Oil Pastel Transfer Drawings

Oil Pastel Transfer Drawings

Oil Pastel Transfer Drawing

Try out this super easy and fun way to create colorful line drawings using oil pastels and a paper transfer technique. 

Oil Pastel Transfer Drawings - Supplies

You will need: 

  • Two pieces of paper cut to the same size, or one longer piece of paper folded in half
  • Oil pastels
  • A pencil 

Oil Pastel Transfer Drawings - Step 1
Step 1:

Use your oil pastels to cover one piece of paper with a thick layer of colors. If you are using folded paper, just color one half of the paper. This step is only about colors, so don’t worry about drawing a picture. One of the great things about oil pastels is that they are soft and you can layer and mix them. Make sure you have completely covered the whole paper, leaving no white spots—not even small ones.

Pro tip: I put a scrap paper underneath my paper so I can draw all the way to the edge of my paper without drawing on my table.

Oil Pastel Transfer Drawings - Step 2
Step 2:

Place your other piece of paper down flat and lay the colored piece on top of it with the colors facing down. If you are only using one piece of paper, fold it in half so that the colored section lays against the white part of the paper.

Oil Pastel Transfer Drawings - Step 3
Step 3:

Use your pencil to draw a design or picture on the back of the oil pastel-covered paper. Make sure to press hard and add lots of detail.

Important to note: Since you are drawing on the back of the white paper, your images will be reversed. This won't be an issue unless you are writing words or need things oriented a certain way. If you are writing words, be sure to draw them in reverse them during this step.

Oil Pastel Transfer Drawings - Step 4
Step 4:

Lift the paper to check out how your drawing has transferred to the plain paper in fun colors! If you want to add more details you will need to carefully line up the papers again. A folded paper can make this easier but it can be harder to keep the white side clean as you do the coloring in the beginning.

Pro tip: To clean up after using oil pastels, just use some soap, warm water and a little scrubbing.