Beaver Creek Trail

Beaver Creek Trail

Brandywine Conservancy is working with Caln Township and the Chester County Planning Commission on a feasibility study for its portion of Chester County’s Chester Valley Trail West extension, which the previously completed study refers to as the “Beaver Creek Trail.”  While the Chester Valley Trail West Study completed by the Chester County Planning Commission shows a possible trail alignment through Caln Township, this trail feasibility study will consider all possible ways of connecting Caln Township into the future Chester Valley Trail West corridor, giving particular focus to making a walkable, bikeable connection between the Township Building, Lloyd Park, and the Downingtown Little League fields in Downingtown Borough.

The project scope includes tasks which:

  • Analyze existing conditions and plans prepared for a trail corridor
  • Solicit public and governmental input in regards to the location of a trail
  • Holding two public meetings (one in May and one in September)

The feasibility study results in a conceptual trail corridor plan which will include the type, width, and surface of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, as well as pavement markings and signage.  It may also include access management and traffic calming features, fencing/barriers, and other streetscape elements to create a safe and comfortable environment for walking and biking along the trail. 

Start Date

  • March 2019


  • Chester County Planning Commission


  • William Penn Foundation
  • Chester County Planning Commission

End Date

  • December 2019

Click here for Beaver Creek project materials