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Brandywine Water Trail

Brandywine Water Trail

kayaking on the Brandywine Creek
Brandywine Water Trail, when complete, will be a 22-mile bi-state recreational water route that connects communities, improving access to the Brandywine for increased water recreational use.

The Brandywine Conservancy is partnering with the Chester County Planning Commission to study the feasibility of a formal Water Trail along the Brandywine—already a popular destination for recreational boaters. The study will examine the opportunities, constraints, and challenges presented by a water trail and will provide recommendations regarding access, safety, trail amenities, educational opportunities, environmental considerations, long-term stewardship of the Brandywine, and potential partnerships to promote and manage the Water Trail.

Water Trail Feasibility Study (PDF)

Water Trail Feasibility Study Appendices (PDF)

Start date

  • August 2018


  • Brandywine Conservancy
  • Chester County Planning Commission


  • William Penn Foundation
  • Chester County Planning Commission (in-kind)