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DIY Nature Paint Brushes

DIY Nature Paint Brushes

Nature paint brushes
May 27, 2020

The textures of nature provide ample supplies for creating unique paint brushes. Turn your next backyard adventure or trail hike into a gathering mission for natural materials that can be used in this fun art project. The end result leads to awesome artwork and hours of fun! 

Gather your supplies to create nature paint brushes
Gather Your Supplies:

  • Any natural material that would make for cool paint brush bristles. Try pine boughs, arborvitae branches, dried grasses, fern fronds, dandelions, etc.
  • 6-8” sturdy sticks equal to the number of brushes you wish to make (though some items might have handles built in!)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Non-toxic paints
  • Lid or a plate for the paints
  • Paper

Nature paint brushes
Step 1: 

Collect the natural materials needed, including items for the “bristles” and sticks for brush handles.

Nature paint brushes
Step 2: 

Cut small pieces of twine to wrap and secure the natural bristles to the brush handle. 

Note: While tape or glue would also work for ths step, be sure to consider how you’ll dispose of the brushes. By using twine, you won't be adding non-compostable materials to the environment! 

Nature paint brushes
Nature paint brushes
Step 3: 

Bundle and lay the “bristles” against the stick and use the twine to secure them together, wrapping it several times and securing with a knot.

Nature paint brushes
Step 4: 

With your nature paint brushes ready to use, dip them in paint and have fun making art! Again, be mindful as to what paint you use and how you’ll be disposing of the brushes. Non-toxic paint is recommended.

Nature paint brushes