February 2024

March 2024

Virtual Event: Mysterious Moths

Join us online as we take a photographic journey into the intriguing world of moths, exploring which of our native plants are most enticing to these lovely Lepidopterans, and learn how we can all greatly benefit the ecosystem around us by "moth gardening" in our yards.

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Virtual Event: Native Plants are for the Birds

You might be wondering why a bird specialist is focusing on native plants, since ornithologists are taught that birds choose plant structure over species, and while there is substantial evidence to back that up, that doesn't mean that plant species don't matter or that structure is the most important criteria to sustain ecological relationships, including diverse bird communities.

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April 2024

Winter Tree ID at Penguin Court

Do you wish your winter tree identification skills were better?  Bolster your confidence by joining us at Penguin Court for an outdoor workshop that will teach you how to use the bark, buds, and branches of a tree to determine the species in question.  Learn tips and tricks to impress...

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Penguin Court: A Scenic Tour [Virtual Program]

Celebrate World Penguin Day by listening to this virtual presentation about Penguin Court and its scenic landscape. Penguin Court Program Manager, Melissa Reckner, will discuss the history of Penguin Court as well as Brandywine Conservancy's use of the grounds. It's a spectacular property! Join...

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