passes
  • One 48" round table and cloth
  • 10 chairs


Tented tailgate packages are available for parties of 10 or 20 Patrons along the rail. Celebrate the day with friends and family or entertain corporate clients. 

20 Patron Packages 

  • 20 x 20 tent – spaced out with 10 feet in between tents.
  • 20 Patron ribbons
  • 1 parking at tent
  • 5 guest parking passes

10 Patron Packages:

Available in Infield Homestretch, North Infield, Providence Road:

  • 10 x 10 tent – spaced out with 10 feet in between tents.
  • 10 Patron ribbons
  • 1 parking pass at tent
  • 2 guest parking passes nearby


Enjoy front row unobstructed views of the racing action.

Reserved tailgate, socially distancing along the Upper North Infield Rail: 

  • 1 reserved spot on the rail
  • 10 Patron ribbons
  • 2 guest parking passes

Unreserved tailgates, socially distanced in the East Infield Rail: 

  • 1 reserved spot on the rail
  • 10 Patron ribbons
  • 2 guest parking passes

South Infield unreserved tailgates, socially distanced in the South Infield Rail: 

  • 1 reserved spot on the rail
  • 1 parking pass for up to 5 people in your car

Please note:

  • There will be no single Patron ribbon or parking sold.
  • Largest party size is 20 people with a maximum limit of two 10 x 10 tented or tailgates per person allowed
  • Tickets are only available in the packages noted above and by advance sale only.
  • Payment must be made by credit card only.
  • A $10 handling fee will be added to all orders.
  • Spaces along the rail will be noted by a number; signs with party names will not be used.

For the Safety of Radnor Hunt Races Patrons 

To ensure the safety and security of the Radnor Hunt Races’ Patron experience, we have implemented a variety of new COVID-19 procedures, including face mask requirements, social distancing of spaces and capacity limits. 


  • Each space has a maximum number of guests (as determined by your location and party package), which will be your “party pod” for the day. Children are included in this maximum number. 
  • Each party is encouraged to stay within that "pod".
  • Tented tailgates (10x10 and 20x20) will not have tent sides and will be placed with 10 feet spacing between tents.  
  • There will be no pedestrian crossing of the racetrack. 
  • Single ticket and single parking spaces will not be available for individual sale.  
  • Patrons are encouraged to self-regulate social distancing when approaching the rails.
  • Patrons should not share food, drinks or personal items—such as noisemakers—with people not in their household. 
  • Patrons will need to pack their own food and beverages to be enjoyed on race day. 
  • There will be no food or beverage available for purchase.
  • All Patrons (over the age of two), volunteers, vendors and staff are required to wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose during visits, even if they are wearing a face shield.
  • To facilitate contact tracing, "Party Pod" hosts will be required to submit a list of their guests' names and a phone number and email address.

*The Radnor Hunt Races and Brandywine Conservancy reserves the right to change or cancel this event at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a required event disclaimer and contact form. This form must be completed before credentials will be sent to you for the event. You must sign to indicate you have read and agree to the event disclaimer, and you are also required to provide the name and email address or phone number for all the guests who will be in your party.