Climate Resiliency Initiative

The Climate Resiliency Initiative is a new planning effort of the Brandywine Conservancy to help local municipalities and landowners proactively address climate change in their communities.

Built on over 56 years of experience, this Initiative formalizes the organization’s ongoing internal and external efforts to improve environmental sustainability and brings cross-departmental expertise—through technical assistance, funding, education, planning and project implementation—directly to its constituents to combat climate issues.  

For this work, the Conservancy is targeting two types of actions: climate mitigation (direct, tangible efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) and climate adaptation (planning for resilience against the impacts of climate change). 

The goals of this formalized effort include: 

  • Education & Outreach  
  • Cultivating Partnerships  
  • Fostering Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Equity  
  • Financial Assistance 
  • Land Conservation  
  • Land Stewardship  
  • Community Services & Municipal Assistance  
  • Internal Policies & Operations  

Suite of Climate Services 

Through the Climate Resiliency Initiative, the Brandywine has established several tools for landowners and municipalities to address climate change, including:  

  • Community Climate Profiles  
  • Sustainable Community Assessments (SCA)  
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Sustainability Plans
  • Woodland Classifications
  • Open Space Prioritizations (for an Open Space, Recreation and Environmental Resources Plan) 
  • Land Preservation Plans

Our Commitment in Action: 

In addition to tackling concerns of flood mitigation, changes in flora and fauna, stormwater management, extreme heat and renewable energy, the Climate Resiliency Initiative aligns with the Brandywine Conservancy’s overall vision and mission.

Click here to view the Executive Summary for the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art's Climate Resiliency Plan to learn more about our internal efforts throughout the organization.

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