Monster Mashups

Monster Mashups

Monster creations made out of paper scraps and other packing materials

I love using discarded items to make fun crafts like these colorful monster mashup creations! With some help from my niece, we created silly and spooktacular monsters to decorate the house for Halloween. For our creations, we used packing crinkles for our monster fur, bubble wrap for spooky monster skin, and added cut-up egg cartons for a perfect set of bulging eyeballs! What items will you use to make your monsters?

Monster mashup materials, including colorful pieces of construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, and packing materials


  • Markers
  • Construction paper 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors
  • Other items such as bubble wrap, egg cartons, packing material, cardboard, etc.

A young girl using scissors to cut up a piece of construction paper

Step 1:

Cut your monster body and out of construction paper, as well as paper legs, arms, spikes, tails, or whatever else you want your monster to have. Glue your paper appendages to the monster’s body.

A young girl using a marker to draw eyes on a cut-up egg carton
A young girl using a glue stick on a cut-up egg carton

Step 2:

Accessorize! Use glue to add egg carton “eyes,” packing material “fur,” bubble wrap “skin,” and any other fun details you can think of to your monster body.

A young girl drawing on construction paper with a marker

Step 3:

Finish up your monster mashup creation with some more marker details.

A young girl holding up her monster mashup creation

Step 4:

Show off your new scary monster! Happy Halloween!