Strategic Action Plan Update

Strategic Action Plan Update

A map showing the Brandywine Creek Greenway.
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The Strategic Action Plans for Pennsylvania and Delaware serve as the guiding document for Brandywine Creek Greenway partners. Both plans identify goals to increase municipal support, recreational access and environmental resilience within the Brandywine Creek Greenway and represent the needs and visions of our Greenway communities as a whole. Although both plans are well used by our partners and relevant today, there is a need to update the plans to address more contemporary issues. 

Through a series of public workshops and representation at local community events, the Brandywine Creek Greenway team will collect public input on the needs of the local communities to ensure that the planning and prioritization of new facilities and projects are relevant to the communities they serve. This update will specifically focus on developing recommendations to better address diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and equity for all who use and benefit from the Brandywine Creek. Additionally, this update will identify recommendations for enhancing community/environmental resiliency in the face of climate change.  


Start Date 

  • January 2022 


  • Brandywine Conservancy