Mission Statements

Mission Statements

The Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art preserves and presents elements of art and nature that highlight the extraordinary beauty of the Brandywine region in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Brandywine Conservancy

The Brandywine Conservancy protects and conserves the land, water, natural, and cultural resources of the Brandywine-Christina watershed.

Brandywine Museum of Art

The Brandywine Museum of Art engages audiences through its presentation and interpretation of American art with a particular focus on the Wyeth family and other artists of the Brandywine region.

Core Strategies

Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art

Financial Sustainability
Brandywine will develop and implement plans to ensure long-term financial sustainability.

Leadership Development
Brandywine will maintain strong leadership across the organization to fulfill the mission.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Planning
Continue to develop a long term master plan that encompasses buildings, infrastructure, and grounds.

Enhance Visibility And Influence
Continue to be an innovative leader in its professional fields and communities.

Art And Nature  
Highlight the convergence of art and nature to enhance the quality of life for visitors and for the communities in which Brandywine operates.

Brandywine Conservancy

Landscape Focus
The Brandywine Conservancy will focus efforts on key landscapes to best connect critical lands and emphasize a holistic approach. The Brandywine Conservancy will work and provide services outside the Brandywine-Christina watershed where opportunities align with core competencies and are part of a comprehensive approach that results in increased conservation impact.

Prioritize Land And Programs
The Brandywine Conservancy will develop and refine criteria, based on sound science, public needs, and changing conditions, to prioritize land to conserve and restore, and where to best focus our programs. Use of these criteria will focus resources for maximum long-term success.

A Suite Of Services
The Brandywine Conservancy will use a suite of integrated services and tools to conserve and restore land, water and cultural resources. To respond to changing conditions, the Brandywine Conservancy will continue to experiment, innovate, and develop new tools and services. This may involve assessing and refining easement processes, and addressing conservation needs of the future.

Education And Engagement
The Brandywine Conservancy will expand education and engagement to connect people to the natural environment, involve key stakeholders; and improve management of natural lands, water and cultural resources. These efforts will build upon the educational opportunities available in conjunction with the Brandywine Museum of Art; partnering with schools and organizations; and continuing to develop educational materials for the public, landowners and municipal leaders. 

Brandywine Museum of Art

Raise The Profile Of The Museum
The Museum will create and present exhibitions of scholarly merit and wide public appeal. 

Transform The Experience Of Visiting The Museum
The Museum will become the central feature of a campus that offers diverse experiences and facilitates the appreciation of art and nature.

Build Rewarding Relationships With New And Current Audiences
The Museum will elevate its appeal to regional, national and international audiences.

Refine The Collection
The Museum will seek to acquire works of American art of the highest quality. 

Become The Destination For The Study Of Wyeth Family Artists
The Museum will facilitate research on three generations of Wyeth family artists through strategic acquisitions of key archival documents that support scholarship.