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Connecting Communities


Trails are an asset to our region, as they provide access to natural areas for recreation and enjoyment, and provide a means of getting from Point A to B in a healthy, alternative way. They are an essential component of a sustainable community and enhance our quality of life. Over 160 miles of new trails are envisioned within the 25 municipalities that connect through the Brandywine Greenway--and which will connect to the broader regional trail network known as The Circuit.


  • Scott Olmsted, Trail User & Volunteer
  • Sobrina Butler, Trail User, Cerner Bike-to-Work Program
  • Andrew Schaum, President, CCWA-Paradise Farm Camps
  • Jenny Brower, Trail User, Cerner Bike-to-Work Program
  • Justin Boland, Trail User & Volunteer
  • Bill Covaleski, Founder & Brewmaster, Victory Brewing Company

Creating Economic Opportunities


The Riverwalk Trail Park has helped beautify and revitalize a former industrial area in the City of Coatesville, Chester County. This urban oasis is approximately 1/4 mile long and threads beneath the historic Coatesville High Bridge, a stone arch railroad viaduct that crosses the West Branch Brandywine Creek. The park was constructed between 2010 and 2012 with funding from Chester County and the Pa Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.


  • John Pawlowski, Coatesville Resident
  • Linda Lavender-Norris. City Council President & 5th Ward Rep., City of Coatesville
  • Marie Lawson. City Council 2nd Ward Rep., City of Coatesville

Special Thanks:

  • Historic Postcards Courtesy of The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
  • Additional Photos Courtesy of David Terry, Fathers Involved Shedding Hope Staff at the Brandywine Conservancy

Improving Water Quality


The headwaters of the Brandywine Creek are being preserved to protect water quality in the Brandywine and improve drinking water for the City of Wilmington. Farmers in Honey Brook, PA are partnering with the Township, Chester County, and Brandywine Conservancy to preserve their farms with agricultural easements and to implement best management practices on their land.


  • John Goodall, Western Area Manager, Brandywine Conservancy
  • Sean Duffy, Water Division Director, City of Wilmington
  • David Rotelle, September Farm

Preserving Our Heritage


Hundreds of historic structures and districts are found along the Brandywine because people who first came here wanted to settle along the creek. The Greenway provides a common thread where users can learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the brandywine Creek. Historic sites are being preserved using conservation easements. The preservation and interpretation of these sites provides a common bond that reminds us where we started as a nation and where we are heading in the future.


  • Karen Marshall, Heritage Preservation Coordinator, Chester County Planning Commission
  • William Gladden, Director, Department of Open Space Preservation, Chester County

Special Thanks:

  • The Mill at Anselma for use of video footage
  • The American Philosophical Society for use of digital image [George Washington portrait]

Protecting Natural Resources


East Bradford Township is one of the most progressive municipalities in Chester County for protecting land through a municipal Open Space Program. Since the 1990s, over 3,500 acres have been preserved in East Bradford. The Township used planning tools to identify critical lands and prioritize open space or easement purchases. Planning documents were used to support grant applications, and county and state grants were used to leverage municipal funds.


  • Mike Lynch, Manager, East Bradford Township
  • Mandie Cantlin, Assistant Manager, East Bradford Township
  • Andrew Schaum, President, CCWA-Paradise Farm Camps
  • Fred Lukens, Trail User