State Symbol Series: Fireflies

State Symbol Series: Fireflies


Do you call them fireflies or lightning bugs? Regardless, they are treasured jewels of summer nights. Our last State Symbol presentation will focus on these during a virtual presentation by Douglas Lowry, the Adult Education Specialist for Mass Audubon's Southeast Region. He's also a Senior Field Instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School and a Master Educator for the Leave No Trace Program with over three thousand nights on expeditions, many of them witnessing the magic of fireflies!

There is a lot of science behind the magic of fireflies. Join us to learn how and why lightning bugs light up, about the different species of fireflies, and how these beetles can be identified by their flash patterns. These brilliant insects can help us learn more about a wide array of environmental issues including climate change, habitat loss, light pollution, and pollinator protection.

You'll also hear about a nationwide community science project: Firefly Watch, run by Mass Audubon.

This event, hosted by Penguin Court, is open to the public. It is a "pay what you wish" program with proceeds benefitting Penguin Court's education and outreach. Registration is required to receive the Zoom link. Thank you for considering a donation.

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