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Letters to Aunt Hattie

Letters to Aunt Hattie

Beacon Theatre Productions
Photo: Beacon Theatre Productions

Learn about the life of African American abolitionist and suffragist Harriet Forten Purvis during this play written and performed by Gigi McGraw. A talkback discussion will follow the play.

Harriet Forten Purvis was an abolitionist and suffragist following the Civil War, as well as an operator of an Underground Railroad station at her home at 9th and Lombard Street in Philadelphia. Forten Purvis formed the first biracial women's abolitionist group with her mother and sisters called the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society and, also founded the Gilbert Lyceum with her husband Robert Purvis. Forten Purvis was a member of the National Woman Suffrage Association and she and her sister Margaretta were vital organizers of the Fifth National Women's Rights Convention in Philadelphia in 1854.

This performance is part of Art of the Vote presented by PNC Arts Alive.