In memoriam: Betsy James Wyeth (1921-2020)

In memoriam: Betsy James Wyeth (1921-2020)


Photo © Victoria Browning Wyeth

Betsy James Wyeth
September 26, 1921 – April 21, 2020

It is with great sadness that the trustees of the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art announce the death of Betsy James Wyeth on April 21, 2020. Betsy was a catalyst in the creation and opening of the Brandywine River Museum of Art and was a visionary in the worlds of art and architecture. She was also a published author, art collector and a driving force in the career of her husband, artist Andrew Wyeth—serving as his muse, business manager and chief archivist of his work. Together with Andrew, she was a major benefactor in the fields of art and education.

As soon as it re-opens to the public, the Brandywine River Museum of Art is planning to honor the life of Betsy Wyeth with a memorial tribute display of 20 Andrew Wyeth works, depicting his wife and muse, created over the decades.

Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009), MAGA’S DAUGHTER, 1966, tempera on panel. Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection. © Andrew Wyeth/ARS, NY.
Andrew Wyeth (1917 - 2009), Maga's Daughter, 1966, tempera on panel. Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection.

Born in East Aurora, New York, on September 26, 1921, Betsy Merle James was the daughter of the late Merle James and Elizabeth Browning James. The youngest of three daughters, Betsy was a graduate of East Aurora High School in New York and briefly attended Colby Junior College in New London, New Hampshire. Her family vacationed in, and ultimately moved to, Cushing, Maine, where at age 17 she met Andrew Wyeth on July 12, 1939—his twenty-second birthday. The couple was married the following year on May 15, 1940, and moved to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Their marriage spanned nearly seven decades before Andrew’s death in 2009.

Early on in their marriage, Betsy took up the role as Andrew’s business manager. She made a significant contribution to the study of American art. Guided by Josephine Hopper—wife of American realist painter Edward Hopper—she began keeping extensive records that would become the basis for the artist’s forthcoming catalogue raisonné. After the death of her father-in-law, N. C. Wyeth, she compiled and was editor of The Wyeths: The Letters of N. C. Wyeth, 1901-1945, a book that spurred a reassessment of his career. In 1976 she published the first book on her husband’s work, Wyeth at Kuerners, followed by Christina’s World in 1982. She also worked with a young group of filmmakers to produce the award-winning documentary, Andrew Wyeth Self Portrait: Snow Hill, in 1995.

Betsy and Andrew Wyeth founded the Wyeth Endowment for American Art, the precursor to the Wyeth Foundation for American Art, in 1968. It is now the third largest funder of exhibitions, publications and fellowships devoted to the study of American Art. Through its generosity were made possible major projects such as the research for, and publication of N. C. Wyeth: Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings.

  • Andrew Wyeth, French Twist, 1967 drybrush on paper. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection
    Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009), French Twist, 1967, drybrush on paper. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection
  • Andrew Wyeth, Untitled, 1954 pencil on paper. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection
    Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009), Untitled, 1954, pencil on paper. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection
  • Andrew Wyeth, Corner of the Woods Study, 1954 pencil on paper. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection
    Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009), Corner of the Woods Study, 1954, pencil on paper. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection
  • Andrew Wyeth, 747 Study, 1980 watercolor on paper. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection
    Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009), 747 Study, 1980, watercolor on paper. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection

In the late 1960s, Betsy was a powerful force behind the creation of the Brandywine River Museum of Art in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. She encouraged George A. “Frolic” Weymouth, one of the founders of the Brandywine Conservancy in 1969, to purchase, renovate and transform a 19th-century gristmill along the Brandywine River into an art museum, and promised to lend works by all three generations of Wyeth artists—N. C., Andrew and Jamie, and other family artists such as Carolyn and Henriette Wyeth, Peter Hurd and John McCoy. The Museum opened to much success in 1971 and has since become internationally recognized for its collection of American art, most notably by the Wyeth family. Over the years, Andrew and Betsy Wyeth would donate many important paintings both to the Brandywine and the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine. Following Andrew Wyeth’s death in 2009, Betsy generously gifted her husband’s studio to the Brandywine River Museum of Art. Now a National Historic Landmark, the Andrew Wyeth Studio is open to the public seasonally for tours.

In addition to managing the business side of Andrew Wyeth’s career, Betsy had a passion for historic houses and architecture. With her keen eye and talent for design, Betsy exceled at restoring old buildings, including an old mill complex on the Brandywine River that she converted into the couple’s Pennsylvania home and studio. She was continually drawn to the Maine coast, where she and Andrew had spent much of their childhoods, and over decades they bought three islands—Southern, Allen and Benner. To Betsy, these islands served as a blank canvas where she could realize her creative potential and her dedication to preserving historic New England architecture. Her carefully curated interiors and groupings of buildings are depicted in many of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings and watercolors and were featured in magazines such as Architectural Digest.  

A muse for her husband, Betsy is represented in several works by Andrew Wyeth, sometimes embodied only by a highly personal object or setting that reminded her husband of her presence. A candid and astute partner, Betsy played an important role in his career. As Andrew Wyeth commented in 1966 to his biographer, Richard Meryman, “Betsy galvanized me at the time I needed it,” adding "She’s made me into a painter that I would not have been otherwise. . . . she made me see more clearly what I wanted." 

Along with her interests in architecture and design, Betsy was an avid collector of art, especially of folk art, and she was highly knowledgeable on Pennsylvania antiques. She was also heavily involved in the two communities in which she lived. Betsy was a founding member of the Chadds Ford Historical Society, inspired the creation of the Island Institute in Maine, and financed the launch of its Island Journal publication. In 1987 Betsy Wyeth founded Up East Incorporated, which supports environmental and ecological research, preservation and education in mid-coast Maine. Through her work with Up East Inc., Allen Island has transformed into a living learning laboratory and working waterfront. In partnership with Colby College, students and researchers now study ecology, chemistry, and cultural geography on the island. 

Betsy James Wyeth is survived by her sons, Nicholas Wyeth and his wife, Lee, of Elkton, MD and Cushing, ME, and James “Jamie” Browning Wyeth, of Wilmington, DE and Tenants Harbor, ME; her granddaughter, Victoria Browning Wyeth, of Philadelphia, PA; as well as several nieces and nephews including Amy Cook Morey of the Wyeth Study Center in Rockland, ME. 

Tribute Messages

What a wonderful tribute, your Grandmother and Grandfather would be so proud of you. Gigi Richardson
Growing up in Maine and in what we will someday call the Wyeth Era, I feel with the loss of Betsy Wyeth, we have all lost a connection to an Old Maine we will never know again. Martha Frink
Thank you for sharing this beautiful person. My condolences to the family! Hildegard Lanese
I loved Andrew Wyeth's art work. I started following him since high school. I am now 71 years old. I noticed he painted Besty in many of his painting. It was clear to me he really loved her. They say behind every great man there is a great woman. The world is a better place because of Besty, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth. Bobby Walls
Our Beach Family extends our deepest sympathies to all those in the Wyeth Family for your loss, especially during such a challenging chapter. Our family matriarch (Joan) and patriarch (Thomas) so loved and appreciated Mrs. Wyeth's inspirational ways. Joan still fondly recalls packing the four Beach kids into the station wagon at home in Ohio, and driving the 1,000 miles north to Cushing, Maine, looking for the Wyeths and Christina's World. The Wyeth Family opened our Beach eyes on so many levels. From Cushing to Brandywine and even more recently to Allen Island, where we could see first hand inspirational landscape Betty curated. A remarkable and inspirational woman whom we will miss dearly. We will keep your family in our prayers. Carol Anne and Joan Beach
wow. what a beautiful tribute. it is very touching and I learned alot that I did not know about her and their life. I adore Wyeth art, all three generations. This was so beautiful and I now have put on my bucket list a visit to the Brandywine Museum. Thank you. I've shared it with a friend as well who I know will love it. What a great woman, it is so inspirational and moving. Thank you again.  Christine Ferraro
From my days at Westtown School, where I learned to love “The Giant” by NC Wyeth. Throughout my life I have come to know and love all the Wyeth’s and the art they created. I enjoy going to see the Farnsworth Museum, I love that area of Maine, as I too grew up along the coast Of Maine. It is with great sadness to hear of Betsy’s death. Another sign of my own mortality. I look forward to returning to Both Chads Ford Nd Farnsworth museums in the years ahead and view more of the art that I have come to love. Alan Flash
As I've aged to 59 now the works and exhibits of Andrew and Betsy have become an important part of who i am as an American ..that feeling of being grounded and as one with my neighbors and family have meant the world to me. I've tried to instill in my own children the importance of the past and the future. Thank you so dearly for making that a reality by your works .. forever gratefull Thomas Stevenson
Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. Diane Wattson
 An incredible offering. Well done. It is humbling to think about the wonderful relationship that they enjoyed and the many contributions that they made. BRAVO! James Newman
My sincere condolences to the Wyeth family. What a wonderful legacy that Betsy Wyeth contributed to the American art field. We were honored to have Andrew Wyeth serve on the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Board of Commissioners from 1951-1968. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Stephanie Stebich
Incredible gift to the world, she was -- many thanks for all the Wyeth gifts we see and hear. Bruce Reeves
An amazing presence in his life, and very much deserving of praise for her focused commitment to him and her family, and art as a living energy. Love his portraits of her. I look forward to the reopening of the museum and galleries in Chadds Ford and a chance to see such wonderful work once again. Campbell Baird
A beautiful tribute and legacy. Their creative, expressive works live on. What visionaries. Their dedication and multi creative endeavours are continued sources of inspiration. Sorry for your loss, thinking of you at this time. Catherine Fraser
Such a beautiful tribute. We were able to visit the Olson home a few years back. We visited the cemetery as well. Beautiful location for a final resting place. We felt the magic there. Our condolences. Judy Coleman
Thank you for the lovely video remembrance. Although I live in Florida now, when I lived in Chester County, I had several memorable encounters with your grandfather. I drove down Rt. 100 every morning to work in Delaware and AW would frequently pull out onto the road just before I reached the farm. He seemed not to notice the other cars and sometimes I worried for him. The most memorable encounter was at a Delaware Art Museum exhibition of his work. I went early in the evening and was alone in the galleries with your grandparents and Joyce Hill Stoner. Joyce had reproduced a Morris chair and AW was lavishing praise on her, saying how clever she was. I remember how cheerful and high-spirited he was. He wore pants that gathered at the ankles so he reminded me of a pixie. Betsy followed quietly, smiling, and wore a sweater with panels under the arms which made her seem like a bird. AW was telling Joyce the stories behind the paintings and I tried to be inconspicuous but listened intently. The last time I encountered AW was once again on my way to work. I noticed a pickup truck stuck in the ditch on the side of the road. When I stopped to see if I could assist, AW came from around the front of the truck. He asked me to stop at Hill Girt Farm to ask them to come and help. As I got back in my car, I smiled as he shouted after me, "tell them it's Andrew Wyeth." I was lucky enough to take one of your tours at BRM and I hope you will keep sharing the stories of your family. Shari Rathet
My deepest condolences to the Wyeth family and friends. Betsy Wyeth was, no doubt, a most accomplished woman as well as a force of nature. She kept her own council. The tribute was wonderful and because if it, I will never think of one without thinking of the other. May the wonderful memories of her bring you comfort during this very sad time. Mary Lee Eno
First, my sincere condolences to the Wyeth family. I was born in 1945, and was raised in poverty in Wilmington, DE. As a child, I read "Treasure Island", where I escaped with N.C. Wyeth. As I grew, Andrew became my favorite artist, and remains today. I relocated to CA after college, where, in 1989, I purchased two large lithographs, "Evening at Kuerners" and "The Writing Chair." In the 1990's, while living in OR, I was fortunate to visit the Brandywine Museum. I purchased four smaller pieces, as a gift for my husband. A few years later, together, we toured the museum, home and studio, deepening my love for Andrew's work, and providing for my husband, a deeper sense of who I am. Through his art, our love for each other has grown. Today, all six art pieces hang in our Seaside OR home. Thanks to the Wyeth's, I am reminded daily of my DE/PA roots. Joie Stover
Wowza thank you for this.. such a beautiful story.. Heidi Hines
Our world is made richer because of the energy, imagination, and dedication of Betsy Wyeth. I thanked her for this many months ago in a letter and I now send quiet thoughts out to her spirit to thank her again.  Judy Lipsky
My mother and father were Warden Allan Robbins and Dr. Verla Worthing (Robbins) of Thomaston, Maine. The Thomaston 4th of July Parades during the 60's were quite a local tradition and our family regularly participated in some fashion or another. One particular year, my mother and Andy were two of the Parade's Judges ready at the Judging Stand for the parade to begin. The local paper's reporter was dutifully recording the names of the Officials but when he came to Andy, he stopped and asked a bystander, "Who's that standing by Dr. Worthing?". My parents got quite a chuckle out of the situation as my mother was nearly as humble and unassuming as was Andy.
My family has been honored by the affiliation and friendship with the Wyeth family and is deeply saddened by the loss of this fine woman.
Joshua Robbins
Wonderful love story and beautiful paintings. Joyce Butterfield
I met Betsy in 1979 when Frank, a friend of James', took me to the farm in Chadd's Ford so she could autograph my copy of "The Stray" which she had written about Chadd's Ford using Jamie, Frank and Jimmy Lynch as the main characters and which he had given me. She was gracious and interested and I was enthralled. I had been collecting Wyeth prints for 15 years at that point and she left me alone in the silo so I could peruse his works at my leisure. It was memorable. Lora Cobden
Visited and toured Brandywine museum and Chadds Ford home as well as the studio. Now you have put the human side of these places to complete the memory of their life together. Thank you for sharing. Sandra Kadlick
Victoria, Thank you for YOUR “painting” of your grandmother....all of the stories! I’m only sad for you and your family that they must be a part of the passing of a remarkable woman. Bette McConnell
Heartfelt condolences and prayers for the Wyeth family. Betsy Wyeth was one of the great American artists in her own right. Her recreation and placement of the Sail Loft on Allen Island is truly remarkable; a sacred space with a very special aura. I will never forget meeting Betsy Wyeth for the first time in 2013 on Benner Island, while we were working on Jamie's retrospective for the MFA, Boston. She reviewed the gallery plans thoroughly, with insightful comments about her appreciation of her son's best works and generously sharing the collection of Wyeth paintings in her home, urging me to take a look at them. When I mentioned that we were extremely fortunate at the MFA, Boston to have two portraits that she posed for, Sandspit, picturing her in Maine, and Corner of the Woods in the Brandywine, she mugged by crossing her eyes and making an amusing face. Her sense of timing and humor was unforgettable, as well as her sense of putting one at ease. As a mother of two sons, I was always extremely impressed that she saved and annotated so many of Jamie's childhood drawings; a remarkable cache that is rare among artists. Historians of American art are only just beginning to understand the breadth and depth of her creative partnership with her husband and family. The Brandywine River Museum is a jewel. Thank you for your many gifts to all of us and for the beauty you have brought to the world. Elliot Bostwick Davis
I offer my condolences to you Nicholas and to your family at this time of loss. Heather Gilpin
My sincere condolences to the Wyeth family for the loss of a very special lady. Her life was a life well-lived. She will be missed. The Maga's Daughter is a favorite of mine. Danielle Werner
Your memories and loving tribute gave me a much greater depth of understanding of your Grandfather's work, which I've admired over many years. Thank you for sharing Catherine Johnson 
That is a beautiful video tribute. W R
I never thought of Andrew Wyeth without thinking of Betsy Wyeth also. Her contributions to his life makes her an everlasting presence in every one of his paintings. She was a true artist of life.  Molly Overstreet
My sincere condolences to the Wyeth family. I will be forever inspired and eternally grateful to Betsy and the Wyeth family for what they have done for the art world!  Lenny Foster 
Thank you so much for this lovely tribute. I have always loved your grandfather's work. Linda Connolly
I, too, am saddened by the passing of this amazing woman. Having been blessed with two women who have been my sources of inspiration, my wife and my mother, I can truly appreciate the impact that Betsy had on her husband. But her blessing didn't stop there nor was it limited to supporting Andrew. She was a force of nature in her own right. But, I am very grateful for how she influenced Andrew. Throughout my life the Art of Andrew Wyeth has been a part of my life wherever I have lived. Having grown up in West Chester, Pennsylvania and having a mother who is an artist, the realism of his work has formed my view of the world around me. When I first returned to West Chester last year from forty years of travel, one of the first things I did was to reestablish my relationship with the Brandywine River Conservancy by becoming a member. I am looking forward to being able to return to the Conservancy on the other side of the pandemic and celebrate Betsy's life at the Memorial. Thank you to the Conservancy for carrying on the legacy which wouldn't have been possible without her.  Maurice Friedman
Betsy Wyeth was an American icon and I am grateful for all her contributions to American Art history and being a force behind the creation of the Brandywine River Museum. I grew up within walking distance of the BRM and enjoyed watching it being built. Even though I have moved away, I always visit the museum when I return. Maga's Daughter is one of my favorite Wyeth paintings. Betsy left a beautiful legacy behind for all of us art lovers to cherish.  Cynthia Kipp
What a powerful being Betsy was, in her own right. I am so pleased that you will mount an exhibition honoring her, as soon as you can, post-Corona. Please include the jewelry, mostly gold as I recall, which you showed - made at Andrew's request from themes of his work for his wife, his Muse, his true partner. Thank you for showing my favorite of all his portraits of Betsy - that study in brown, -- such strength, such beauty.  Carolyn Foote Edelmann
My condolences to the family of this amazing lady. The Wyeth family name is synonymous with the treasures that are Chadds Ford and the whole Brandywine Valley. I’m grateful for the work Betsy Wyeth did to preserve the quiet beauty of a place I have called home all my life. The Brandywine River Museum is one of my most favorite places to spend hours & hours & hours. It never gets old. God bless all. Martha Stiber
It is with sadness that the Scott Griswold families mark this great woman’s passing. My father, a painter himself, raised my sister and me on the works of the 3 generations of Wyeth artwork. Reading the 2 biographies of NC AND ANDREW provided a glimpse of Betsy Wyeth powerful role in her husband’s personal and professional walk through this life.
I look forward to attending the exhibition you are planning for Mrs. Wyeth.
Scott Griswold,Jr.
this was beautiful. I love your grandfather's style of painting and enjoy reading about them.thank you  Linda Wurmlinger
Such a lovely story. Your grandparents would be so proud of you. The Wyeth family has given us all so much that will be appreciated forever! Such a wonderful film clip, thank you. Philip Scholl
So very sorry for the Wyeth Family’s loss. Andrew is my favorite artist. Sue Bowman 
I feel blessed to have found this stunning video so lovingly presented by Andrew and Betsy’s granddaughter. Sorry she had to leave us but am sure she’s wearing that beautiful smile having been reunited with her beloved husband. Godspeed Betsy Wyeth  Betsy Ryan
Nicholas, my sincere condolences to you and yours Homer Pinkley
My sincere condolences to Nicholas Wyeth and Wyeth family for the passing of Betsy Wyeth. In the 1970s I brought my art students to the Brandywine Museum where we saw Jamie Wyeths lifesized portrait of a pig. My Camden Mary Taylor art students loved the visit to the Farnsworth Art Museum in awe with Andrew Wyeth paintings. Betsy Wyeth graciously hosted a visit to Chadds Ford where I spoke of Kosti Ruohomaa Resulting in a grant for the research Kosti s photographs of Andrew in Life Deanna Bonner-Ganter
So loving and lovely.  Karen Cavin
This tribute is absolutely brilliant. We are fortunate to live in the John Andress House, a home painted by Andy many times, the barn by N.C. once or twice. I appreciate the family every day, this tribute reinforcing the gratitude. Geoff Snelling
She will be greatly missed. Carolyn Garratt-Reed/Martinsville 
A life well lived. Meg Bockius Devereuux
A beautiful testament of a life well lived! May God rest her soul! My sincere condolences to you all!  Dawn Boulden
Your tribute is beautiful! We always loved his work and now have a great appreciation for his lovely motivator! Both of them are inspirational in delightful ways - he of course for the awesome art work and demonstration of how details in our everyday lives are sometimes not appreciated! We were living in Maryland in the 1980's when we went with my parents up to see the Brandywine museum, and I know his work influenced my mother, who was also a watercolor artist, as well as many others, to be sure!!! In any case your Grandmother's dedication and integration into his life in every way is so inspiring, as she REALLY communicated with him, and your delightful tribute reflects how he valued her input in all dimensions of his life. Thank you!! Richard Holliday
Without the hard work and support from Betsy Wyeth there is no Brandywine River Museum period. It was her generosity and foresight that gave the BRM a strong grounding from the beginning. It was her gift of some of Andy, Jamie and NC Wyeth's most famous paintings that put the little Chadds Ford museum on the map. Betsy, we thank you for giving us, the people of the Brandywine Valley and America, something to be so very proud of yesterday, today and for eternity. May you rest in peace!
Victoria, thank you for continuing the passion of your beautiful grandmother and the Wyeth traditions.
S Hobbs
The Themals' brightest memories of the Wyeths are of our family visit many years ago with Andy and Betsy in their Cushing, Maine, home. We chatted near the window on whose sill sat the shells in Andy's "Her Room." Betsy took Harry and Betty Ann Themal, and their daughters Lisa and Terry, to pick blueberries from the field that led to the Olson home. This most gracious hostess was the perfect counterpart to her famous husband, and his success can be attributed not just to his skills, but to Betsy's nurturing. Our sympathies to the family, and to the millions who loved this wonderful couple. Harry Themal
With heartfelt sympathy and a great admiration for an outstanding lady. Mimi Abel Smith
Thank you for your memories and tribute. I know so well the places in Maine that you speak of. Frances Hynes
I took a boat ride a summer ago, to the island where Betsy was living. Her Maine home was beautifully simple and the thought that she might suddenly appear outside made the experience magical, I will never forget it. Maine will miss her presence. Martha Lary
Victoria, my deepest sympathies to you and your family. I have always felt a connection to the Wyeths and treasure my visits to Brandywine and Rockland
I will never forget your phone call to me after your last Greenville SC visit. I was not able to attend and my friend Fay gave you my contact number.
Hope your health is good and you will continue to be strong.
Sue Whitten
This is a wonderful tribute to the Wyeths....Thank you so very much for sharing the stories and pictures of your Grandparents...they were greatly admired and loved... Kathy Anderson
I never knew Betsy Wyeth, but have countless treasured memories that will continue to inspire. A major new biography of Andrew has long been overdue, and when it is written Betsy will occupy an integral part. Both, I should add, were fortunate in having a granddaughter such as Victoria, whose poignant conclusion in the narration of the memorial video will not be forgotten. My condolences to her and to all the Wyeth family. – Louis Torres, Co-Editor, Aristos (An Online Review of the Arts) Louis Torres

Have read and loved Andrew and his father. Betsy was a tribute and a great companion to Andrew. She will be remembered and loved by all fans.

Ruth E Stewart

Thank you Ms. Wyeth for your invaluable contribution to the Brandywine River and Chadds Ford area. Through the efforts of you and your family, we can all enjoy a local treasure of national significance. Rest in peace.

Steven Burtch

Beautiful strong woman. Being the wife of an artist is not easy. She put her life into her husband's career and probably gave up some of her own dreams to help him pursue his. I didn't know Betsy, but from what I do know she was a remarkable woman and I wish I could have met her. There's no doubt that Andrew's success should be attributed to his smart, talented, and faithful wife. Rest in Peace Betsy. You deserve it. You will be remembered. 

Kassie Applin

so nice to everone

dan norton

Victoria, that was a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. I have always enjoyed hearing stories attached to paintings and have visited the Brandywine Art Museum many times. I look forward to your grandmother's exhibit in her memory. I moved to this area of the country from N.Y. in 1977 and have visited the places your grandparents frequented in the area. May these lovely memories of your grandmother sustain you through your time of grief.

Jenny Mabrey

Beautiful tribute to honor Betsy Wyeth's life of wonders. So good to know from granddaughter Victoria that Betsy will be buried beside Andrew at Christina Olson's family cemetery. The paintings by Andrew of his wife Betsy are a collection to be celebrated.

Martha Barkley

We extend our condolences to the entire Wyeth family, so sorry. Victoria, you did a wonderful job on that memorial video, very touching. I understand your grandmother was a very good cook, much like my mom. I recall picking calamondin fruit in Florida many years ago. My mom made marmalade out of the fruit and sent a jar to Betsy. She loved it and asked for some calamondin fruit so she could make it herself. Betsy ended up making the marmalade and sent a jar to my mom. Betsy's version took the prize!

Susan Drumheller

Andrew Wyeth was my biggest inspiration to me as a painter. as I roam about my Ohio countryside, I am reminded of his art. I have just finished building a bookshelf which will proudly hold the many art books that were written and illustrated by Andrew and Betsy Wyeth.

brian mickey

I’m very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful love story you have shared. The love between your grandparents, the love you had for them and the love for his art so many of us share with you. Thank you for this wonderful tribute. 

Catherine Tucker

Sending love and light to you Victoria.

Rebecca Pedigo

Sorry for your losses. We all feel the same way about your family. Dearly missed yet daily celebrated. Thank you for the tribute video it was beautiful. I look forward to seeing the tribute to her.

Curt Hammell

In the early 1980's, I wrote to Andrew Wyeth to say what an inspiration he was to me not really expecting a reply, However, I did receive a handwritten letter from Betsy explaining how bust they were but sincerely thanking me for my interest. They were a great couple and a great family - her passing is a great loss.

Alan Senior

Thank you for creating the Brandywine Art Museum. It is my favorite art museum. It is the perfect setting to compliment all 3 generations of Wyeth art. I am glad that the museum will be there for the next generations to appreciate the beauty of the art and your contribution to making that available to everyone. 

Karen Harlin

Absolutely beautiful. thanks much.

Cynthia Vanaria

Beautiful tribute to your Grandmother. It was informative and moving. May she Rest In Peace. 

Susan Bingham

I became aware of Betsy Wyeth through her books about Andrew, nearly 50 years ago. They formed an eclectic, creative partnership that spread Mr. Wyeth's passion for painting to a worldwide audience. It was comforting to know they were just an hour's drive away, in Chadds Ford, working away. It would have been nice to meet them and simply say thanks to two American visionaries.

Robert LeMin

What a lovely tribute to Betsy Wyeth. I remember as a young girl in 1967 my family took a summer vacation to Tenants Harbor, ME. My Dad loved Andrew Wyeth's art. He took us to the Farnsworth Museum to introduce us to this world renowned painter's artwork.
It just so happened that Betsy Wyeth was there that day in a room that resembled a library with a very large table, reading a newspaper sprawled out on it. She had a big yellow floppy sun hat on. Dad was so excited thinking Andrew Wyeth might be with her that day. We never saw him, but I am sure if Dad saw him he would have gone up to speak with him.
I thank my Dad for that special outing, as I too would have to say Andrew Wyeth became my favorite artist later in life.
I have such a special place in my heart for Tenants Harbor, Port Clyde, and Monhegan Island, all places the Wyeth's loved.
Rest in peace, Betsy

Penny Walls

My deepest sympathies to the Wyeth family! As far back as the mid-1960's I have loved Andrew Wyeth's art. I went to an art exhibit of his work at the Grist Mill before becoming the beautiful Art Museum it is today. I only wish I had purchased one of his originals back then! Love to you all and be so happy you had Betsy in your family life as long as you did! Stay safe and healthy in this trying time of the Covid-19 virus.

Christine Detwiler

Thank you for all that you have contributed to making your communities better places. Thank you for the clever titles you came up with for many of Andrew's paintings. May you rest in peace with those you loved who went before. I think of Andrew's painting Pentecost. You understand it more deeply now. 

Susan Bianchi

I hope you make this into some sort of PBS special. It is just beautiful

Ruth Govatos

I am so sorry for your loss. The Wyeth family has always been important to us in my family. We took our young children to Brandywine often on weekends, always well behaved, they became besotted with N.C. 'S illustrations, Jamie's animals and gulls. My daughter, Christina, thought "Christina's World" was personal. I loved it all and yet knew very little about Betsy. To learn that she was such an important figure in Andrew's art makes me regret not reading further. She and Andrew are surely together again somewhere on a beach sketching the birds and driftwood. Again so sorry for the family's loss.

Sharon Weber

Blessing to all. Having worked for Jamie Wyeth I was able to spend time with the family. Victoria, thank you for the tribute.

David Bennett 

My husband and I met Betsy through her son Nicholas. Nick and my husband Joe flew and built model airplanes together. They had a great deal of fun together. Joe passed away Feb 7, 2018 after a very long illness. If would be very nice to see her son, Nicholas someday. Many years have passed. I had the pleasure of speaking to Betsy over the telephone. She was a kind and wonderful lady. We exchanged my homemade fudge for her homemade preserves. What I was impressed with the most was the humility of the entire family. They were very humble people. It was a pleasure meeting Andrew in his studio. His son, Nicholas, visited us often as well. I have fond memories of those years. What a lovely family. They cannot be replaced. Doris Spina
I am so very sorry for your loss, for the whole Brandywine community and, in particular, my best wishes go to Victoria who was very kind to me when I visited the Brandywine Museum in 2011. While I live in Australia, the Wyeth family in the Wyeth paintings has been an important part of my life for over 40 years after being introduced to Andrew Wyeth's work as a young art student through a catalogue brought back by my aunt. The humility, beauty and intimacy of the places and relationships that these paintings embody through the simple objects and the light-filled spaces express quietly and most powerfully the connections and love within the Wyeth family. Karen King
Thank you for being such a wonderful person and taking care of one of the most beloved artist's. Peg Gallagher
As a college student, I often waited on Mrs Wyeth and the family in the early 1970s at Radley Run Country Club. They were delightful and one of my fondest memories is of Andrew dancing with Betsy on the dining room floor. This was not encouraged by the staff but I thought it was so lovely. She was a role model for that young woman. I am 68 and still can see them dancing. Grace Dunning
Betsy has left an everlasting legacy by preserving the most beautiful places both in Maine and in Pennsylvania. Andrew’s art lives in our hearts and Betsy’s work Preserving Pennsylvania and Maine landscapes and islands, will live forever. Earth Day 2020. Susanne Hallstein
This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories. Leslie Parent
Was at Brandywine twice, will go back the gallery, the studio tour, the land, the family...what a great is so talented, and humble....amazing....have many prints hanging in my house.....sooooo northern country. Emily Chaveriat
I'm so sorry to hear about Betsy's passing. After reading Andrew Wyeth, A Secret Life, I realized what an important person she was in his career, the way she kept detailed records of all of his works. I have been to the Brandywine Museum many times and have a true appreciation for what she did to contribute to his success. May she rest in peace. Rob Wood
Beautiful and elegant tribute to a beautiful person who touched so many and left an incredible legacy for us all. Be with you Andrew in peace Laura Wetzel
Growing up in Thomaston, Maine in the 50’s and 60’s, the Wyeth family and their amazing art was part of the tapestry of that area and it breathed life into the artist within me. They were that soft quiet touch that was knit into the communities and became part of the fabric of each of us. It is with great sadness to learn of Betsy’s death this morning and a little piece of me felt as I had lost a best friend. To Nicky and Jaime, know that a soft glow of love and fondness will always remain in the hearts of everyone who knew, or knew of, your lovely mother and the legacy she laid down for the rest of us to see and breath in. I hope that you will be comforted by all of your rich memories and shared moments and that you can feel the love from around the world, but especially your home communities that are reaching out to hug you all just a bit closer. With much, love, Andy Melgard Weltman Andrea Weltman
 Victoria, your tribute is to your grandmother is beautiful. I purchased, Outpost, in the early 70’s at the Brandywine Museum. I enjoy this masterpiece every day. Marie D’Ambrosio, critter lady
It takes a very special person to be the life partner of an artist. Mrs. Wyeth embodied those qualities. Martha Welzant
I will forever treasure my print of "Distant Thunder" as well as book and catalog collection of Andrew and Betsy Wyeth's work. My individual study of the Wyeths, including the Farnsworth, Olsen's, and the Brandywine, has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I summered in Maine for 30 years and am transported there through the art. My gratitude for Betsy's roll that made it possible.  Marcia Bailey 
What a lovely tribute to a lovely woman. Maine will always claim her as one of our own. May your family know peace and strength while accepting this loss. Dawn Richards
What a great lady and wonderful mentor for us all. My condolences to the Wyeth Family. Pat Meitzler
My thoughts are with you all. I grew up in Tenants Harbor and admired all the great works of NC and Andy through the years.i remember an afternoon I was sitting on a stool in Mary's Lunch in Tenants Harbor and Andy came in and say down next to me vI was around 11 and speechless as my little budding artist heart was amazed. He consented to give me his autograph on the back of a waitress order slip. I have it still, 55 years later. Wish I could have known Betsy in person, but seeing her captured on canvas had been a treasure. Bless you all. Allia Ahmed formerly Aleda Herrick.  Allia Ahmed
Thank you so much for sharing your Grandmother with us! It is amazing the influence that Art can have on our lives and our spirit when we are your grandparents. They were willing to show the world...and let us in... to what they see.... the beauty of the everyday and the light and so much more. We are blessed they found each other! Our loss is great but the memories....and the paintings can help us to connect again and again Linda Miller
Sending love and healing to the Wyeth family and cherishing many fond memories of Mrs. Betsy a great leader and collector of American art from Alice and your Crystal Bridges family Alice Walton
Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute! A life well lived, thank you Betsy for all your inspiration, and lasting treasures you have gifted to the world, peace be with you! Maryann Rzepski
Thank you for sharing this, what a beautiful life! John DiCamillo
My deepest condolences. A life well lived. Rest now  Suzanne Huntley 
Thank you Victoria for this beautiful tribute to an amazing woman. The Brandywine Museum has always been one of my favorite museums & I have been visiting it for decades. I believe I was on one of your tours several years ago. I have very recently moved to Manhattan, right before the pandemic hit, & only got the Met art museum once before the entire city shut down. I have 2 of your grandfather’s paintings hanging in my bedroom!
I am looking forward to returning to Chadds Ford & getting back to see all my wonderful Wyeth art & hopefully the new memorial exhibit on Betsy. I’m praying that this will be possible for all of us very soon.
My prayers & condolences are also with you & the entire family during this time. 
Sharon Bolton 
Thank you, Victoria, for sharing the love that you and your grandfather felt for your grandmother.  Susan Creitz
What a glorious tribute. It truly expresses and confirms there is a great woman behind -or in front- of every great man. Linda Hammond
In the 80's I volunteered as a guide at the Brandywine River Museum. I remember meeting the Wyeth family for the first time, and specifically Betsy. She was gracious, vibrant and an interesting conversationalist. But what I remember most was the long skirt she wore, a quilted pattern, secured at the waist by a safety pin! I admired the fact that fame and money did not change who they truly were. Sharon Siedlecki
A lovely tribute! So often spouses of the well known live in the shadows. It is wonderful to see her many talents and accomplishments acknowledged. Carol Kelley
Jamie, Nicki and Victoria, my deepest and sincere condolences to you. You are in my prayers. My mom, Clara Church Lane, worked for Betsy and Andy for over 20 years. I (Tina) worked for the Wyeth family for 7 or so years, after my mom. During that time Betsy and Andy taught me so much, from understanding why Andy used egg shells to cataloging his works with Peter Ralston. I have many wonderful memories of Cushing and Chaddsford. I especially enjoyed driving the Stutz to run errands for Betsy, it was awesome.
In the spring I would take a bus to Chaddsford, spend the night, then drive the jeep with Nome and Nell to Cushing. In the fall I would drive down and take the bus back. Boat trips to Southern Island, which was my favorite, to Allen's and Benner islands. So I say thank you for the opportunity to share wonderful memories with you. I remember the ship in the front room and gently dusting it, lol. Betsy gave me the Stray, which was written by Betsy and illustrated by Jamie, as well as Christina's World from Andy and Betsy. I cherish both. Andy and Betsy you are greatly missed. Rest in Peace my friends.
Christine Bain
What a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary woman by her loving granddaughter. This, too, adds to the special Wyeth legacy we all, as outsiders, hold dear. Sandy Bigatel
As a newly married mother living on Rocky Hill Road, I was introduced to Betsy and Andy at their Chadds Ford Home by my dear neighbor and friend Genevra Rumford. She wanted me to meet “the neighbors.” What an honor. They and Frolic were a part of our lives during those years of ‘60’s, when the museum came into existence and the world was small! What a woman she was! I was honored that she has been in my life.
Peggotty Gilson
With deepest sympathies to the Wyeth Family. Peace jude squire
I enjoyed this video immensely. I have always been a fan Andrew. Over the years, I have hung “copies” of his various works on my walls. To be able to have that glimpse of him and his wife was touching and appreciated. To understand the important part Betsy was in his life made it all more magical. Thank you. Kate Peck
Since I was a young woman I used ideas I gleaned from Andrew Wyeth’s art to use in creating my own ideas for decorating my home. Little did I know that it was really Betsy behind the simple beauty.  Jean Rast 
Thank you for this wonderful tribute to both. My family lived on a farm along the Brandywine at Lenape in the 1940s. Though I never met them, they made the area magical by their presence, his art and their influence culturally and environmentally. Though I’ve lived in 8 states since the ‘40’s, I still consider that area of Chester County home and the museum a must visit each trip. Thelma L. Temple 
Beautiful. I am also of the same James family. My grandmother Myrtle Mae James was first cousin of Merle D. James, Betsy's father who was also an artist with the Roycrofters in East Aurora NY. Barbara Henry
This was so beautifully done and should be seen by all. Thinking of Vic and the family. Lots of memories from everyone surfacing today and it’s so great to remember with them all, my life, our lives and childhood together with them on the farm and islands. Like Meredith Hunter Ralston Said, “people come into our lives , or perhaps such in our case we were born into theirs without knowing the ripple effect they would have on our path”. It couldn’t be a truer statement. We really did have the greatest childhood imaginable, Because we were lucky enough to live in there world. And I am forever grateful for it. Summer Stuart Ward
So sorry to hear that Betsy has passed away. My father, Hugh Peeling, was a horticulturist and through Betsy's recommendation did work for many years for Mr. & Mrs. William Phelps. I fondly remember seeing Wyeth art at the Phelps' house. Mary Alice Peeling
I first met the Wyeth family as a young girl at Craignair Inn in Clark Island, Maine. My mother, Alice Renegar, was the Innkeeper and cook. The Wyeth family came to dinner quite often. When I was 15, I was allowed to wait on tables in the evening. Betsy and Andy were always very kind to me. My mother kept a drawing of a train done by Nicky in her jewelry box. It said to Mrs. Renegar fron Nicholas Wyeth. My mother sold the Inn in 1970. I bought it back in 1998. I was thrilled to see Andy once again at Craignair.  Neva Joseph
I am so sorry to hear this. Betsy was a wonderful human being. I remember her fondly during the sheep drives on Allen Island. I especially loved her famous bean soup that she used to serve for meals, and I will treasure the recipe she sent to me along with all the fixings. Thank you for the memories Betsy. You will be missed. Prayers to your family at this time. Janet Ayotte
thanks so much, the Wyeth legacy as it relates to creative energy joined with a healthy involvement and exploration with life is so deeply meaningful. My own mother has supported the work of my father, a sculptor, and myself a painter. Like the Wyeths my parents accepted each other as equals. To think of the accomplishments of Betsy as well as her own magic with language, and for lack of a better words, a kind of shakti energy with Andrew, is wonderful, moving and mind boggling in the realm of potential. Betsy's path speaks of a depth of care and involvement with life and creative exploration. It is moving to hear Victoria 's voice and the way the richness of a presence with life can be shared Daniel Anthonisen
What a wonderful story of love and respect building a family together. I’ve always loved Andrews's paintings in my special place to get away is the Brandywine museum inside and out taking my grandchildren and visitors, Hoping they will appreciate the wonderful art an talent they are seeing.  Diane Farally
A life well lived. Magnificent! mary deleyiannis
Beautiful. Thank you. Sandy Reber
My condolences to the Wyeth, Hurd, and McCoy families on the death of Betsy Wyeth.  Lark Bernini
I have a few prints and have visited the home. I also live in Elkton. If you have a moment would love to have a conversation. I was an art history my living room I have the your driveway with curtains.  Heather Kennedy
I am so sad to hear this. What an interesting life she led.  Claudia Hughes
Thank-, Victoria for sharing the paintings, stories, a beautiful tribute to your Grandparents. You have been a wonderful Wyeth ambassador. May God bless you as yo grieve. Sincerely, Sue Dwyer  Sue Dwyer
 What a wonderful woman! Carolyn Kinloch-Winkler
Heartfelt condolences to the Wyeth family. Having been born in New England, with ties and time spent on the coast of Maine, and then moving to Newark, Delaware later in life, and loving the Brandywine River Valley, it was inevitable that our family came to love and appreciate the works of the Wyeth family, especially Andrew. The museum is the most amazing place! I saw a piece of jewelry on display there years ago...a blueberry basket, rendered in gold, filled with "blueberries", sapphires I think, with one of the berries peeking out past the slats in the basket. Most exquisite!!! I think it was designed by Betsy. Prayers for peace and comfort at this difficult time.  Gail Keener
May you rest in peace! I am saddened by the passing of this remarkable woman! Judith Smith
Although I was never introduced to Betsy, I knew Andy fairly well. Betsy was definitely a powerful force and will be missed, as is Andy. Now they are together again. A very dynamic couple. Rest in peace. Reggie Montgomery
Dear Victoria,
Thank you for the loving tribute to your beautiful and talented Grandmother. I had the privilege of meeting your Grandmother when she visited my knitting shop in Kennett Square. I was honored that she took the time to sit at the old table by the window to talk about my yarns.Sending love and peace to you and your family.
Karen Hall
Victoria, you have given such a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. One of my favorite Andy Wyeth paintings is Distant Thunder. Andy had great talent and painted Betsy in a relaxed position. As a viewer, I felt it showed that everything she did was important. Something as simple as a nap on the hillside is a shared moment of The Wyeth's life together. I am so sorry for your loss. Janet Snyder
Sincere Condolences to the Wyeth Family - My PA historical tours of the Wyeth Museum and Properties enlightened much within the educational artwork field - these historical sites leave the essence of quality for generations to come. Constance Jones
A loving tribute Marilyn Forney
Such a beautiful tribute to Mrs. Wyeth and wonderful to learn the meaning behind some of Andrew's works. My grandmother told me stories about growing up with Andrew's sisters in Chadds Ford and how kind the Wyeth family was to her. I have handwritten notes to her from Henriette that I'll always treasure as part of our family history. Sending condolences from our family to the Wyeths. Cindy Calista Dolan
RIP Betsy. What a beautiful, well lived life with family filled with deep love. You have enriched the American Art Scene as well as the American soul. Margaret Bauer
I loved Betsy's sense of humor. We had many Sunday suppers at Frolics house before the board meetings on Monday. She was such a delight and how I loved that devilish twinkle in her eye.
Laurie McBride
Betsy was indeed a striking woman! A great inspiration for Andy and all of us in the Brandywine Valley. Our 1902 home on Willard Street on Wilmington still has the murals painted by Peter Hurd in 1934 of the 4 seasons in the Brandywine Valley. It is these murals that taught Andy the egg tempera method that dominated his style thereafter. She made him the artist of our times. Walter Rowland
What can I Say... Just bellissima...I was touched by the story...the art and love Is evident..thank you for sharing....these Two wonderful people are not in this world anymore.....but they have left their art and their love to the world. GraziE Paula Randazzo

Thank you Victoria for telling me that Betsy will be buried beside Andrew at Christina's family cemetery. The Olson House and Christina's World came alive to me again through Christina Baker Kline's novel "a piece of the world". My husband and I had visited the Olson House years before Andy's death. It meant so much to climb down the hill to the cemetery. This March I reread Kline's novel a fourth time to prepare for a third book discussion in Charleston, SC...I have never read a novel four times. Our sympathy to Betsy's family, Martha and Frank Barkley, summer in Belgrade Lakes, Maine

Martha Barkley

What a very special lady! She gave much and will be remembered for her gifts. Sympathy to family and dear friends.

Jean Lawrence

I am pleased to know that Betsy was the spark that lit Andrew's fire and fuel that maintained his burning desire to create. Together they brought life to Jamie's eyes and power in his creative hands. I enjoy seeing that passion every time I gaze upon "The Sawmill". Father and son at the ready to create...

Thom Marston

Very sad news. Rest in peace Mrs. Wyeth.

Jerry Benfer

A very sad day.

Dorothy Delaune 

Rest In Peace.

Carol Weaver

Thank you for your lovely words and reflection of Betsy Wyeth’s life... Her work for Andrew and the arts community was more extensive then I had known. She cared for so many causes affecting so many people and fostered the knowledge and care for arts and architecture , ecology, environment. Behind every “famous“ person there is always someone behind the scenes who is the Sheppard, the guider of their lives. Betsy was for Andrew. Bless her and may her story continue. Thank you again for your words showing love and care for Betsy’s life.

Susan Kettell

My favorite story is how Betsy introduced Andy to the Olsens. How fortuitous! My sincerest condolences to the family. Andy and Betsy: two sweethearts together again!

Linda Pinto

Loved the Wyeths. I grew up near East Aurora and my father, Paul Klaasez had an NC Wyeth painting over our fireplace for 60 years.

Patricia Schocke

While I never met Betsey James Wyeth, I could not help but admire her for the many wonderful sentiments and stories that Victoria shared of her grandparents as I drove her to our 9 schools across the Hempfield School District in Lancaster, PA. It was obvious to all who heard her speak that week that her Grandmother and Grandfather were major influences in her life. She spoke of them with a reverence and respect only shared by those fortunate enough to have truly connected with their families. I am confident that Betsy's strength and influence will live on through the many lives she touched, especially her Granddaughter who's stories and memories convey a woman who's influence is not soon to be forgotten.

Brian Lehman

A wonderful tribute to a remarkable woman and a life well lived.

Sieglinde Simpson

So sorry for the loss of your Mother and Grandmother, and Aunt. The tribute by Victoria was moving and put the face and story behind many wonderful paintings and of Andrew's and Betsy's story. Her Room, has been my favorite since I was first introduced to the museum as a teen by an elderly cousin in the early 70's and always had seashells on a ledge too. May God put his arms around your family and comfort you all. Prayers be with your family. What a gift she was.

Debbie Shubrooks

SO sorry for your loss Victoria! The tribute video is wonderful! 

Laura Strand

Such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful life and lady. Extending condolences to the Wyeth family and friends.

Susan Klems

Condolences to the Wyeth Family... I grew up in Cushing, Maine... I loved having conversations with Andy and her when she visited my moms Nancy's Takeout back in the day... Rest in peace Mrs. Wyeth

Sheila Matson

This is a beautiful film. Well done and thank you. Betsy James Wyeth's life was well lived in that it was very generously shared. 

Colleen Crowley

Beautiful tribute to both of your grandparents, especially your grandmother, Betsy. I have loved your grandfather's art, along with all other Wyeth family art, for many years. You come from such a diverse and talented family. As a former middle school art teacher, I loved teaching my students about the Wyeth family, and showing them their artwork. I have one of your grandfather's pieces in my home, of a dog sleeping on a bed by the pillow. I've had it for 40 years, and it always calms me when I look at it. Two years ago, while on a trip to Maine, I toured the Olson house. It was one of the highlights of my life. I knew all about Christina and Alvaro from my research and could not believe I was actually in their home. It became quite an emotional experience once inside seeing the painting Christina's World on the wall. I will never forget it. We travel to the wonderful Brandywine Museum frequently and look forward to going again to see the tribute to your grandmother. My deepest condolences on the loss of your very talented grandmother. May both of your grandparents rest in peace together now.

Carol McDonald

What a nice tribute to a remarkable woman. A woman I never met, but one whose foresight, generosity and hard work has enriched my life and the lives of so many others. Boo and I send our thoughts and condolences to all who knew and loved her.

Morris Stroud

My sincere condolences to the Wyeth family. As an artist I send my sincere gratitude for what she accomplished in advancing the study and appreciation of American Art, especially the recognition of the art of Andrew Wyeth. The Brandywine River Museum is one of my favorite museums.

Geraldine McKeown

Dear Jamie, Nicholas, Victoria, Wyeth's/James, and Brandywine River Museum Families,
Our deepest sympathy to the lost of "Betsy". Thoughts and prayers are with you all. It's hard when you lose that link that hold the whole chain together. She was a true legend and God Bless her.
Barbara and Aloysius McCloskey's

Barbara McCloskey

The death of Betsy Wyeth seems like the end of a very special period here in Southeastern Pennsylvania when something really special was happening to all our spirits through the work and talent of both Betsy and Andrew, and Jamie. To the Wyeths, my deepest condolences and thank you for all the beautiful moments enjoying your art at the Museum and in my home. May they Rest In Peace.

Patricia Snead

A beautiful tribute. I am sorry for your loss and ours. Your talented family is truly an American original. 

Deborah Pikovsky 

Wonderful tribute video!

Kathy Bandos

Thank you for bringing a wonderful fabulous museum of her husband Andrew and rest of Wyeth's paintings from family, friends, and relative. When I visit the museum awhile ago, I fell in love with Andrew Wyeth's paintings that he became my biggest favorite painter of all time. My prayers are to Wyeth family for loss and may she find Rest In Peace plus united with Andrew. 

James Ryan Jr 

So sad but an opportunity to pay tribute to Mrs. Betsy Wyeth and, of course, Andrew for their influence on me, a South Philadelphia person who has seen the wonders of the Brandywine Valley and Maine through their eyes. I'm a city slicker who became an avid bicyclist who one day happened upon the Brandywine Museum. A beautiful world opened up to me. Thank you! So many times I listened to your granddaughter, Victoria, as she gave tours and talked lovingly about her grandparents and their work. I now take my grandchildren to this peaceful place of wonder. May you be at peace with Andrew. And, you and your family are in my prayers and your legacy lives on with my family.

Carol Klein

May she rest in peace

john mayberry

What a beautiful tribute to an incredible lady. I will always remember my one trip to Chadds Ford from the West Coast and the experience of visiting the Brandywine River Museum. Viewing the masterpieces from three generations of Wyeths was very special but I will now cherish my copy of "The Stray" by Betsey James Wyeth knowing she was such a huge influence and integral part of a great family. My condolences to the Wyeth family.

Ted Trambley

Such a wonderful woman. I worked for the Wyeth’s for a several months on Allen and Benner Islands. Some of my fondest memories. Betsy was always so kind to me. She indeed had a life well lived and has left an inspiring legacy. My condolences to the family. 

Christian Swift

Such sad news at such a sad time in our country. My thoughts are with the Wyeth family.

Marilyn Bush 

Deep condolence. 

Pradeep Mishra 

What a lovely contribution to American art! Betsy was a well loved assistant to the Wyeth enterprises and participated in its endeavour. The family shared classes with my mother, Mary Lou King, in the 1960s, where she learned the use of artifacts in NC Wyeth's barn and artistic styles of the Wyeth's. I was lucky to go to some of her classes with Carolyn and Andrew. The oils she did are proudly seen in her grandchildren's homes in St Louis.

Marnie King

a sad day and end of an era. she will be sorely missed.

Earle Mitchell

Betsy set such a fine example for all of us to follow. I was encouraged to investigate art and culture by following and investigating her interests and life.

Bob Rossi

Always remember her taking a moment from her yard/garden , waving from her island home folks on the ferry headed to and from Monhegan Plantation

PA Shuttleworth 

Thank you, Betsy, for all you did ... 

Susan Buchanan

Beautiful, Thank you. 

Nina Fuller

Victoria, Jamie, and Nicky,
We are saddened by the loss of Betsy, but our lives are so much richer by her legacy and her unending support of art and the preservation of things that matter. Her strength and knowledge are an inspiration to us all. Our deepest sympathies for the loss of an incredible woman.

John Fawcett

Sorry to hear of this loss, My condolences to the family. 

Kathleen Crocker

Wyeth art first came into my life when I was ten years old; my parents brought me to the newly-opened Brandywine River Museum of Art. Over the years, my mother’s great love for Andrew Wyeth’s paintings and her admiration for Betsy’s loving care of Andrew’s work provided a wonderful connection for us—to the art, the beautiful area of Chadds Ford, and the many memories of magical visits to the museum. Thank you. Deepest condolences for Betsy’s family. Sending love and blessings. 

Dorothy Brown

Thank you for this loving video- what a legacy! 

Cynthia Newman

Thank you for creating this, especially at this time. I never knew much about her, but find her so interesting and inspiring I want to know more. I'm very sorry for your loss. 

Terry Kokas

We have lost a giant. My condolences to Jamie.

walter murray

You will be missed. You were a living connection to the great accomplishment of the first family of American Art. Thank you for all you have done for art, history & the saving of our environment! RIP, gentle soul!

Ed Rillstone

What a wonderful tribute to a great lady! Rest in Peace.

Barbara Marberger

Dear Victoria,
We will always cherish the personal tour & words you shared with us at the Brandywine Museum. Your narration of this film is, of course, heartfelt & personal. Bob purchased his first Andrew Wyeth print when he was 18 at Newman Galleries in Philadelphia. The Wyeth Family has always been a beacon in our lives.
Your friends,
Ann Toland & Bob Beaty

Ann Toland

I am so proud to be a docent at The Brandywine River Museum, and so delighted to, sometimes, be the only one in a room filled with your grandfather's work. Every single time, I see something new in one or another of the works. And, often, I Imagine the life your grandmother had as Mrs. Andy Wyeth. It seems clear to me, however, that while she surely was Mrs Andy Wyeth, she was also, and always -Just Betsy. What a splendid tribute. What a fabulous woman. Andrea Mitnick
In 1963, I began studies as an art education major at Penn State. Living near Chadds Ford, I was readily influenced by Andrew Wyeth's art works, loving them, pondering so many, so long, visiting the BRM as often as I could through the years. I knew so little of the more popular art, but learned well, in time, and loved my career! My dad worked w/Andy's brother, Nat, at DuPont, and so had a wonderful Christmas gift for me that December...the framed cover of Time magazine with Andy's portrait on the cover with Andy's signature...grateful to Nat. It's still in my art work room, so I can smile in appreciation for all he was and did. I passed their home often while teaching in Kennett Square; I've heard Vicky's guided tours and always enjoyed the side stories of her family. Betsy, of course, was noted as the dedicated, loving wife through THEIR wonderful years together and thereafter. Thank you for being such a joy in my life! Joan Bickley-Groff
There is unlikely to ever be another 17-year-old girl who met and then married an artist and almost immediately provided such remarkable critical feedback about her husband's work, astute management of his business dealings in addition to his catalogue raisonne, and bespoke environments for the creation and display of his paintings; she built a village on an island in Maine a rustic mill home in Chadds Ford, and so much else. It was truly a privilege to sometimes be in her wake and to witness her accomplishments and unique approach to daily life. Thank you, Brandywine, for preserving the legacies of Andrew and Betsy Wyeth so superbly. Joyce Hill Stoner
To God we all return Rest In Peace my September born buddy  KULSUM ALI
Thank you for the beautiful video. Andy and Betsy were very, very lucky to have each other. William Wofford
I would love to see this tribute to a remarkable woman. Sally Stehl
The world is a poorer place with the departure of Betsy Wyeth. Inspirer, organizer, dreamer, and catalyst in Andrew Wyeth’s life, Betsy brought her own style and flair to every aspect of her life, both professional and personal. She will be missed by all whose life she touched. Barbara Rhoads
We moved to Chadds Ford in 2001. It did not take long to appreciate Andy’s wonderful paintings and to understand the role the Brandywine Conservancy had played in protecting the natural beauty we were enjoying. We became donors. We were invited to Andy’s 90th in the garden at Winterthur. What a special event it was!

So in honor of Andy Wyeth and his great friend Frolic Weymouth, our family commits to support the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art in perpetuity. 
Bill Iredale
Betsy James Wyeth met her future husband when she was 17 years old. A week or so later, Andrew proposed, she accepted, and they began an extraordinary life together. Andrew Wyeth, who lived to 91 years of age, realized that time was of essence, that his time was best spent painting. "I've got to get back to work," he say. "Everything else is secondary." Betsy was the one who helped make that happen. Not only did she shield him from the public inasmuch as possible, while keeping out of the limelight herself, she was his muse, his most trenchant art critic, and a self-taught business person who knew that, far too often, some artists have neither the desire or ability to change hats and become an entrepreneur, an investor, or a business person. Betsy felt strongly that her husband's precious time should be spent painting, and it was Betsy who knew him better than anyone; it was Betsy who could stand up to him and not back down, intimidated by his talent and fame. She was exactly the kind of person Andrew needed: a strong, determined, and "wicked smart" (as Mainers say) in life, and as fierce as a mother bear protecting her own, insuring that her Andy could paint undisturbed.

At the end of the day, and at the end of a long life, Betsy, who outlived Andy by seven years, had much to be proud of: her children, her scholarship (editing a collection of letters by Andrew's father, the illustrator/artist N.C. Wyeth), her research for Andy's work (cataloging everything for posterity), and buying an old grist mill that would later become the Brandywine Museum, the epicenter of the Wyeth family tradition of artists. Hers was a rich, fulfilling, and generous life. She never sought the limelight, nor did her husband, and by focusing on everything she needed to do so that her husband could paint undisturbed, we now benefit: a wealth of artwork that will inspire us, and those who come after us, with an American vision indelibly captured in pencil, watercolor, and brush.
George Beahm
My deepest sympathy to the Wyeth Family with the passing of Betsy Wyeth. I am an admirer of all Wyeth art and treasure each and every visit to the Brandywine Museum since its inception. Betsy Wyeth made a very important impact on the art of Andrew. What a wonderful life she must have lived. I am the lucky one. Cynthia Clough
Andrew Wyeth was an even better artist because of his wife Betsy. Her love for him was a reason why we loved her. Bill Cavalier
My condolences to the family on theiir loss. Greatly appreciated the video, which provided insight not only on the couple, the works as well. Andy Smith
I knew Betsy was so instrumental in helping with Andrew Wyeth's art, but never realized much her influence affected so many other things like the Brandywine Museum, the work in Maine and the use of their island for students. The tribute from Victoria Wyeth was very special Looking forward to the museum tribute. Bruce Poultere
To Victoria,
I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your grandmother. 
Michele Ippolito
What a wonderful tribute to your Grandparents. Thank you, Victoria for sharing this loving story with us. Rest in peace Mrs. Wyeth. Keith Moore
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this lovely tribute, especially Victoria. The video is wonderful. What a woman--what a great life-- Andrew Wyeth was so fortunate to have such a canny, energetic, imaginative partner. Warmest wishes to the staff at the Brandywine River Museum and the Wyeth Center, and heartfelt sympathy to the Wyeth family.  Kathleen Foster
A beautiful, amazing woman appeared through Your loving tribute Victoria!
Thank You so much! Chandrika 
Sandra Snider
A beautiful tribute to an amazing woman. My deepest condolences to the Wyeth family. Diane Farrell
Such a beautiful story of two very inspirational people. Thank you Victoria for sharing your tribute, love and memories of your grandparents. Patricia Slesinski
I was always quite scared of Betsy .one evening at a Museum gathering in the 80’s she sidled you to me, me, a young nobody of art or artist interest and asked me:” what do you like?” It was the life’s question no one had ever bothered to ask me! With all my American Indian passions and collections and my Greek farm school teaching adventures all I summoned in terror to reply was: “ I have lots of energy”! Can you believe I said THAT?  Jeannie Fenton
So beautifully assembled; the music, art and your narrative. Condolences. Be well.  Janet Martucci
I am sorry Betsy has passed away. She had a very rich, full life and a long one. Sympathy and love to her family and appreciation for all she has accomplished to make the area I call home - Chester County - richer and better. Thank you. Jane Martin
Betsy and Andy were esteemed friends of my parents, Jack and ‘Barney’ Sordoni. As youngsters we were regaled by the stories of good times had by the adults in Maine, Pennsylvania and each others’ homes. The good work done by Betsy perfectly complimented the immense contribution of Andy and we were influenced by the example. For their long lives which touched so many we are most grateful and extend our sympathy to Nicky, Jamie and their families. Andrew Sordoni
I had the privilege of meeting Betsy, Andrew and Victoria one winter’s night at their home in Chadds Ford. I told stories about my father and his military life at Ft. Miles, Lewes, De.
They were so interested in my parent’s love story, having met at a dance on a Saturday night at Ft. Miles. I loved how interested they were with the stories and me, as the storyteller. A wonderful evening I will never ever forget. My deepest sympathy to Victoria, Nick and Jamie
Debra Fischer
It is with sadness I extend my condolences to Betsy’s family. The Betsy I knew, in the 70s, was a good sport, an interesting gal, and a gracious hostess! She’d join in with us when my dad would give fencing instruction to Andrew in his studio. Both the Wyeths were enthused and welcoming. They’d have my parents join them at their home for conversation and dinner. My dad was a true master in his field, legendary! As was Andrew Wyeth. I’ve always appreciated seeing these folks together, and have always respected their spirit! The world has a loss with Betsy’s passing. Thankfully she too has left a positive legacy! She will be missed. I extend prayers for your peace, and again extend my sincere sympathies to her family and loved ones. Agy Csiszár Bakken Agy Bakken
Betsy, you enabled Andrew Wyeth to be free to become the artist and man he was. We thank you for your creativity. Carol Clapham,Guide, Delaware Art Museum. Carol Clapham
What an amazing life!! Thank You for all you gave to the Brandywine Valley and the world of art. May you rest in peace after a life that was truly well lived. My condolences to all the Wyeth family. Cathy Victorius
Sorry about the loss a great Lady Who gave us so much of her love and the beautiful memories of her loving husband Andrews.whom I’ve met at Brandywine Battlefield and at Hanks He cared about everyone. Betsy was his rock and his children his heart. my daughter and I love the Brandywine River museum Judy Lupi
What a loss to all of us to learn about the passing of Betsy James Wyeth. An important part of the Chadds Ford area and Pennsylvania arts, she was such an inspiration to her husband Andrew, her children and grandchildren. Others of us who appreciated her involvement with the Brandywine River Museum will truly miss her. Kate deRiel
I am so grateful for the wonderful Brandywine River Museum. Thanks and praise for the life of this amazing woman, and condolences to her family for their loss.  ellen joy
My sincere condolences to the Wyeth and Browning families.
Betsy was a woman ahead of her time, talented and wise beyond her years and peers.
It has been a great privilege to be a neighbor in the lovely community where she nurtured her children, was a bulwark to her husband and contributed to not only our local, but also national culture
Betsy, you will be greatly missed.
Nancy Simons
Her spirit and contributions to our world are so appreciated
Blessing to her entire family
Dory Waxman
I’m so sorry for the loss. But incredibly grateful for the teeth’s contribution to the art world when I was young, There was a small Wyeth exhibition in Yellow Springs, Pa, I can’t remember if it was Andrew or Jamie but I remember it being joined to the Yellow Springs Inn/ Washington’s army hospital. Thank you for this remember even of your Grandmother and Grandfather. I will be visiting when the Brandywine reopens Alice Cundiff
My father Roger Clough was a friend of Andrew Wyeth. As a child my Dad would take me to visit the Wyeths. I will always remember Mr. Wyeth's warm hands on our walks and kind words as I watched him paint. Mrs. Wyeth always understood my shyness and was kind and gentle to the very timid me. Mrs. Wyeth's interest in and support of my father contributed greatly to his success. Mrs. Wyeth was a true patron of the arts. Warm memories of both of the Wyeths will live on in my heart. My heart goes out to the Wyeth family. I am sorry for your loss.  Marla Faust
What a beautiful woman you were and so nice and friendly. I met Betsy and Andrew when I was a young girl in Spruce Head, Maine at Ralph Cline's home. Andrew was working on a painting of Ralph over in the Saw Mill. He named the painting "The Patriot". Brenda Kaler
As editor of "The Wyeths... the Intimate Correspondence of N. C. Wyeth 1901-1945", Mrs. Wyeth significantly honored our Wyeth ancestors. Though she was a very busy lady, she took the time to share anecdotes about our extended Wyeth family in a letter to my father, Richard Caldwell Wyeth. The letter was one of his most prized possessions. Many caring thoughts are with you all at this moment. Christina Wyeth Baker
Thanks so much to Victoria Wyeth for the warm and engaging video tribute to her grandmother. I hope she will consider a longer documentary feature on her grandmother (or both her grandparents) in the future because they have led remarkable lives and left us a bounty of treasures in their works. Victoria is an excellent narrator and storyteller...and yet it feels like she has only peeled back the top layer of a great woman's life. RIP Betsy Wyeth. Holly Wright
Her life and contributions have enriched us all. Loved hearing granddaughter Victoria share her memories of her grandparents. Will look forward to the new exhibit on Betsy Wyeth!
Nancy and Bill Barlow
Nancy Barlow
What a multi-talented and loving woman, wife, mother, and grandmother she was. My condolences go out to the Wyeth family. Victoria, your video let us share wonderful memories you have of your beloved Betsy and Andy. Thank you for sharing. R.I.P. Betsy. Carrie Lepofsky
I visited Brandywine River Museum in 2017. And also saw her husband's atelier. In front of my entry hall her picture is always hanging. So sad news!! It has been wonderful to have lived together for over 70 years! I pray for your soul. from Japan Takashi Osaki
As lifelong admirers of the Wyeth family, it is with deep sadness that we learn of Betsy's death yesterday. The Brandywine Valley, and indeed the world, is a poorer place today.
RIP Betsy.
Penny Farley
What a wonderful life she led. She had a fondness for my grandparents and was helpful during my late wife Louise's illness. Thoughts and prayers to all the Wyeth family Karl Kuerner and Shay Allen
For the joy the Brandywine River Museum brings to me thank you. Eugene Kelly
We will miss this great Lady. I would like to thank Her for pushing Andy into the great artist that He is. I have made many trips to the Brandy wine museum to see THEIR paintings.  James Shuler
I never had the honor of meeting Betsy, but did meet Andrew, Jamie and Victoria on one of my many visits to the museum. Both men were so kind to let me follow them around for a few minutes, as they walk through Andy's gallery. It was the day after Thanksgiving 1998. I will always remember it. Rest in peace Betsy.  Oscar Fairley
I always thank Mrs. Wyeth deep in my heart for making all the archiving of Mr. Wyeth's artwork, just like all the shells neatly lined up on the window in "Her Room," organized and clearly communicate the essence of the artwork to us. Although I'm not fortunate enough to meet her in person, I felt the love toward art and her husband in presence at every publication she helped arrange.

THANK YOU, Mrs. Wyeth, please rest in peace.
Chemin Hsiao
Condolences to the Wyeth family, and much gratitude to Betsy Wyeth for all she has done to bring the joy of this fabulous museum to our community!  Caroline Kohl
Thank you Betsy Wyeth for your amazing contribution to the art world. I've thought about you a lot frequently especially when I've visited the Brandywine River Museum. Your presence behind the scenes, out of the spotlight, is felt in every brick, every path and every work hung in its galleries. What an amazing life. I honor your memory. Linda Shockley
Marvelous video by Victoria! I worked at the Brandywine River Museum for 27 years, and this video provides new information and appreciation of both Andy and Betsy. Thank you. Scott Schroeder
The artist cannot exist without a strong support system. That "system" need only be one strong person. That one person needs to be confident, self- sufficient, protective and loving. So, thank you to Betsy, for allowing Andy to exist. Steven James Petruccio
Thank you for our precious gem, The Brandywine River Museum. It brings me and so many others so much joy. I’m so blessed it’s in my backyard. God bless Renee Konopka
We live not far, visit the museum often, have family history in the area; so we have always felt a connection. We feel honored to be able to share this family, their work, and this amazing woman who inspired and made possible the place where we were invited to visit and explore. Mary Ellen Smith
So sorry for your family's loss of Betsy! Thank you for sharing their beautiful love story. They are together and their legacy lives forever! Marie Peticca
My heartfelt love goes out to Victoria and the Wyeth family. I was privileged to meet Betsy and admire her amazing spirit. Both she and Andrew were one of a kind and leave a legacy that is precious to the world. Louise Herman
So sorry for your loss Nick, Jamie and Victoria. She was a wonderful person. I had a wonderful afternoon with her when Mary took me over that one special time. The wine was wonderful and I loved her laugh. Bob & Tanya Booker
What a great contributor to our country's culture! She will be missed. Sympathies to the family. Judy Packheiser
I always loved Betsy Lydia Kuerner 

My deepest condolences to The Wyeth Family on the earthly loss of Betsy James Wyeth. By a stroke of immense good fortune, I had the joy of meeting Betsy and Andrew Wyeth in Cushing, Maine over 35 years ago. They shared poignant reflections of "Christina's World" with me that only they knew.

Doug and I have been participants in the wonderful Brandywine River Museum Antiques Show for a number of years. Whenever we are at the museum, it always is a joy to see the artistry of The Wyeth Family; surely, including Andrew's breathtaking painting of Betsy. My deepest condolences to the Wyeth Family and the entire staff at the BRM.

NOTE: There is a bright new star in the night sky. Look closely, for it is Betsy's shining light!

Bev Norwood 

Thank you for this lovely tribute. She was remarkable.

Nancy Packard
As a long time vistor and fan of the Chadds Ford River Museum, I am saddened at hearing of the loss of your beloved grandmother. The video tribute to your grandmother is a treasure. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Please accept my condolences and prayers for you and your family.  Kathleen Talbot 
Betsy you will be missed, thank you for all the beauty and love you created in this world, I know every time I would walk down on the Dock I could feel the life you and your family have created, I am also so grateful for the work you did for Andy he couldn‚Äôt have done any of it without you much love to you and Andy forever ..... j  Jeremiah Redclay
This was such a beautiful distort of their life and. Steer together. I am an artist Now 72 yrs old. All I wanted for my graduation from high school was the big wonderful book Andrew Wyeth 2968. I received it from my parents and have followed his work ever since. I visited the Brandywine museum in 2008 and sketched outside the road of his studio in February. I wanted to send the little ink sketch with a letter telling him how much I admired his work. He passed right before I sent it. But thank you for sharing your gift to the world. Fondly, Annemarie Hunter Sedona Arizona
Annemarie Hunter
Jim and I send the Wyeth family our deepest condolences. We are grateful to Betsy for all the contributions she made to the world of art. Her devotion to excellence in every one of her endeavors is inspirational! Cynthia D Hyde
My wife and I drive up every December from Maryland to visit Chadds Ford. We have done this since 1985 when my father, an artist of sorts, took our family after my son Rion died just to get away. Now my wife and I feel like it is a homecoming of sorts to keep going back. Our visits always include the Brandywine River Museum and we have never tired of walking through and viewing the art. Each year we learn something new about this amazing family.

Thank you for giving such a gift for all to enjoy.
Robert Sanchez
Thank You Dave Dixon
The entire Wyeth family has always been bigger than life. As a Philadelphia Moore student with a long line of family in Maine I felt close the the Wyeths. Love to visit the museum and studio/home sidetrips. Experience the terrain where the Wyeths walked. I always hoped to meet Betsy Wyeth. Am sad I will never have the experience but glad for her legacy. Lynda MacDonald
Sad to lose Betsy Wyeth, but what a tour de force in a long and celebrated life. Her hard work, dedication, and vision immeasurably enriched the depth and beauty of the Brandywine Valley Story. I thank her for sharing herself with all of us.  Beth Duncan MD
Thank you for life long support and cultivation of American Realism and inspiring countless Artists and illustrators. We will all try to carry on this important expression within our society.  Erik Olson
My sincere condolences to the family. Victoria, thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. Your grandmother was an amazing woman. What a legacy they both leave behind. I am so sorry for your loss, and that of our community, and the world.  Carol Swerdon
So sorry to hear and sending condolences to Nicky and Jamie.
Dev Devereux
My sister and I loved hearing about your grandfather in Cooperstown a few years ago. We are thinking of you and your family during this sad time. Carol Levine
Thank you Betsy. You were always a great supporter and mentor. I know that you and Andy are happy to be together again.. heaven just got a little more interesting! I love you. LightSpeed!  Bo
She lived such a full, wonderful life, still, so sad to hear this news. There are no words to convey how grateful I am to her and all her work on behalf of the Wyeths. She's earned her place in the history books. Thank you Betsy!  Chris Page.
My most heartfelt sympathy for your great loss. Your mother epitomized the quote that "behind every great man, you will find a great woman." May she find eternal life and peace again with your father, Andrew.
William Pignonello
My deepest condolences to the Wyeth clan. While Mrs. Wyeth will be missed, we celebrate her long and productive life. Certainly, the Brandywine Conservancy and Brandywine River Museum stand as tributes to her and her family's fine work. 

May light perpetual shine upon her.
Clifton Rodgers
You will be sorely missed but totally rejoined with Andy. RIP and thank you for all your support with Brandywine River Museum and the arts.  Patricia Kelly 
Amazing talented family. Prayers. Tammy Pyle Fujibayashi
So very sad to read of her passing. My most sincere condolences to her family, especially to her sons. I feel sad for Jamie who so recently lost his wife.  Maureen Dougherty
I am very sorry to hear this. What an amazing woman. Now she is with Andrew once again. Lindsey Wasiuta
So sorry for your loss.Prayers for the family. I have one of the prints of the dig on the bed. It's absolutely beautiful. Looks just like the one in the museum.  Patsy Hernandez
R.I.P. An amazing woman! Pat Johnson 
A rich, full life, but so sad to see its end. We children's book illustrators see the Wyeths as our inspirational "family" and their loss is ours too.  Brian Lies
Betsy Wyeth was a model for all of us to follow. Her presence and knowledge will be missed by all who have seen her influence on American Art and the Brandywine River Museum of Art. My condolences go to her family and friends. Betsy Strunk
I am so sorry for her family's loss.

The book she wrote, The Stray, was my favorite as I child.

It took me years to locate it, but now a copy sits proudly in my library.

May she Rest In Peace.
Heather McConnell 
Rest In Peace dear Betsy. Thank you for all your wonderful endeavors. The museum is one of my most favorite places in the whole world. Barbara Stroud
My deepest condolences to all of the Wyeth family. I have spent the past few years of my life reading and looking at everything I can find on the Wyeths, and I feel like I've lost a member of my family! Victoria's film is a beautiful tribute to Betsy. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm looking forward to a future tribute by the Brandywine Museum. Noreen Romano 
Victoria, I am so sorry for your loss. I know you loved both your grandfather and grandmother very much. We the public do too, in a different way. Amy Robillard
I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm so grateful for the insight and innovation that Betsy had in preserving and promoting the arts in a multitude of ways. Generations will be blessed because of her many gifts.  DM Crake
I have been a fan of Andrew Wyeth since I first discovered his work over 50 years ago. This is a wonderful tribute to his wife Betsy & how she shaped their life‚Äôs.  Phyllis Bowling
Mrs Wyeth

It is so sad to hear of your loss, but you have lived a wonderful life and gave so much to all of us. Thank you for giving so much to all the people of Pennsylvania, and Maine-and the rest of the world. May you rest in peace knowing that you accomplished so much and touched us all. God Bless.
Bob Gallagher
What an amazing life and person. She will be missed by everyone at the Brandywine and in the world of fine art Diane Ramsey