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Annual Giving

Annual Giving

children in the museum
Beauty, Preservation, Heritage

These words are at the core of the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art as we look to the future. But the present demands that we also pause, give thanks and celebrate.

It’s important to pause every so often to savor a stunning landscape or, if you’re in the Museum, to spend a little more time in front of a painting you love. It’s wise to stop and remind ourselves of the connectivity between nature, creativity and inspiration. These types of experiences and thoughts are not just simple luxuries; they are critical to our humanity. They are also for the many—not just the few—and at Brandywine we strive to provide them to our entire community through a wide range of free programming. Your support makes access to these initiatives possible.

Just saying “thank you” doesn’t adequately capture the depths of our gratitude to you and all our supporters. Above this letter you can see a few highlights of the many achievements from this past year. Thousands more trees now dot our countryside, and more than 122,000 children and adults enjoyed the terrific art in our galleries. Your generosity results in these incredible measures of success.

While our mission is serious, we strive to imbue our work with a sense of fun so that we may inspire others to celebrate the connectivity embodied in all that we do. The Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art offers a holistic, immersive experience that celebrates what makes our region so special, whether it’s looking at an iconic work of art then visiting the site that inspired it or touring our studios before painting en plein air somewhere out amongst the nearly 65,000 acres of land that we have helped protect from development. Your gift fuels these unique connections.

I sincerely hope you will continue your support, and in so doing, further your impact on all that we do.

Morris Stroud
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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