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Fourth time’s the charm

Fourth time’s the charm

August 8, 2013

So we thought we could do it in three days. We almost made it.

Five thousand or so plants later, a few extra hours on a fourth day from the volunteer gardeners, and the ambitious effort wrapped up Tuesday, July 30. Um, with little fanfare. Where was the marching band? The ticker tape?

That comes later, Mark Gormel assures us. There is a celebration in the works, he says.

The weather has continued to smile on us. Temps in the 70s and 80s,  nice rain on Sunday the 28th (not quite Philadelphia’s record-setting deluge that day), low humidity.

This kind of undertaking was probably a new experience for many of us. With a little effort, it went fairly  smoothly.  It was not without a few hiccups, however. Like the time we came across some bees residing underground in a rotting stump.

Undaunted, our fearless leader saved that spot for last. So with the fourth day coming to a close, we waltzed over (read: tiptoed) and gently tucked (read: jammed) a few more plants around the stump and wiped our hands and casually walked away (read: sprinted).