Paper Chase in the Laurels Preserve

Paper Chase in the Laurels Preserve

2021 Paper Chase Winners

Ideal time: 1:56

Time: 1:56
Team #176
Paddy Cappellano
Addison Blower
Vanessa Janes
Team #174
Kendra Prescott
Steve Gretz
Team #198
Alice Berman
Donna Rubin
Team # 191
Debbie Myers
Alysha Myer

Time: 1:55
Team # 184
Karen Nocella
Norma Strouse

Time: 1:56
Team # 175
Mackayla Gonsalves
Hope Irwin

Join the chase for open space

  • ASTM helmet with chin harness, heeled shoes/boots required
  • Jumping or non-jumping course
  • Last team on course at 1:45 p.m.
  • $40 per horse
  • Bring snacks


Please fill out entry form and release prior to arrival:




This event benefits the Laurels Preserve. To learn more about the Brandywine Conservancy's Preserves, please click here. The Laurels and Waterloo Mills Preserves are open exclusively to Brandywine members. Not a member? Click here to learn more about joining to support our mission.