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(Re)Making our bed

(Re)Making our bed

June 27, 2014

The Sun Bed rebuilding effort is moving right along.

The Brandywine Wildflower Journal was wandering around aimlessly, as usual, earlier this month when we came across a group of volunteers dismantling what was left of the old Sun Bed. The remaining plants came out,  the old hodge-podge of fencing rolled up and carted away. A blank slate was revealed.

The gravel started arriving shortly thereafter. The goal is to build the bed a little higher this time to buy it a few more inches during high water. A nicer, sturdier fence will go in to keep the critters away, as well as better contain the plants in the event of a–shall we say–rising tide.

By last Thursday, the gravel work looked mostly done. And the surface seemed nice enough to… Tennis, anyone?

Brandywine Bloom Cam: 6/19/2014