N. C. Wyeth: A Personal Perspective

May 25, 2019 - September 08, 2019
magazine cover

McClure’s Magazine, November 1906, with cover illustration by N. C. Wyeth. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allen


Independence Day, from a painting by N. C. Wyeth. Bank holiday poster issued by Charles Daniel Frey Company, New York and Chicago, 1921. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allen

puzzle box

Alaska Mail, Jigsaw puzzle with image by N. C. Wyeth. Perfect Picture Puzzle, manufactured by the Consolidated Paper Company, Somerville, Mass., early 1930s. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allen


Photographer unknown, N. C. Wyeth dressed as Little John (for Howard Pyle student costume party), 1904. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allen

Moose Pond by Douglas Allen

Douglas Allen, Moose Pond, 2018, Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allen

Artist, collector, author—Douglas Allen’s principal interests are profoundly influenced by the art of N. C. Wyeth. As a young boy, Allen began collecting books, posters, magazines, and other ephemera related to Wyeth. His passion continues even today as he refines an incomparable collection that documents the printed history of Wyeth’s career. This focused exhibition, drawn from Allen’s holdings, includes rare examples of Wyeth-related archives and ephemera.

The depth of Allen’s collection became apparent in 1972, when he co-authored with his father N. C. Wyeth, The Collected Paintings, Illustrations and Murals. This book was the first to survey Wyeth’s career, and it contained an invaluable bibliography of publication citations for the artist’s illustrations. The Allens’ research has been an indispensable reference for Wyeth scholars, collectors, and fans for decades; it was also an important resource for the catalogue raisonné of N. C. Wyeth’s work published in 2008 by the Brandywine River Museum of Art.

Inspired in part by N. C. Wyeth’s art, Douglas Allen has developed his own artistic talents and has forged a successful career as a painter and sculptor. With Wyeth’s art as a constant inspiration, Allen specializes in landscape and wildlife subjects, particularly the big game animals of North America and Africa. Like N. C. Wyeth, Allen has had many of his paintings and drawings illustrated in books and magazines. This exhibition includes a sampling of Allen’s own paintings and drawings which demonstrates a fascinating dialogue between artists of different generations.

Support has been provided by donors to the Brandywine River Museum of Art Exhibition Fund including Linda L. Bean, the Davenport Family Foundation, William C. and Laura Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Duprey/Hamilton Family Charitable Trust, Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Matz, Dr. and Mrs. John Fawcett, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Buccini, and Mr. Alan P. Slack.