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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


Morris W. Stroud II

Chairman & Chair, Museum Committee

Mrs. Michael Matz


Heather R. Evans

President and Chair of the Executive Committee

John W. Field, Jr.

Vice President

David Harrington

Assistant Treasurer & Chair, Investment Committee

Jack M. Hines, Jr.

Chair, Environmental Committee

Jeffrey M. Nielsen

Vice President and Treasurer

W. Donald Sparks, II, Esquire

Vice President and Secretary

Virginia A. Logan

Executive Director and Assistant Secretary (not a trustee)


William T. R. Abbott

Ann O. Ahl

Linda L. Bean

Anson McC. Beard, Jr.

Christopher F. Buccini

Mary Connolly Braun

Princesse Françoise de Chimay

Sophie M. Derrickson

Wendell Fenton, Esquire

Dr. Benjamin F. Hammond

Herbert V. Kohler, Jr.

Rodman W. Moorhead, III

Susan Bissell Parker

Claire J. Reid

Alan P. Slack

David W. Spartin

James W. Stewart, III

R. Stewart Strawbridge

McCoy duPont Weymouth

Honorary Trustees

Peter D. Davenport

Honorable Harry G. Haskell, Jr.

Mrs. Mary Alice Malone

Mrs. John McBride

Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran

George Strawbridge, Jr.

Ex Officio

D. Norman Quynn

Chairman of the Young Friends of the Brandywine