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Planting Better Drinking Water - One Tree at a Time

Planting Better Drinking Water - One Tree at a Time

May 11, 2016

As spring settles in to stay in southeastern Pennsylvania, our reforestation team is busy preparing for new spring plantings. We are excited to add new streamside trees that will filter out pollutants before they reach the water, add habitat, and engage the community in the work of protecting our drinking water.  Spring also brings the opportunity to check-in with landowners of previously planted projects. We are able to walk the land together, check in on the success of the growing trees, and discuss any maintenance issues.

Years ago, forests covered 75 to 90 percent of the Brandywine-Christina Watershed, serving as a natural water purifier and providing biological diversity. Today, forested land covers only 28 percent of the area.

Caring for the Young

Although native trees are best adapted to our environment, a landowner with a tree planting on their property will tell you that the young trees require care and attention to thrive, just like any other plant. Tree tubes that blow over in storms must be righted, tubes must be removed as the tree’s trunk grows, and the seedlings must be monitored for signs of predation. This care pays off after about five years when the trees are well-established and require much less hands-on maintenance.

As approximately half a million people get their drinking water from the Brandywine, reforesting the watershed is one of our major initiatives. If you can plant a tree, you can help.

Half a Million Reasons to Plant a Tree

We are very grateful to our many partners in the community who invest their time, energy, and money in caring for the trees on their property! We hope that our landowners will enjoy the shade of their trees in the years to come as a thank you for their labors. And we know that the half million residents that drink from the Brandywine in the greater Wilmington area are very grateful for clean, safe drinking water that is improved by the trees.

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