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Paper Chase in the Laurels Preserve

Paper Chase in the Laurels Preserve

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2020 Paper Chase in the Laurels Preserve!

To learn more about the Brandywine Conservancy's Preserves, please click here. The Laurels and Waterloo Mills Preserves are open exclusively to Brandywine members. Not a member? Click here to learn more about joining to support our mission.

2020 Paper Chase Winners

  • Halle Paige O'Keefe
  • Desiree Birnbrauer
  • Amber Birnbrauer
  • Bill Sullivan
  • Julie Fitzpatrick
  • David Cunningham
  • Sarah Boland
  • Cindy Fischer
  • Henry Fischer
  • Jo Fischer
  • Johanna L. Walters
  • Megan E. Bailey
  • Barbara C. Vincent
  • Alan E. Becket
  • Dan Edenbaum
  • Riley Baker
  • Marina Cassou
  • Lilah Simpson
  • Elizabeth Stewart
  • Elena Hadley
  • Vivian Ceppetelli
  • Molly Bereradino
  • Julia Jennings
  • Thomas Bickel
  • Jesse Petrecz
  • Lydia Fisher
  • Caleb Meyer
  • Rebecca Pelet
  • Christopher Reagoso
  • Renee Turner
  • Lillian Stoltzfus


Join the chase for open space

  • ASTM helmet with chin harness, heeled shoes/boots required
  • Jumping or non-jumping course
  • Last team on course at 1:45 p.m.
  • $40 per horse
  • Bring snacks

PDF icon Event Flyer

PDF icon Parking Map

COVID-19 Protocols:

  • ​Face masks except when mounted
  • One (1) person at a time at Secretary Stand
  • Please stay 6 feet apart

This event benefits the Laurels Preserve