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Art with a Twist: Dandelions or Fireworks?

Art with a Twist: Dandelions or Fireworks?

July 1, 2020

What child—or adult—hasn’t wished upon a mature dandelion and gently blew the seeds—and wishes—into the wind? And who doesn’t love some colorful fireworks on a warm summer’s eve? With this fun art project, you can evoke fond memories of both summer delights!

Dandelion and Firework painting
Gather Your Supplies:

  • Toilet paper tubes 
  • Scissors
  • White, yellow, red, green, blue and/or purple paint
  • Q-tips
  • Paper plates
  • Dark colored construction paper or cardstock
  • Bottle lid (optional)
  • Fine and wide paint brush (optional)
  • Glass of water to clean paint brushes (optional)

Step 1: 

Dandelion and Firework painting
Cut fringes, at least one inch in length, the whole way around one end of a toilet paper roll.

Step 2: 

Dandelion and Firework painting
For a dandelion painting, squirt white paint onto a paper plate in the shape of a donut and spread it out with a brush or Q-tip.  For fireworks, the color wheel is your palette—go crazy! 

Step 3: 

Dandelion and Firework painting
Fan out the tips of your toilet paper roll and dip the fringes into the paint to lightly coat them.

Step 4: 

Dandelion and Firework painting
Gently press the fringes onto the paper and dab about, pressing more or less for your desired effect. Do one, two or three dandelions! If making fireworks, use multiple colors to create your firework painting. 

Step 5: 

Dandelion and Firework painting
Dip the bottle cap into the paint or use a Q-tip to create a center to the dandelion.

Use a fine tipped paint brush or a Q-tip to add wisps from the center and a stem.

Step 6: 

Dandelion and Firework painting
Bundle a few Q-tips together and pinch close to one end to keep them together.

Step 7: 

Dandelion and Firework painting
Use the bundled Q-tips to add more seeds as well as fly-aways to your dandelion, or add some color trails to your fireworks. Overlay multiple colors to add dimension and interest!

Dandelion and Firework painting