Leaf Candle Holder

Leaf Candle Holder

Glass candle holder covered in fall leaves, with an orange ribbon wrapped around the top, sitting on a table with more fall leaves scattered around it

Autumn is my favorite season for food, temperature and decorations! For a quick and inexpensive DIY decor project, try creating this fall leaf candle holder to add a little atmospheric light to your home. 

Project supplies, including a glass candle holder, paintbrush, mod podge, fall leaves, and a piece of brown paper on top of a table


  • Clean glass jar (the smoother the better, I used an old salsa jar)
  • Faux leaves (get ones without large, three-dimensional veins)
  • Mod podge 
  • Paint brush
  • Battery-operated candle 
  • Ribbon and hot glue (optional) 

A paintbrush apply mod podge to a glass candle holder, with fall leaves and a mod podge container on a table

Step 1:

After covering your workspace, paint a section of the jar with mod podge.

Fall leaves glued down to a glass candle holder, with extra leaves and a container of mod podge on a table

Step 2:

Lay a few leaves on the painted area. 

A paintbrush being used to apply mod podge to a glass candle holder covered in fall leaves

Step 3:

Carefully paint more mod podge over the leaves. Don’t worry, the mod podge will dry clear.

A hand holding a glass candle holder coated in fall leaves and mod podge

Step 4:

Keep moving around the jar, adding more leaves until you cover it as little or as much as you like. 

Mod podge covering a glass candle holder coated in fall leaves, with a paint brush, mod podge container, and extra leaves on a table

Step 5:

Paint at least two more coats of mod podge over the leaves until all the edges are glued down.

Fall leaf candle holder with a paintbrush, mod lodge container and extra leaves scattered on a table

Step 6:

Allow to dry completely.

Fall leaf candle holder on a table with some extra leaves scattered around

Step 7:

Add a ribbon or twine to help finish the holder.

Illuminated fall leaf candle holder glowing in the dark

Step 8:

Insert a battery-operated candle and enjoy!