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In the News


"Near Wilmington, a trove of never-seen, abstract Andrew Wyeth paintings are 'a revelation'"
October 20, 2023, Wilmington News Journal /

"Rooted exhibit guaranteed to tap into power of childhood memories"
October 18, 2023, Chester County Press

"Brandywine Museum displays the ‘rainbow of America’ in children’s books"
October 14, 2023, WHYY

"Brandywine Art Guide: ‘Rooted’ at BRM"
October 14, 2023, Chadds Ford Live

"Arts Playlist: Previewing “Rooted” at the Brandywine Museum of Art"
October 13, 2023, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

"Take a peek inside the homes of these Lancaster County artists"
October 1, 2023, LNP /

"Brandywine Museum of Art presents 'Rooted: Family and Nature in Contemporary Children's Book Illustration"
September 30, 2023, Daily Times /

"Previewing 'Allan Freelon: Painter, Printmaker, Teacher' at the Brandywine Museum of Art"
September 22, 2023, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

"$4 painting from NH Savers turns out to be long-lost Wyeth "Ramona" illustration, sells for $191K at auction"
September 21, 2023, CBS 3 Philadelphia

"Joseph Stella, the artist who drew industrial America, documented Pittsburgh society & nature for years"
September 20, 2023, Philadelphia Inquirer /

"Woman buys N.C. Wyeth painting for $4 at a thrift store, becomes nearly $200,000 richer"
September 20, 2023, NBC 10 Philadelphia 

"She bought a painting for $4 at a thrift shop. Today, the N.C. Wyeth work sold for $191,000."
September 19, 2023, Philadelphia Inquirer /

"After Ida’s 800-year flood, the battle to protect the Brandywine watershed is about to escalate"
September 3, 2023, Philadelphia Inquirer /

"Ida flooding wreaked havoc 2 years ago. This preparedness event aims to prevent its repeat"
August 31, 2023, Wilmington News Journal /

"N.C. Wyeth Painting Bought at Thrift Store for $4 Could Sell for $250K"
August 30, 2023, Hyperallergic

"Brandywine Museum of Art presents Andrew Wyeth: Abstract Flash"
August 28, 2023, Broad Street Review

"Brandywine Conservancy and partners announce launch of Brandywine Flood study"
August 26, 2023, Chester County Press

"Brandywine Creek study to help residents better prepare for future flooding"
August 24, 2023, KYW Newsradio

"Efforts are underway to protect neighborhoods after Hurricane Ida's flooding two years ago"
August 22, 2023, NBC10

"Brandywine Conservancy launches flooding study"
August 22, 2023, CBS3

"Brandywine Conservancy launches study to mitigate future flooding along the Brandywine River"
August 22, 2023, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

"New study to determine causes of flooding along Brandywine Creek"
August 22, 2023, WHYY

"Preparing for the next Ida in the Brandywine Valley"
August 22, 2023, WDEL

"Study launched to find ways to reduce flooding on Brandywine"
August 22, 2023, Delaware Live

"Conservancy launches flood study"
August 22, 2023, Chadds Ford Live

"Who Was N.C. Wyeth? Learn About the 20th Century Illustrator Responsible for Over 100 Books"
August 6, 2023,

"'Abstract Flash: Unseen Andrew Wyeth' opening at Brandywine Museum of Art"
July 28, 2023,

"Andrew Wyeth abstracts at the Brandywine Museum of Art"
July 28, 2023, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

"Brandywine Museum of Art Presents 'Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature'"
Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature"

July 11, 2023, Antiques & the Arts Weekly

"12 Art Shows to See in Philadelphia This Summer"
July 6, 2023, Hyperallergic

"‘Abstract Flash’: Andrew Wyeth exhibit to open at Brandywine Museum of Art"
July 5, 2023, Chester County Press

"Brandywine Museum of Art presents Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature"
June 20, 2023, Broad Street Review

"Brandywine Art Guide – Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature at the Brandywine Museum of Art"
June 18, 2023, Chadds Ford Live

"Wyeth Artists' Studio tours running now at Brandywine Museum of Art"
June 4, 2023, 6ABC

"Landscape Art: In the Brandywine Valley, a comprehensive approach to preservation"
June 2023, Horticulture Magazine

"Artist Joseph Stella Painted Nature in Vibrant Color"
June 2023, Smithsonian Magazine /

"Andrew Wyeth: Home Places"
May/June 2023, American Fine Art Magazine

"Arts Playlist: Previewing “Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature” at the Brandywine Museum of Art"
May 27, 2023, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

"Betsy Wyeth: The woman who ‘created the worlds’ captured on canvas by her husband."
May 25, 2023, Philadelphia Inquirer /

"Joseph Stella: Explore the Nature-Based Works of the American Modernist Pioneer at the Brandywine Museum of Art"
May 22, 2023,

"Brandywine Museum of Art to present ‘Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature’"
May 11, 2023, Daily Local News

"Brandywine Conservancy launches new climate resiliency initiative"
April 19, 2023, Daily Local News

"The Wyeth's World"
April 2023, Delaware Today magazine

"End Notes: Home is Where the Heart Is"
March/April 2023, The Magazine Antiques

"‘Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature’ Review: An Artist of Split Affections"
March 4, 2023, Wall Street Journal

"Andrew Wyeth’s “Home Places,” including many never-before-seen artworks, are on exhibit at the Brandywine Museum of Art"
March 22, 2023, Philadelphia Inquirer /

"Never-before-seen Andrew Wyeth artwork on display at Brandywine Museum of Art"
March 22, 2023, Daily Local News

"Brandywine Museum of Art presents Andrew Wyeth: Home Places"
March 20, 2023, Broad Street Review

"Review: Joseph Stella’s stylized nature works explored in the High’s stellar exhibit"
March 13, 2023,

"Never-seen Andrew Wyeths on display near Wilmington, with hundreds more to come"
March 10, 2023, Wilmington News Journal / Delaware Online 

"Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature bursts with botanical life at the High Museum of Art"
March 3, 2023, Atlanta magazine

"Here Are 8 Mythic Artist Studios to Visit Across America, From Georgia O’Keeffe’s Desert Retreat to Winslow Homer’s Ocean-Sprayed Bungalow"
February 22, 2023,

"True Facts and Fake News: Joseph Stella’s “Lyre Bird”"
February 20, 2023,

"Joseph Stella show a fantastic voyages"
February 13, 2023, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Wyeth paintings never before exhibited are now on view at the Brandywine"
February 11, 2023, WHYY

"Arts Playlist: ‘Andrew Wyeth: Home Places’"
February 10, 2023, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

"Brandywine Conservancy Ends Year Celebrating New Conservation Milestones, Including 70,000 Acres Permanently Preserved"
January 25, 2023, PA Environment Digest 

"SMALL TALK: Brandywine River Museum guard an artist who paints birds"
January 22, 2023, Daily Local News

"Brandywine Conservancy celebrates 70,000 acres of land permanently preserved"
January 19, 2023, Daily Local News

"Andrew Wyeth: Home Places at the BRM"
January 19, 2023, Chadds Ford Live

"Monumental Ceramic Coral Reef Installation Is a Swirling Combination of Beauty and Awareness"
January 5, 2023,

"All aboard, as area mansions keep the holidays on track"
January 6, 2023, 6ABC

"6 family-friendly activities to kick off 2023"
January 2, 2023, Philadelphia Inquirer /


"50 Years of Model Trains at the Brandywine Museum of Art "
December 30, 2022, WJBR

"‘Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature’ Awakens The Artist’s Legacy Beyond Bridges"
December 21, 2022, Forbes

"Brandywine Conservancy Preserves Historic Starr Farm, Connects to Other Conserved Areas"
December 20, 2022, WeConservePA

"Vibrant Coral Expresses the Power of Nature in Courtney Mattison’s Whirling Ceramic Wall Relief"
December 15, 2022,

"Open Call: Brandywine Museum of Art plans joyful holiday season after flood repairs"
December 11, 2022, Wilmington News Journal /

"Brandywine Conservancy Helps Preserve 14+ Acres of Historic Chester County Family Farmland"
December 9, 2022, WeConservePA

"Brandywine Railroad model train display back at art museum"
December 5, 2022, CBS3

"An Urban Painter’s Fantastic Floral Visions"
December 1, 2022, The New York Times

Brandywine Railroad on "The Kelly Drive"
December 1, 2022, Fox29

"Celebrating 50 Golden Years Of The Brandywine Railroad At Brandywine Museum Of Art"
November 25, 2022, Antiques and Auction News

"‘Critters’ now hanging from Brandywine Art Museum Christmas trees"
November 23, 2022, Daily Local News

"50 Years of 'Wow!' at the Brandywine Railroad"
November 17, 2022, ChaddsFordLive

"Brandywine Railroad Celebrates 50th Anniversary Entering the Holiday Season"
November 15, 2022, NBC10

"Brandywine River Museum of Art presents Fragile Earth: The Naturalist Impulse in Contemporary Art"
November 14, 2022, Broad Street Review

"11 Historic Artists' Homes & Studios to Enjoy the Changing Seasons"
October 21, 2022, National Trust for Historic Preservation

"Brandywine River Museum Of Art Announces New Wyeth Foundation Curator Of The Andrew And Betsy Wyeth Collection"
October 14, 2022, Antiques and Auction News

"New exhibit reflects on climate’s vulnerability"
October 5, 2022, Chester County Press

Brandywine Conservancy’s efforts to preserve land from development nears 70,000-acre mark
October 1, 2022, Daily Local News

Nearly 400 Cyclists Bike Along the Brandywine
September 28, 2022, VISTA.Today

ChesLen marks milestone open space achievement
September 27, 2022, Daily Local News

Art and Ecology meet at BRM
September 26, 2022, ChaddsFordLive

Brandywine Museum opens an art exhibition reflecting on the vulnerability of the environment
September 24, 2022,

400 Bike the Brandywine
September 24, 2022, Chadds Ford Live

The Brandywine Conservancy Secures Birmingham Hill Preserve
September 9, 2022, Main Line Today magazine

As fall nears, there’s a bounty of festivities for all to enjoy in Chester County
September 9, 2022, Daily Local News

Walk this way: 6 places to hike, soak up history, see autumn leaves and maybe a few ghosts
September 7, 2022, Wilmington News Journal /

5th Bike The Brandywine Event Welcomes Nearly 400 Riders For A Sunny, Scenic Day Thru Chester County
September 1, 2022, PA Environment Digest

Artists Explore Environmental Themes at the Brandywine River Museum of Art
August 31, 2022,

‘Gatecrashers: The Rise of the Self-Taught Artist in America’ Review: Outliers as Insiders
August 17, 2022, Wall Street Journal

Taking Skirmish Hill: The epic story behind Brandywine Conservancy's 25-year battle to fill its historic 'donut hole'
Fall 2022, The Hunt magazine

Gatecrashers at the Brandywine // Why in the world did the painting 'Scene from the Scottish Highlands' cause such a stir 100 years ago?
Summer 2022, Root Quarterly magazine

‘Gatecrashers’ at the Brandywine River Museum of Art free to public Aug. 7
August 6, 2022, Daily Local News

Brandywine River Museum two new exhibits: Gatecrashers and Dawoud Bey
July 18, 2022, 6ABC (6ABC Loves the Arts)

Facing the unimaginable: The challenges of disaster preparedness, response and recovery
Summer 2022, Saving Lands magazine

Where to See Art in Philly This Summer    
July 6, 2022, Philadelphia Magazine /

Historic Spring Valley AME Church community celebrates unity, faith at Brandywine River Museum of Art
July 3, 2022, The Delaware County Daily Times /

This Fourth of July weekend, Americans can celebrate revolutionary ‘gatecrashers’   
June 30, 2022, Daily Local News

Chester County's Brandywine Valley has summer in full swing with things to do and see 
June 29, 2022, 6ABC - FYI Philly 

With Tuesday’s solstice, summer officially arrives to region
June 21, 2022, Daily Local News

Making Their Presence Known: The Brandywine River Museum of Art presents Dawoud Bey and Gatecrashers: The Rise of the Self-Taught Artist in America
June 21, 2022, Broad Street Review

Bike the Brandywine Returns for Its Fifth Year
June 19, 2022,

Bike the Brandywine is back
June 13, 2022, Chadds Ford Live

Two exhibits at Brandywine River Museum
June 9, 2022, ChaddsFordLive

Philly-area trail network gets nearly $6 million from William Penn Foundation to improve and expand
June 3, 2022, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Photo challenge focuses on busy bees and other Pennsylvania pollinators
June 1, 2022, Tribune Review /

Brandywine River Museum of Art Presents "Gatecrashers" Exhibit Exploring the Rise of Self-Taught Artists in America
May 27, 2022, Antiques & Auction News

Trespassing in the art world's ivory tower
May 20, 2022, Chadds Ford Life magazine

An Art- and Garden-Lover’s Getaway in the Brandywine Valley
May 6, 2022, AARP magazine

Thousands of Andrew Wyeth Paintings Have Never Been Seen by the Public—Until Now
May 5, 2022, Smithsonian Magazine

"Curator Chat" with the Brandywine's Audrey Lewis
May & June 2022, American Fine Art Magazine

Thousands of unseen works by painter Andrew Wyeth released by Brandywine River Museum of Art
April 30, 2022, Philly Voice

Brandywine River museum gets trove of Andrew Wyeth-related art and will share in 7,000 works by the artist
April 29, 2022, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Massive collection of never-before-seen Andrew Wyeth works to be made public
April 28, 2022, WHYY

Thousands of Unseen Andrew Wyeth Paintings Will Make Their Public Debut as Part of a New Push From the Artist’s Foundation
April 28, 2022,

All the Andrew Wyeth No One Has Seen
April 27, 2022, New York Times

Brandywine Conservancy Announces New Leadership
April 25, 2022,

Plant sales at Penguin Court, Compass Inn feature pollinator-friendly native species
April 19, 2022, Tribune Review /

Wild abundance awaits at new Glenroy Preserve
April 1, 2022, Chesapeake Bay Journal

Gatecrashers' Traveling Exhibition Explores the Rise of Self-Taught Artists in America
March 29, 2022,

Making Art Accessible for All Children
March 16, 2022, Metro Kids magazine

With Elk advocacy, conservation soars in Southern Chester County
March 9, 2022, Daily Local News

Brandywine River Museum of Art Celebrates 100 Years of Wayne Thiebaud's Art
March 1, 2022, NBC 10 - Philly Live

The Brandywine River Museum of Art presents Wayne Thiebaud 100
February 15, 2022, Broad Street Review

Thiebaud art more than a piece of cake
February 7, 2022, Chadds Ford Live

Insider’s guide to 19 essential museums just outside Philadelphia
January 19, 2022, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Brandywine River Museum of Art Celebrates Life of Wayne Thiebaud, an Iconic American Artist
January 19, 2022,


Open Call: Brandywine River Museum, recovering from flood, greets holiday season
December 5, 2021, Wilmington News Journal /

Brandywine River Museum of Art reopens with holiday cheer
November 28, 2021, Delco Times

Brandywine River Museum of Art reopens for holiday season
November 25, 2021, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art Reopens
November 23, 2021, NBC 10

Brandywine River Museum announces it will reopen for first time since historic Hurricane Ida flooding
November 15, 2021, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Behind Ida’s destruction along the Brandywine: A 1,000-year downpour, a ‘choke point,’ and a record crest
November 8, 2021, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Arts Playlist: 'Queen Anne’s Lace Pod'
October 22, 2021, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

Brandywine Conservancy: Breached Dam to be Removed
October 12, 2021, Daily Local News

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grants More than $400,000 to the Brandywine Conservancy
October 3, 2021,

The Brandywine River Museum of Art presents Ian Stabler’s Queen Anne’s Lace Pod
August 23, 2021,

‘Ralston Crawford: Air & Space & War’ Review: Art and Aviation
July 7, 2021, Wall Street Journal

An artist takes flight
July 5, 2021, Broad Street Review

Peacocks take flight thanks to work of visionary Londonderry artist
July 1, 2021, Daily Local News

Airplanes, atomic bombs, weather maps — and a Chadds Ford artist’s complicated view from aloft
June 26, 2021, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Photo challenge focuses on importance of Pennsylvania pollinators
June 16, 2021,

Collective Conversations with Amanda Shields
June 10, 2021,

Brandywine River Museum Reopens June 20 With 'Ralston Crawford: Air & Space & War'
June 7, 2021,

Arts Playlist: 'Ralston Crawford: Air + Space + War'
June 4, 2021, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

Air Power: The Influence of Flight and Aeronautic Technology on Ralston Crawford's Art is Chronicled in a Traveling Exhibition.
June 2021, Art & Antiques magazine

The Calamity of War: Destruction and deconstruction form the foundation for a new exhibition on Ralston Crawford at the Brandywine River Museum of Art
May/June 2021, American Fine Art magazine

Along scenic Octoraro Creek, a pop-up nature preserve readies to open
May 30, 2021, LNP / LancasterOnline

First State National Historical Park Gains 254 Acres
May 25, 2021, National Parks Traveler

Staying present with Brandywine River Museum of Art’s historical Antiques Lectures
May 19, 2021, Broad Street Review

“Racing for Open Space” hits the track for a good cause
May 18, 2021, Metro Philadelphia

Radnor Hunt Races In Support Of Open Space
May 15, 2021, CBS

Steeplechase Season is Back!
May 2021, County Lines magazine

The tyranny of the buttercups: Lovely, and taking over the Philly region with a big assist from the weather
April 21, 2021, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Once They Hurdle COVID-19 Precautions, Steeplechase Fans Can Enjoy the 2021 Season in Malvern, Unionville
April 21, 2021, VISTA.Today

History, character and charm': Hempfield home inspired by work at Penguin Court mansion
April 16, 2021,

Andrew Wyeth’s Only Grandchild Casts Her Own High-Energy Shadow
April 6, 2021, Main Line Today magazine /

How to spend a gardener’s weekend in…Delaware Valley 
April 2021, Gardeners Illustrated magazine

Local Firm Assists Brandywine Conservancy In Preserving 577 Acres in Chester County
March 25, 2021,

'Ralston Crawford: Air + Space + War' Traveling Exhibition of American Modernism Debuts At Brandywine River Museum of Art in June
March 15, 2021,

Aviation exhibit planned for BRM
March 15, 2021, Chadds Ford Live

American Shad, Our ‘Founding Fish,’ Returns to its Home Waters After 300 Years
February 24, 2021, Field & Stream magazine

The fearless ‘Soldier Songs’ is a standout achievement among COVID-19-era shows. You can stream it starting tonight.
January 21, 2021, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Television: Opera Philadelphia to debut a streaming movie filmed at Brandywine Conservancy
January 19, 2021, Daily Local News

President-elect Joe Biden’s Hometown Makes for the Perfect Weekend Escape — Where to Eat, Sleep, and Play
January 14, 2021, Travel & Leisure magazine

Brandywine Conservancy acquires 577 acres to be used as nature preserve
January 13, 2021, Daily Local News

577-acre farm in Chester County to become public nature preserve
January 12, 2021, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Thouron Family Partners With Brandywine Conservancy, Oxford Area Foundation To Protect 577 Acres along Octoraro Creek In Chester County
January 11, 2021, PA Environment Digest

Brandywine Conservancy & OAF acquire 577-acre property for use as a public nature preserve
January 11, 2021,


Brandywine Conservancy Awards Mini Grants to Seven Municipal Partners
December 18, 2020,

A Remarkable Love Story and Family Legacy: A Tribute to the Talented Betsy Wyeth
December 14, 2020, The Epoch Times

Chester County municipalities get funding to preserve land
December 12, 2020, Daily Local News

Critter' craze kicks off holiday season with hand-crafted ornaments
December 5, 2020, 6abc

These Iconic Brandywine Valley Holiday Displays Are Carrying on With Tradition
November 25, 2020, Delaware Today magazine /

Arts Playlist: 'Holiday Magic at Brandywine'
November 13, 2020, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

PA Chapter of the American Planning Association Awards Longtime Staff Member of Brandywine Conservancy
November 11, 2020,

Brandywine River Museum of Art kicks off holiday season; Critter Sale now offered virtually, too
November 2, 2020, LNP News / LancasterOnline

Curator Chat: Amanda Burdan, Ph.D.
November 2020, American Fine Art magazine

Brandywine River Museum of Art opens miniature train display to public for holiday season
October 30, 2020, Daily Local News

The mushroom capital of the world makes great wine. A road trip west of Philadelphia reveals orchids, unexpected wines and a stunning art dynasty
October 29, 2020, American Way magazine /

Music transcends limits: Opera Philadelphia films 'Solider Songs' at Birmingham Hill Preserve
October 28, 2020, Daily Local News

A Culturally Rich Journey is Within Reach | A Guide to Famous Artists’ Homes & Studios
October 19, 2020, Iconic Life magazine

The Brandywine Creek Greenway Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary and Announces New Photo Contest
October 9, 2020,

Brandywine Creek Greenway marks milestone with photo contest
October 5, 2020, Daily Local News

Step Into History: Artists' Homes and Studios You Can Visit
September 30, 2020, Art & Object magazine

A different fall? Yes, but family fun abounds with Zoom storytimes, teen forums and Halloween haunts
September 27, 2020, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Environmental group to honor 11 women
September 26, 2020, The Tribute-Democrat /

Big weekend for art in Philly: What to see in museums now, and what’s coming soon
September 25, 2020, Philadelphia Inquirer /

New map guides you through the American Revolution
September 25, 2020,

Free 'Hiking Through History' map now available
September 18, 2020, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

American Revolutionary history runs deep; new map highlights path to victory, liberty
September 16, 2020, Daily Local News

Philly kids and their teacher-parents both need a break. How about a hike? Or a scarecrow build?
September 13, 2020, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Southwestern Pennsylvania women to be honored for contributions to conservation
September 1, 2020,

Kids can learn to love the suffragists, even in a pandemic. Here are ways to celebrate the 19th this week.
August 23, 2020, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Votes for Women: Podcast with Curator Amanda Burdan, Ph.D.
August 21, 2020, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) / 

Brandywine Conservancy releases Brandywine Creek Water Trail feasibility study.
August 13, 2020, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

Feasibility study for Brandywine Creek Water Trail released
August 6, 2020, Daily Local News

Longtime Staff Member of Brandywine Conservancy Receives Recognition from Pennsylvania Land Trust Association
August 6, 2020,

Conservancy launches new grant program
July 27, 2020, Chadds Ford Live

Brandywine Creek Greenway mini-grant program launched
July 27, 2020, Daily Local News

Arts Playlist: Brandywine River Museum of Art voting rights exhibitions
July 24, 2020, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

Brandywine River Museum of Art reopens, extends Suffrage, Civil Rights exhibitions
July 7, 2020, Daily Local News

Inside the Homes and Studios of 13 American Artists
June 24, 2020, Architectural Digest

Artistic Offices
June 1, 2020, The Magazine Antiques

Another week of no school? These smart, fun livestreams for kids will help you muddle through.
May 11, 2020, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Open Space Preservation in Honey Brook Township
May 6, 2020,

Grant Spotlight: Celebrating Women's Suffrage at Brandywine River Museum of Art
April 17, 2020, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) / 

Arts Playlist: Connecting with audiences online during COVID-19
April 3, 2020, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

The Road to the Vote
April 2020, Alaska Airlines magazine

During Pandemic, Conservancy Leaders Encourage Public To Seek Solace At Local Nature Preserves
March 24, 2020, Chester County Press

Women’s Suffrage, In Color
March 19, 2020, WHYY - You Oughta Know

World-class art toured at home
March 18, 2020, Chadds Ford Live

Add To Your List Of ‘5 Women Artists’ At These Museums Around The United States
March 12, 2020,

Centennial “Votes for Women” History Exhibit Shares the Suffrage Story
March 10, 2020, Ms. Magazine

Women shine light on human rights at Brandywine River Museum of Art
March 5, 2020, Daily Local News

"Votes For Women: A Visual History"
March 4, 2020, Antiques and the Arts Weekly

6 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month in Philly
March 2, 2020, METRO Philadelphia

Land Conservancies: A Wealth of Open Space comes from private philanthropy
March 2020, County Lines magazine

Brandywine River Museum Honors Women’s History With New Exhibit
February 28, 2020, Delaware Today magazine /

One Tank Trip: 'Votes for Women' at the Brandywine
February 26, 2020, WFMZ-TV 69 News

6abc's Visions celebrates Black History Month
February 22, 2020, 6ABC

Seeing suffragists
February 18, 2020, Broad Street Review

Conservation movement soars in Chester County
February 13, 2020, Daily Local News

In museums: Suffrage, scandal, sloths, and rebellion
February 8, 2020, The Philadelphia Inquirer /

Two New Exhibitions Link Women's Suffrage And Civil Rights Movements
February 4, 2020, Chester County Press

Say yes to the dress, and the vote: Suffrage and style at Brandywine Museum
February 1, 2020, WHYY

Museum exhibits the fight for rights
February 1, 2020, Chadds Ford Live

“Votes for Women: A Visual History” at Brandywine River Museum of Art
February 1, 2020,Urban Agenda Magazine

Honoring and Remembering the Women's Suffrage Movement as it Celebrates 100 Years. Organizations throughout the Philadelphia area will hold events highlighting the fight for the 19th amendment.
January 15, 2020, Main Line Today magazine /

The Brandywine River Museum of Art is Hosting an Arctic Barbecue
January 13, 2020, Main Line Today magazine /


Centenial Reflection
Winter 2019, The Hunt Magazine

This little pig built Fallingwater. Fairy tales get reimagined at Brandywine River Museum of Art
December 22, 2019, Philadelphia Inquirer /

The Brandywine to Present Votes for Women: A Visual History in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment
December 21, 2019,

Trains at Brandywine River Museum of Art are Christmas tradition for many
December 12, 2019, 6abc

Stories under the surface
November 25, 2019, Broad Street Review

Brandywine Conservancy Receives DCNR Grant For Work On Brandywine Creek Greenway, Micro-Grant Program
November 18, 2019, PA Environment Digest

The Art Of Sparking Memories
October 17, 2019, Chester County Press

Looking Back At The Rich History Of Three Fairy Tales
October 14, 2019, Chester County Press

Brandywine Conservancy gets $200,000 grant to restore Red and White Clay Creek watersheds
October 9, 2019, Daily Local News

500 riders turn out for fourth annual Bike the Brandywine
October 3, 2019, Daily Local News

500 cyclists take to the greenway
September 29, 2019, Chadds Ford Live

Increase your “App-etite” for the Outdoors
September 25, 2019, County Lines Magazine

Brandywine Conservancy preserving legacy of Penguin Court
August 25, 2019, Tribune-Review /

N. C. Wyeth’s Artistic Aspirations
August 24, 2019, Hyperallergic

Making music from art at BRM
August 21, 2019, Chadds Ford Live

Another look at N.C. Wyeth, American art patriarch
August 12, 2019, PBS NewsHour

Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art Earns Prestigious Reaccreditation Through the Land Trust Alliance
August 11, 2019,

Brandywine Conservancy earns accreditation renewal
August 11, 2019, Daily Local News

N. C. Wyeth: New Perspectives
August 1, 2019, Antiques & Fine Art magazine

Escape Artist: An exhibition at the Brandywine River Museum surveys the adventurous enchantments of illustrator N. C. Wyeth
July 31, 2019, The Magazine ANTIQUES

An upcoming season of riches at the Brandywine
July 29, 2019, Chester County Press

A Famed Illustrator and Patriarch of an Art Family, N.C. Wyeth Longed for More
July 27, 2019, 1st Dibs / Introspective Magazine

Bike The Brandywine celebrates fourth year with new metric-century loop
July 22, 2019, Daily Local News

‘N.C. Wyeth: New Perspectives’ Review: Between Power and Platitude
July 20, 2019, Wall Street Journal

For 300 years, Philly’s ‘founding fish’ has been missing from the Brandywine.  Meet the folks trying to bring it back
July 19, 2019, Philadelphia Inquirer /

From Hollywood fashion to the moon: Summer 2019's best American museum exhibits
July 12, 2019, USA Today

The Artist at the Helm: Retrospective in Chadds Ford gives art family patriarch N.C. Wyeth his due
July 7, 2019, LNP News / LancasterOnline

A Fresh Eye on the Art of N. C. Wyeth
July 2019, Fine Art Connoisseur magazine

Rare NC Wyeth exhibit: Grandson Jamie gives a tour of the legendary illustrator's works
June 28, 2019, Wilmington News Journal /

Escaping pirates: Wyeth artistic patriarch gets a retrospective
June 27, 2019, WHYY

New Show On Painter And Illustrator N.C. Wyeth Is First In Decades To Examine Entirety Of His Work
June 27, 2019,

The Life and Art of N.C. Wyeth
June 21, 2019, Saturday Evening Post

N.C. Wyeth, lord of Brandywine: New museum show in Chadds Ford gets beyond the myth
June 20, 2019, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Illustrator, Patriarch, Visionary: An In-Depth Look at N. C. Wyeth
June 18, 2019,

New Perspectives on N. C. Wyeth
June 14, 2019, Antiques and the Arts Weekly

The Untold Legacy of N.C. Wyeth, Andrew’s Artist Father
June 13, 2019,

Points of View, Moments of Art
June 2019, American Fine Art magazine

Racing for Open Space Draws Crowd of 25,000 to the 89th Radnor Hunt Races in Support of the Brandywine Conservancy
May 28, 2019,

How NC Wyeth Introduced New Perspectives to 20th Century Art
May 24, 2019, Widewalls

Antiques show returning to Brandywine River Museum of Art
May 22, 2019, Daily Local News

Rare antiques and prime browsing at the Brandywine
May 21, 2019, Chester County Press

May 18, 2019, Philadelphia Style magazine

Michael Mitchell takes home three victories at the 89th Radnor Hunt Races
May 18, 2019, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Go Behind the Scenes of Point-to-Point, Radnor Hunt Races and Willowdale Steeplechase
April 2019, Main Line Today magazine /

Wyeths and beyond at Brandywine: Two shows —one museum moving forward

March 29, 2019, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Immortality in art: The Brandywine River Museum presents ‘Phyllis Mills Wyeth: A Celebration’

March 26, 2019, Broad Street Review

Brandywine Conservancy Director Ellen Ferretti Attends Planning Commission Board Meeting

March 26, 2019,

Radnor Hunt Races returns for 89th year on May 18

March 18, 2019, Daily Local News

The Brandywine Shares A New Perspective On American Art

March 11, 2019, Chester County Press

Arts Playlist: Honoring Phyllis Mills Wyeth

March 8, 2019, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

Brandywine to begin master planning process

March 5, 2019, Chester County Press

Brandywine Conservancy: Saving a piece of history

March 4, 2019, Land Trust Alliance

Blockbuster art: Impressionists, Gainsborough portraits, the Confederate truce flag, moon-gazing

February 14, 2019, Philadelphia Inquirer /

The Brandywine celebrates the life of Phyllis Mills Wyeth

February 8, 2019, Chester County Press

Sensory-friendly museum days in Philly

February 4, 2019,

8 inspiring artist house museums in the Northeastern USA

January 29, 2019,

Brandywine Conservancy seeks input for new water trail project

January 24, 2019, Daily Local News

3 Best Day Trips from Philadelphia

January 9, 2019, Conde Nast Traveler

Brandywine Conservancy gets $1.5 million to preserve 569 acres of land

January 9, 2019, Daily Local News


Looking Ahead To A New Year Of Art At The Brandywine

December 28, 2018, Chester County Press

Overlapping painting and photography

December 17, 2018, Chadds Ford Live

The incredible journey of Winslow Homer

December 12, 2018, Chadds Ford Live

Behind the scenes of Philly’s most popular holiday train displays

December 12, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer /

On looking into Winslow Homer

December 7, 2018, Broad Street Review

Brandywine Christmas: A storybook holiday

December 4, 2018, Broad Street Review

Here's What You Can Expect from the Brandywine River Museum of Art's Holiday Critter Sale

November 30, 2018, Delaware Today magazine /

Brandywine River Museum Of Art Displaying Model Train Setup

November 30, 2018, CBS 3 News

Museum unveils its 2018 handmade ornaments

November 27, 2018, Wilmington News Journal /

An Artist At The Intersection Of Photography And Painting

November 26, 2018, Chester County Press

Holiday Magic Returns To The Brandywine

November 15, 2018, Chester County Press

ARTZ Philadelphia Helps Dementia Patients Unlock the Past

November 2018, Main Line Today magazine /

Instagrammable Locations for Fall Foliage in #BrandywineValley

October 11, 2018,

Oktoberfest Fun Starts With 'Barks and Brews'

October 5, 2018, Delaware Today

Winslow Homer Exhibition Examines the Relationship of His Art to Photography

September 25, 2018,

Good weather and good turnout make Bike the Brandywine a success

September 25, 2018, Chester County Press

Hundreds take part in Bike the Brandywine

September 23, 2018, Chadds Ford Live

The 15 best towns for the ultimate fall day trip from the Lehigh Valley

September 12, 2018,

Brandywine Conservancy celebrates preservation of battlefield

September 12, 2018, Daily Local

Philadelphia’s art museums feature Dior, Berthe Morisot, Winslow Homer, more in fall 2018

September 12, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer / 

Artists Urge Us to Get Outside and Smell the Moss

September 11, 2018, Hyperallergic

A day of remembrance

September 11, 2018, Chester County Press

Battlefield site preserved

September 11, 2018, Chadds Ford Live

Sensory-friendly venues accommodate guests on the autism spectrum

September 10, 2018, Philadelphia Tribune

New film follows the steps of Andrew Wyeth

September 7, 2018,

‘Wyeth’ Review: A Painter’s Reputation Restored

September 6, 2018, Wall Street Journal

Bike the Brandywine slated Sept. 22

September 6, 2018, Daily Local News

American Masters' looks at the world of Andrew Wyeth

September 4, 2018, Chester County Press

SummerFest: Exploring The Brandywine Valley

August 24, 2018, CBS3

11 Regional Museums and Historic Sites Perfect for Weddings

August 24, 2018,

Best Day Trips from Philadelphia: Things to see in the Countryside of Philadelphia

August 22, 2018,

As land prices climb, small farmers look to leasing as a way to stay in the game

August 11, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer / 

The Brandywine flows around and 'through' this museum

August 10, 2018, Wilmington News Journal /

Philadelphia's sensory-friendly attractions and performances 

July 28, 2018, FOX29

Small Talk: One artist at a time in unique museums

July 27, 2018, Daily Local News

5 Cheap Road Trips to Take When You Really Need to Get Out of Town

July 25, 2018,

Canoeing in the Brandywine

July 13, 2018, USA Today

22 small towns near Philly you need to visit right now

July 12, 2018,

Brandywine River Museum's new exhibit finds scary beauty in the realm of decay

July 5, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer /

The All-American Bucket List: 50 Iconic Adventures for Each of the 50 States

July 5, 2018, Readers Digest

Farm-to-table event to benefit Brandywine Conservancy

July 3, 2018, Daily Local News

Clean Water, Healthy Fish, Happy Kids

July 2, 2018,

25+ Must-See Exhibitions in Philadelphia for Summer 2018

July 1, 2018,

How to Spend a day in Chadds Ford

July 2018, Main Line Today magazine /

13 artists in one BRM exhibit

June 26, 2018, Chadds Ford Live

Nature plus: Brandywine Museum of Art’s ‘Natural Wonders: The Sublime in Contemporary Art’

June 26, 2018, Broad Street Review

Contemporary artists look at the sublime in nature

June 26, 2018, Delco Culture Vultures

Putting nature in a box at the Brandywine Museum

June 23, 2018, WHYY

New ways of experiencing nature at the Brandywine

June 22, 2018, Chester County Press

The Best Summer Day Trips for Art Outside of New York City

June 13, 2018,

Where to take your kids in Philadelphia this summer

June 6, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer /

What to see in Philadelphia's museums this summer

June 6, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Westmoreland, Brandywine museums used art draft to divvy up Scaife bequest

June 1, 2018, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Antiques rule at BRM

May 28, 2018, Chadds Ford Live

Best Fashions at Radnor Races & A Muddy Good Time

May 24, 2018,

The 88th Radnor Hunt Races

May 22, 2018, Philadelphia Style magazine

Fine antiques on the Brandywine this weekend

May 22, 2018, Chester County Press

Soggy Radnor Hunt Races see wins by Surprising Soul and Hoppala

May 19, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer /

Brunch with mom and enjoy a weekend of nature at the Brandywine

May 11, 2018, Daily Local News

A large turnout for clean water conference at Mendenhall Inn 

May 4, 2018, Daily Local News

Watershed, estuary reports see some gains but say there’s more work to be done

May 4, 2018, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

What's in the water? Brandywine-Christina Watershed report released

May 3, 2018, WDEL News (1150AM / 101.7FM)

Conference to highlight the state of the Brandywine-Christina watershed

April 26, 2018, Chester County Press

Exploring the artistic legacy of George A. ‘Frolic’ Weymouth (VIDEO)

April 17, 2018, WHYY (originally aired on First)

Area groups partner in water protection

April 9, 2018, Daily Local News

Help Clean Up the Brandywine on April 21

April 9, 2018, Pennsylvania Land Trust Association (PALTA)

Bi-State Solution To Protecting Clean Water In The Brandywine-Christina Watershed May 3 In Chester County

April 9, 2018, PA Environment Digest Blog

Environmental groups receive funding to restore Northern Delaware water quality

April 4, 2018, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

DRWI Receives $40 Million in New Funding

April 4, 2018, Pennsylvania Land Trust Association (PALTA)

Delaware River Watershed Initiative: Brandywine-Christina Watershed Partners Build On Conservation Success

April 4, 2018, PA Environment Digest Blog

William Penn Foundation gives $42M to protect Delaware River, bringing total to $100M

April 4, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer /

The History Behind the Delaware Valley’s Steeplechase Races

April 2018, Main Line Today Magazine

2018 Steeplechase Race Calendar, Beneficiaries and Sponsors

April 2018, Main Line Today Magazine

Brandywine Lecture Will Highlight Amphibians and Reptiles

March 27, 2018, Pennsylvania Land Trust Association (PALTA)

Tickets now on sale for 88th annual Radnor Hunt

March 19, 2018, Daily Local News

'Frolic' Weymouth, the man who branded the Brandywine, gets an art show of his own

March 15, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer /

“The Way Back: the Paintings of George A. Weymouth” At the Brandywine River Museum of Art

February 26, 2018, Fig West Chester

Do Not Miss These Classic Museums When in Philadelphia 

February 23, 2018,

Brandywine Conservancy completes land acquisitions at Brandywine Battlefield sites

February 21, 2018, Delaware Business Now

Purchase of Key Tract of Land in Heart of Brandywine Battlefield Meets Approval

February 18, 2018, VISTA.Today

Key piece of land at Battle of Brandywine approved for purchase

February 17, 2018, Daily Local News

The Best Cultural Experiences Near Philadelphia

February 16, 2018, Thrillist

Frolic examined

February 6, 2018, Broad Street Review

Frolic Weymouth as artist: Brandywine River Museum honors founder

February 1, 2018, The News Journal /

George "Frolic" Weymouth: Brandywine River Valley Artist

February 2018, Fine Arts Connoisseur magazine

BRMA frolicking in Weymouth art

January 31, 2018, Chadds Ford Live

ART: Brandywine River Museum’s founder subject of new exhibition

January 30, 2018, Daily Local News

Looking back at Weymouth's love of the Brandywine region

January 29, 2018, Chester County Press

Brandywine River Museum of Art hosts 'The Way Back: The Paintings of George A. Weymouth'

January 24, 2018, LPN /

Honoring the man who helped save the Brandywine Valley

January 14, 2018, The News Journal /

25 Must-See Exhibitions in Philadelphia for Winter 2018

January 11, 2018, VisitPhiladelphia

2018 Main Line Social Datebook: Your guide to this year’s must-attend local events.

January 4, 2018, Main Line Today Magazine


Weymouth: Master of many mediums

December 26, 2017, Chadds Ford Live

“The Way Back” Explores the Paintings of George A. Weymouth

Winter 2017, The Hunt Magazine

Looking ahead to a year of art at the Brandywine

December 22, 2017, Chester County Press

55 Best Lesser Known Art Museums, Artist Studios, and Art Centers in Northeast USA

December 19, 2017, Huffington Post

Brandywine River: Frolic's focus on conservation

December 17, 2017, The News Journal /

Thanks to du Ponts, we have marvelous Christmas displays, attractions

December 17, 2017, The News Journal /

Meet Two Train Fanatics Behind the Brandywine Museum's Christmas Railroad Display

December 2017, Delaware Today Magazine

Conservancy, Greenway partner to install new creek access improvements at Kerr Park

December 4, 2017, Daily Local News

Kick Your Friday Night Dinner Plans Up a Notch

December 2, 2017, (Dining Insider)

Painting in a Winter Wonderland at the Brandywine River Museum of Art

Holiday 2017, Urban Agenda Magazine

Critter Time at Brandywine River Museum of Art

December 1, 2017, Chadds Ford Live

Creating a Walkable Chadds Ford

December 2017, Main Line Today Magazine

Winter Break: End cabin fever with 10 winter trips for the whole family

December 2017, Baltimore Magazine

28 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Philadelphia (And Nearby)

November 28, 2017,

Yoga in the middle of the Brandywine? Yes. Sort of.

November 28, 2017, The News Journal /

River rat with martini, painter, cyclist among new 'critters' at Brandywine ornament sale

November 20, 2017, The News Journal /

The traditions of 'A Brandywine Christmas'

November 20, 2017, Chester County Press

Scenes of Brandywine River evoke quiet contemplation in soul-stirring exhibit at Brandywine River Museum of Art

November 12, 2017, LancasterOnline

Arts Playlist: Dylan Gauthier's highwatermarks opens at Brandywine River Museum of Art

October 20, 2017, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

Bicoastal exhibition 'Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect' celebrates the artist's centennial

October 20, 2017, The Epoch Times

Volunteers planted 1,000 trees in honor of 2 organizations celebrating its 50th anniversary

October 14, 2017, Daily Local News

Philadelphia artist showing month long pop-up exhibition at Brandywine River Museum of Art (VIDEO)

October 12, 2017, The News Journal /

Brandywine River Museum of Art's first artist-in-residence premieres video installation (VIDEO)

October 12, 2017, The News Journal /

Brandywine River Museum of Art acquires 3 Wyeth family paintings (VIDEO)

October 12, 2017, The News Journal /

A video installation in the land of Andrew Wyeth

October 12, 2017, WHYY

The Brandywine River Museum of Art transports guests through the stars and back with two new exhibitions (VIDEO) 

October 11, 2017, WDEL News

Two new exhibitions explore the Brandywine and cosmic distances

October 11, 2017, Chester County Press

High marks for ‘highwatermarks’ at Brandywine River Museum of Art

October 11, 2017, Chadds Ford Live

Alumna addresses climate change through maps

October 10, 2017, The Temple News

Fall's 13 must-see art exhibits - both indoors and outside

September 10, 2017, Philadelphia Inquirer /

A Retrospective of Andrew Wyeth, a Painter Both Loved and Loathed

September 5, 2017, Hyperallergic

Brandywine Conservancy receives resolution recognizing 50th anniversary

September 2, 2017, Daily Local News

Antique Cars, a Quiz, Teamwork and Chester County. Road Rallies and a Grand Prix Race.

August 31, 2017, County Lines Magazine

Hundreds of riders to Bike the Brandywine 

August 22, 2017, Chester County Press

Brandywine Conservancy Launches Greenway App

August 16, 2017, Pennsylvania Land Trust Association (PALTA)

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Andrew Wyeth's birth (VIDEO)

August 15, 2017, WHYY / (as seen on 'First')

The 25 Most Popular Attractions in Philadelphia

August 14, 2017, Visit Philadelphia

Five amazing places to check out in the Brandywine Valley

August 5, 2017, FYI Philly - 6ABC Action News

The Brandywine Conservancy's new app puts more than 100 parks right at your fingertips (VIDEO)

July 25, 2017, WDEL News

New Brandywine Creek Greenway app connects users to over 100 parks in Chester County

July 18, 2017, Daily Local News

Meet Archie Warhol, the Art World’s Second-Most-Famous Dachshund

July 17, 2017, New York Times

At 100, Andrew Wyeth Still Brushes People the Right (and Wrong) Way

July 17, 2017, Smithsonian Magazine

‘Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect’ Review: Reassessing a Mythic Painter

July 15, 2017, The Wall Street Journal

A day to celebrate Andrew Wyeth

July 13, 2017, Chester County Press

Stamps commemorate the centennial of artist Andrew Wyeth

July 13, 2017, The News Journal

Andrew Wyeth Forever Stamps the day

July 13, 2017, Chadds Ford Live

A Journey in Pictures for Andrew Wyeth on His Centennial Birthday

July 12, 2017, The New Yorker

Emphasis on the Magic: A Wyeth Retropective

July 11, 2017, Art in America

Posing for Andrew Wyeth: Area models remember the master

July 7, 2017, The News Journal

Museums get social with beer gardens, music and games

July 6, 2017, The News Journal

This Family Is American Art Royalty

July 1, 2017, American Way Magazine

Andrew Wyeth's world: Brandywine River Museum opens 'once in a lifetime' exhibit

June 30, 2017, The Morning Call

Blockbuster Andrew Wyeth show at Brandywine River Museum of Art

June 29, 2017, Lancaster online

‘Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect’ on view at Brandywine River Museum of Art

June 27, 2017, Main Line Median News

Andrew Wyeth’s Paintings Featured on New USPS Stamps

June 27, 2017, Hyperallergic

Celebrating Chadds Ford Painter Andrew Wyeth's 100th Birthday

June 27, 2017, Main Line Today

U.S. Postal Service honors Andrew Wyeth with commemorative stamps

June 26, 2017, Philadelphia Inquirer

Exhibit marks centennial of iconic artist’s birth

June 25, 2017, Chadds Ford Live

Brandywine River Museum celebrates the centennial of Andrew Wyeth

June 23, 2017, Philly Voice

Andrew Wyeth retrospective in Chadds Ford brings famous, rarely-seen paintings together

June 23, 2017, The News Journal

Surveying the scope of Andrew Wyeth's career

June 23, 2017, Chester County Press

Big show at Brandywine goes way beyond 'Christina' into Andrew Wyeth's lonely world

June 22, 2017, Philadelphia Inquirer

Andrew Wyeth retrospective offers hidden gems

June 21, 2017, Delaware Public Media / WDDE

Unclothed in Andrew Wyeth’s Art

June 16, 2017, New York Times

Museum looks at regional war correspondent artists in WWI

June 16, 2017, Delaware Public Media, WDDE

Summer Art Preview: 19 Travel-Worthy Museum Exhibitions to See Around the Globe This Season

May 31, 2017, Artnet News

3 environmental groups come together to save the historic Beaver Valley property

May 3, 2017, WDEL News

Gala caps 50th anniversary celebration weekend

May 1, 2017, Chadds Ford Live

Brandywine Museum celebrates 50 years with new hiking trails

May 1, 2017, Delaware Public Media

Beaver Valley land deal finalized

May 1, 2017, The News Journal

Long road leads to trail opening

April 30, 2017, Chadds Ford Live

New walking trails open in Chadds Ford, tracing the Wyeth family's footsteps

April 24, 2017, Chester County Press

Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect Opens June 24 at Brandywine River Museum of Art

March 3, 2017, ArtFix Daily